Two Aces, But the Joker Was Wild

The problem with writing posts at two in the morning is that sometimes you completely lose your mind and get stuff confused, like me saying MadBum was bad on the road. Wishful thinking on my part, probably!

The battle between MadBum and Thor was, in a word, epic.

Scoreless, scoreless, scoreless. Syndergaard threw controlled heaters all night long. So many strikeouts. MadBum was dominant, too. Their stats were nearly identical. It started to look like it might go into extra innings, but then the Mets brought in their bullpen. Addison Reed made it interesting for a while, but got out a huge jam. The Giants stayed with the one what brung them in MadBum.

Terry Collins brings out Familia, and then suddenly the wheels fell off.

Familia started out okay, but then little bobbles here and there, blips, bloops. And then here’s Conor Gillespie, pinch hitter.

Did you think that Gillespie would win the game for the Giants? No. No one did. But he did, a three run homer that effectively pulled the spine out of the Mets, Mortal Kombat style. It’s always the guys that no one knows about that works devil magic for San Francisco.

Bochy decides to bring Bumgarner back out to finish them.

Syndergaard’s excellent outing was wasted because of Giants #EYBS (that’s even year bull shit, I can’t take credit for it). MadBum had a complete game shut out and it was well done at that. I can’t hate on it. I can hate on MadBum because let’s face it, everyone knows he’s my least favorite player right now. But he’s a hell of a pitcher.

Hey, Chicago, whadya say? Please beat San Francisco in three. I beg you. Even if you don’t make it to the World Series, I need for you to keep San Francisco out. Thank you.

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