Can’t sleep. Might as well write this post. Im on my phone so apologies for formatting.  To our Florida peeps – please be careful!

Blue Jays 10, Rangers 1

Red Sox 4, Indians 5

I missed the Rangers game, but I did see most of the the Red Sox-Indians game. Did any of y’all see the Texas Blue Jay Massacre?

Cole Hamels, who isn’t without postseason pedigree, got lit up. Reports were that he was being booed by the hometown crowd. That’s something I find unacceptable. Hamels is a great, great pitcher. I would love to see him in a Cub or Brave uniform and if you’re honest with yourself, you’d want him in your team’s laundry, too.

Marco Estrada held it down for Toronto. Now we wait for Yu Darvish to see if Texas can even it up before they travel to Canada.

Now…the other big game of the night, that was interesting. Cy Young contender Rick Porcello matched up with notable Duke Blue Devils fan Trevor Bauer. This was not a MadBum/Thor pitching duel, friends.

Started out with a Red Sox run,then Lonnie Chisenhall drove in a run to tie the game. And then the bottom of the third happened.

Perez knocks a solo homer. Then Jason Kipnis smacked a bomb of his own. Then immediately Francisco Lindor joined the home run derby with his own solo shot. Porcello was rattled! The craziest thing was next batter Mike Napoli taking a foul ball monstrously deep. It left the ballpark! Imagine if that would have been fair. Porcello would have been destroyed.

Another cool development was that Terry Francona brought out closer Andrew Miller….in the middle of the game. Two innings of work, the heart of the deadly Boston lineup, and they held onto the lead. The boys from the Magical Land of Cleve rocked their bullpen to victory.

Let’s see what happens tonight.

9 thoughts on “ALDS-apalooza

  1. Heresy. Heresy, I tell you. What was Tito thinking to bring in his closer in the 5th inning? I’m shocked. Shocked, I say at this egregious disregard for the Rules Of Baseball!

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  2. The thing that sticks out from the Jays/Rangers game is Desmond flat out giving up on the ball. I don’t see any other way to describe that kind of “effort”.

    The Jays were already up by 2 at that point and the Rangers only managed 1 run anyway….and the Jays scored a shitton more on top of that….so I’m not saying that play had any huge impact on the final outcome. But still, it’s the fucking playoffs. If you can’t find it in yourself to put in max effort now, what the hell are you saving it for?

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    • I’ve heard of outfielders getting “wall shy”, but not from 15 feet away. Perhaps we can blame it on Desmond being a converted shortstop.


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