Weekend Express – Postseason Style

Not to be confused with this excellent one hit wonder.

Blue Jays 5, Rangers 3 – J.A. Happ shows everyone that he’s not to be ignored. Toronto leads the series 2-0, next game goes to Canada.

Giants 0, Cubs 1 – So much drama in the CHC! Javy Baez mashes a solo homer to get the win in Game 1.

Red Sox 0, Indians 6 – The Magical Land of Cleve leads the series 2-0. Lonnie Chisenhall continues to be awesome, hitting a 3 run homer.

Dodgers 4, Nationals 3 – Clayton Kershaw becomes human in October. I am familiar with the concept. However, Kersh was still good enough to get the win over Mad Max and the Dodgers lead the series 1-0.

17 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Postseason Style

  1. Happy Oct 8, The 60th anniversary of Don Larsen’s WS perfect game (and also the 145th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire).
    Some good games yesterday, especially Cleveland’s beatdown of those Beaneating Bozos. Whoda thunk it? The others were very entertaining, too.


  2. (Caution: contains political content. Nobody tell Rex.)

    Well, it’s Saturday morning here in post-apocalyptic Macondo and you know what that means: a hot steaming cup of shade-grown-in-Volcanic-soil Galapagos arabica with which to sanctify the Sabbath (my neighbor sacrifices a goat for the same purpose, but I kinda prefer my way. It’s less noisy).

    My designatedhitterball predictions have tanked so far. I had the Beanbags and Texas. Not that I’m sorry about Toronto’s lead; I always wanted to see if Texas was really all in on mass executions, you know, Mayan basketball style:

    Meanwhile, I’m doing fine with my real baseball playorf predictions what with the Cubs and the Bums drawing first blood. Look, I never really watch imitation baseball anyway so if I blew orf the Indians and Jays too easily, chalk it up to my knowing more about designatedhitterball than the experts, Hair Hitler style. and speaking of Hair Hitler, it’s been fun the last day or so watching him implode like David Bowie during the last 20 minutes of The Hunger:

    And of course, here’s Kellyanne Conway (Jan Brewer in drag) prepping Hair Hitler for the next debate:

    Unfortunately, the debate looks like it’ll cut across one or two of the games, so I guess I’ll have to skip this one too….


    • I’d rather have my intestines eaten by buzzards than suffer through those two puddles of dog vomit. I’m praying for a major meteorite strike on the debate site. The, maybe, we can get someone(s) who wouldn’t ruin this country.


      • I’m just afraid that there’ll be a knock on the front door, and it’ll be some Hair Hitler canvassers who will grab me by my doggy.


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