Sexism Is Still Alive and Well in Baseball

Today, ESPN had Jessica Mendoza calling a postseason game , which was welcomed by most reasonable baseball fans as being something worth celebrating and being pleased about.

Well, I say most, because apparently there’s an Astros minor leaguer who thinks that Jess should shut up and make him a sandwich.

Brooks Marlow is this young man’s name. He plays second and shortstop in the Astros Farm organization. Marlow tweeted, then very quickly deleted the tweet. Thankfully quick thinking Twittizens screencapped this so his opinion wasn’t lost to us.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If he had said he didn’t like Jessica Mendoza, that would be different. I mean, people don’t always like or agree on analysts. And that’s cool, if he just merely didn’t like Mendoza’s style. But that’s not what he said.

“No lady needs to be on ESPN talking during a game”.

As a lady who likes to talk baseball and whose hobby is posting about baseball on this blog, that’s something that bothers me. Jessica Mendoza is better than some of the clowns that ESPN has trotted out in the past. I might get my stats wrong sometimes but I would like to think that I know a little bit about this game we love. Brooks Marlow apparently believes that women should be seen and not heard. And chances are that someone like me should not be seen OR heard.

The Astros don’t agree with the sentiment, either.

Stex, you should be proud of your team for stepping up to the plate and taking control of this situation.

We have a long way to go.

19 thoughts on “Sexism Is Still Alive and Well in Baseball

  1. Oh, boy. How’s he gonna handle a lady throwing out the ceremonial first pitch? And welcoming the Champs to the White House?

    I kind of wish a bunch of women on Twitter would tweet to him about games throughout the playoffs. Kinda break him in a little.

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    1. I generally don’t get too riled up about this stuff, but last night it stuck a nerve. Jessica Mendoza is doing stuff I wanted to do my whole life. My journalism professor told me I was too fat and too ugly to be in sports reporting. So it bothers me a little bit.


    1. Mediocrity? Why, he slashed .205/.302/.329 as a 23 year old at High A this year, so mediocrity is too strong a word.

      Let’s go with “Future Ringer Of The Local Slo-Pitch Softball League”. I realize it doesn’t come with the alliteration you’ve used here, but still…


  2. Dear Prof,
    I’m sorry this ignoramus was able to tweet his way on to your radar screen and make your day less than it could have been. Your outstanding body of work stands as a complete refutation of what this unfortunate dumbass believes to be true.

    This incident reminds me a little of the aftermath of the beer throwing incident in Toronto when Adam Jones talked about the racial insults he hears when he’s on the field. He said he’s learned to ignore that stuff. Unfortunately, the sick and the brain dead will always be with us. Please try to keep the crapbags out of your space.

    To quote Buck O’Neil:
    “Remember son
    Don’t let hate fill your heart
    Always more good people
    Than bad
    In this world.

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    1. Thank you, HF. I try. 🙂

      I think between this dumb opinion and the story about the guy who pretended to be a newspaper reporter to get press passes from the Braves for three years, while if any of us here tried to do that we’d get denied because we’re new media, well it didn’t go over too well. Lol

      I’m also stressed to the gills trying to finish up packing my stuff. The PODS show up in Saturday. I’m still sorting my clothes. Send help. 😉


  3. What? So what’s the problem? 🙂

    I’ll clue you guys in. Lancaster, Ca (home of the fearsome JetHawiks) is a launching pad. The Astros usually have their high prospect pitchers skip it because it can be so demoralizing to pitch there. If the kid can’t hit there, he will do well to see Corpus Christi – much less Houston. He’s a 29th round choice.

    And he is free to his own opinion. He was just exceedingly stupid to share it.

    Twitter strikes again. Will these athletes ever learn?


    1. Twitter is for idiots and illiterates. There’s a good reason why Hair Hitler spends all his time on it.

      Hey! We still got eelectrissity!


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