He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/2/16

Well, yesterday was certainly an exciting day for Baseball.  This is what MLB had hoped for by adding the second wild card game.  Several teams got in on the final day and others had their places set.  It wasn’t all good news however, we were deprived of a Tigers-Indians make up game today, and the possibility of a three way tie play in scenario.  Everyone who controlled their own destiny won.  Congratulations to the Blue Jays, the Giants, and the Orioles for making it into the post-season.  It’s amazing to me that in a season with 162 games, every single one mattered.  Remember that fluke win you got on a botched fly ball?  Mattered.  Remember when your cleanup hitter swung and missed on what should have been ball four in the dirt to end the game?  Remember that boarder-line strike call that went the other team’s way.  All mattered.  Now the moment we have all been fighting for has arrived.  Hype intensifies! We have today to soak in what was the 2016 regular season, and then on Tuesday we have Baltimore @ Toronto (Starters TBD) and on Wednesday we have Giants @ Mets (Bumgarner @ Syndergaard).

Rays 6, Rangers 4 F/10 Texas had already clinched home field advantage, and as such rested most of their starters for a large portion of the game.  Alexei Ramirez had four hits and Curt Casali drove in two runs for the Rays.

Mets 2, Phillies 5Prof:  Ryan Howard is definitely not coming back to Philadelphia next season. He was honored before the game yesterday, and the Phillies were able to give him the highest honor, which was winning the game for him. Maikel Franco went 4-4. The future will eventually be bright again in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cubs 7, Reds 4Matt Szczur came up big, hitting a go-ahead , two run double in the 9th as the Chicago backups came storming back against the Reds.  This just isn’t even fair.

Brewers 6, Rockies 4 F/10Prof: This one was back and forth all day. Charlie Blackmon has the worst beard in baseball, even more awful than Sean Doolittle or Jayson Werth. I mean, this is insanely terrible. I could barely stand looking at him, which is a shame, because Blackmon went 4-5 with a home run. However, the MVP of the game for Milwaukee was Andrew Susac. The young catcher hit a two run homer in extra innings to put the Brewers up over Colorado for the win. Oh, and DJ LeMahieu won the NL batting title by sitting this one out.

Twins 6, White Sox 3Chris Sale ends the season on a loss giving up 5 runs in 5 innings.  Despite this and his second half flame out, I suspect he’ll still get quite a few Cy Young votes.  I mean at least he is much better than a guy who “only” pitched 50 innings right?  Right? 


Blue Jays 2, Red Sox 1Prof:  Interesting game in which Aaron Sanchez had a no-hitter going into the seventh, which was broken up by Hanley Ramirez’s home run. David Ortiz bids farewell to the BoSox faithful in this, his final regular season game. The Fenway grounds crew should be applauded by their really awesome Big Papi tribute cut into the outfield. Now, that’s cool.


Astros 1, Angels 8Prof:  Mike Trout, who is not a mortal man, recorded his 30th stolen base and 100th RBI of the season. Yawn. Boring. Wake me up when he does something really exceptional, like walk on water.

A’s 3, Mariners 2 A disappointing end to a disappointing season for the Mariners who were “this” close to making the playoffs.

Padres 2, D’backs 3Once again, this wasn’t the year the Diamondbacks were supposed to have after making a splash in free agency.  Phil Gosselin picked up a walk-off pinch-hit single to end the season on a bright note.

Marlins 7, Nationals 10Prof:  Max Scherzer has his 20th win of the season, and Mark Melancon gets another save. Washington goes into the postseason on a winning note.

Dodgers 1, Giants 7Prof: This was Vin Scully’s final game. It’s a shame that the Giants beat Vin’s beloved Dodgers, but it’s all good. The game itself was relatively boring, but here’s part of Vin’s last signoff, which is infinitely more important and interesting.


Indians 3, Royals 2Prof:  Guess who’s back, back again? Yan Gomes is back! Tell your friends! Yes, injured catcher Yan Gomes has returned to the Magical Land of Cleve and came back in style, mashing a go-ahead homer in this win over the BBQ Boys of Kansas City.

Pirates 4, Cardinals 10Prof:  Cardinals fans are on Twitter claiming that the Dodgers tanked against the Giants because otherwise they would have had to face St. Louis in the playoffs and they were “scared” of the Redbirds. I’d like to remind all of the Best Fans that your team was defeated on numerous occasions by the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves, both of whom were godawful this year. If you had won even a fraction of these games, which you should have because, again, stink-a-roo, there would not have been an issue about the Giants having to beat the Dodgers because y’all would have made the postseason regardless. Anyway, enjoy your Imo’s Pizza and your Ted Drewes because that’s the only thing you’re getting this offseason.

Orioles 5, Yankees 2 Matt Wieters put the team on his back and slugged a pair of two-run home runs to launch the Orioles into the playoffs.  Stupid Toronto had to go and beat Boston, making my Orioles Wild Card tickets worthless.


Tigers 0, Braves 1Prof:  This was the last hurrah of Turner Field. Many of my friends were there, and I was there in spirit (and following on Twitter). Julio Teheran fanned 12, and the Braves somehow lucked out and was able to keep reincarnated Civil War general Dansby Swanson from having too many at-bats and therefore keeping him eligible for next year’s Rookie of the Year. How did Atlanta celebrate the end of the Ted? They had the Holy Trinity throw the first pitch. Oh, I’m sorry, Smoltz, Glavine and Maddux! [By the way, I died. This is my ghost typing this as we speak.] And of course, Maddux had to have his old personal catcher at home plate. Because it’s Maddux.



9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/2/16

  1. Scherzer had a pair of two run singles to help his own cause, but I believe his baserunning escapades may have left him in suboptimal form to pitch, as he yielded five runs in five innings, including first ever MLB home runs to former Nats farmhand Destin Hood and someone named Tomas Telis. Nonetheless, his teammates bailed him out by taking the lead in the bottom of the 5th and hanging on from there, so Scherzer can point to the number 20 in his win column to show those to whom such things matter.

    Daniel Murphy appeared as a pinch hitter in this one, trying to wrest the batting title from D.J. LeMahieu, the latter of whom spent the week resting on his laurels, but it was for naught, as Murphy filed out. After the game, Murphy said he’d “hopefully” be ready for the NLDS, which, yikes; fans have been up till now led to believe that he’d be ready and raring to go. Jayson Werth also sat out the last two games due to some tightness in his back, but word was that it was just precautionary. Nats are gonna need all hands on deck when they face LA on Friday, so I’d like to see both these guys in the lineup.

    There was one surprise yesterday at Nats’ Park; Anthony Rendon was given the day off, and it was revealed to the world that he’s apparently modern day Oscar Gamble:

    Who knew?


  2. I’m taking the day orf to recuperate from the O’s-Jays game. Man, that was a nail biter.

    I’m waiting for a couple of days before resuming my whenceforth goeth the Feesh analysis, partly to have a neutral think about it and partly to try to assimilate what the loss of El Keed really means to the organization – this latter, no pleasant task at all.

    Anyway, Jays – O’s tomorrow. I hope for Jays-Rangers redux this weekend. Yee-hawwwwww.

    In New York, I have to go with the Jints, and look for the usual run of Nyorc lowlives to crash the field for the honor of being body slammed by Angel Pagan.


  3. That Swans B. Dancin’ guy in Atlanta looks like a keeper. Lucky Prof.

    The blown chances of September (losing 2 of 4 at home to the Twins, KRod needing 1 stinkin’ strike with a 2 run lead against the Royals) slid into October for the Tiggers, so to quote the failed-in-Detroit Ernie Harwell replacement Rick Rizzs, it’s “Goodbye baseball” in Motown.

    Nice to see JV finish on a strong note. Who had him leading the league in K’s and WHIP this year before the season started? Now the waiting to see if Brad is beautiful enough to return in 2017. As frustrating as it is to miss the playoffs, one could argue he did a good job relying a ton on 3 rookies starting pitchers for the majority of the year and having the planned everyday line up start only a dozen or so games together due to injuries. So long 2016 Tigers, we hardly knew ya.

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