Playoffs Are Set! Who Ya Got?

[Thanks for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. I appreciate it! You know what I did? Bought a GPS for my upcoming move, finalized my the movers, signed a bunch of legal documents, and threw away a bunch of crap I didn’t need. #LivingItUp]

So the playoffs are set, and here at F.I. we would like to know your thoughts and first impressions on the games. I am 0-2 so far, having thought the Orioles and Mets would win their one-offs. I don’t want to guess anymore on the off chance that I am a jinx! I just want to #FlyTheW ALL DAY EVERY DAY. But we’re not all Cubs fans here (hi Lefty, ol buddy ol pal). We got fans of every stripe up in here! So the F.I. crew wants to know…


10/6 –

ALDS Game 1
Blue Jays (Estrada) @ Rangers (Hamels)

ALDS Game 1
Red Sox (Porcello) @ Indians (Bauer)

10/7 –

NLDS Game 1
Dodgers (Kershaw) @ Nationals (Scherzer) – MUST SEE TV!?!?!?


Watch or be watched!

NLDS Game 1
Giants (Cueto) @ Cubs (Lester)

ALDS Game 2
Blue Jays (Happ) @ Rangers (Darvish)

ALDS Game 2
Red Sox (Price) @ Indians (Kluber) – Matchup of two great pitchers…might be interesting!

The games on the slate for 10/8 still have TBD pitchers, so I’m not going to list them here.

6 thoughts on “Playoffs Are Set! Who Ya Got?

    • I think they would. That clubhouse loved him. He was a big part of why the Rangers are the team they are today. I bet the guys would get him one.


  1. I got Rangers over Jays, Cubs over Giants, Dodgers over Gnats, Beanbags over Indians.

    Then I got Rangers over Beanbags, Cubs over Dodgers.

    Then I got Cubs over Rangers.

    Probably be without power for the next few days, at least. The yards will be full of dazed iguanas and little blind snakes flushed out of the ground by rainfall. Scorpions and pygmy rattlers will abound. Standard post-hurricane south Florida fare. However, we’ve got two generators, miles of extension cords, six big cans of gasoline, thirty six environmentally friendly biodegradable bottles of water, indomitable spirits and a house that shrugged orf Hurricane Andrew like an ambulatory swamp fart. Anyway, it’s just a storm. Nothing out there to be afraid of.

    Hope to be back online as quickly as FPL can splice the wires.

    And awaaaaaayyyyyy we gooooooooo…..

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    • I imagine you as poor Miss Lillian Gish in “The Wind”, slowly going crazy as the weather gets worse and worse.

      Be careful out there, Gator.


    • I’m not worried, Gator. You’ve probably seen enough Gilligan’s Island reruns that you could likely fashion a satellite up link out of coconut shells.


      • I have a well founded theory that Gilligan’s Island was ackcherley based on a really bad Japanese horror film called Matango aka Attack of the Mushroom People that preceded it by a year and a half. If you doubt that, stream the film sometime.


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