What’s Your Fan-ta-ta-seeeee?

I know that technically the baseball season, and by extension, the fantasy baseball season, doesn’t end until tomorrow….

But the fact that I’ve been hovering around 15 points ahead of 2nd place for the last week or so leaves me feeling pretty confident that I’m not going to be unseated from my throne in what was supposed to be a league full of folks from here.

I would of course take a bit more satisfaction from this if half the league hadn’t gone dead at various points throughout the season, but that’s well beyond my control.  So I don’t feel the least bit bad about hoisting up the trophy and waving it in all of your faces.




My long-term keeper league is going to come down to the final day.  I’m currently 1.5 points behind, so I’ll either win it for the 3rd year in a row or come in a damn close second and easily able to blame that gap on losing Schwarber early or Kershaw missing two months.

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Fan-ta-ta-seeeee?

    1. You are right. Nobody cares about lefty’s team.

      Perhaps next year, he will be willing to try things my way. H2H.

      It will be more interesting that way. I quickly got bored with roto because roto is a snoozefest of data tabulation and leaves nothing to chance. In other words, it is nothing like real baseball.

      If he really wants a challenge, he will meet me on my turf. 🙂


  1. my team is in third, one point out of second and this is my first time doing this, I didn’t really get the hang of things until about mid season even at that I didn’t lose I just ran out of time

    See ya next year!


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