Weekend Express – Scores for 10/1/16

The Blue Jays and Orioles are tied in the Wild Card chase. The Giants and Cardinals are still neck and neck in it as well. It basically all comes down to Sunday’s games. In the meantime, what happened yesterday?

Mets 5, Phillies 3 – If you had told me that the Mets would back into the Wild Card chase because of a James Loney home run, I would have thought you were crazy. Well, here we are…

Cubs 4, Reds 7

Tigers 3, Braves 5

Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 3

Twins 6, White Sox 0

Rays 4, Rangers 1

Brewers 4, Rockies 3 F/10 – Chris Carter hit home run #41 of the year, and barely anyone knows who he is or even what position he plays. This has been a weird year.

Pirates 3, Cardinals 4

Dodgers 0, Giants 3

Padres 5, D’backs 9

Astros 3, Angels 0

Athletics 9, Mariners 8 F/10 – This game eliminated Seattle from the playoffs. But they didn’t go down without a fight.

Indians 6, Royals 3

Orioles 3, Yankees 7

Marlins 1, Nationals 2


3 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 10/1/16

  1. You all already know what I’m drinking with breakfast on a Sunday, so I won’t bother you yet again with descriptions of the warm, rich, earthy aroma and subtle flavors of my shade-grown-in-volcanic-soil Galapagos coffee direct from the slopes of San Cristobal and ground right here in my own kitchen. Nor will I frustrate your palates with tales of my homemade raspberry-pomegranate buttermilk multigrain pancackes accompanied by succulent chicken-apple sausages swimming in Vermont maple syrup redolent of winter taps and Bernie Sanders’ secret educational funding bill.

    So, let’s move on to Ye Wylde Carde, which has come down to a five way head-on like the one that greets Stu and Catz at the beginning of City Comes a Walkin. This is about as good as it gets for pure baseball fans, innit? Local fans in five cities are going to be swallowing keratin shrapnel all day long. I love it, as I ready my trusty remote to do some serious channel surfing this afternoon and evening.

    In the designatedhitterball league I have to throw my sympathies to the Blue Jays, though. Their pen has looked about as stable as the Nazca fault lately but a musician/songwriter friend of mine lives and dies with them.

    In the real baseball league, I gotta go with the Giants. A Bums-Jints collision in the playorffs is classic schadenfreude baseball at its most acute,

    It’s thumbs down for everyone. Let the lions out!


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