IBWAA Members Suspended For Questionable Ballots

There’s some wacky fun times happening in the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America.

Miguel Cabrera for AL MVP, a bad choice, but a little bit understandable because there’s history there. But Ian Kinsler? Justin Upton? CAMERON MAYBIN??? Michael Fulmer for AL Cy Young?!?!? Are you serious? K-Rod for Reliever? And Brad Ausmus for AL Manager of the Year?



Your F.I. team might be homers, but this is ridiculous. At least we don’t have a legitimate vote in something. I would like to think that if any of us became IBWAA voters, we would be honest and fair about things. Not vote for retired players and/or openly troll. Brad Ausmus for AL Manager of the Year. Shaking my goddamn head over here.

9 thoughts on “IBWAA Members Suspended For Questionable Ballots

  1. I’m going to suggest that the writer might have been doing this as some kind of elaborate and ill-conceived joke. Perhaps he wanted to see if people were paying attention:

    David Price and Rick Porcello were listed under “NL Cy Young”. That would be a surprise to either one of them.

    Trevor Rosenthal was listed as second for NL Reliever. Rosenthal pitched 40 innings with a hurt arm and accumulated an ERA of 4.4 and a WHIP of 1.9(!).

    Either he was really drunk, or this was some attempt to check if the system was working.

    But I have no sympathy. Clean out the idiots.


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