Weekend Express – Scores for 9/30/16


Yes, that’s Rosie Red, but it might as well be me. I also have baseball on the brain at all times, and appeal to very few people.

Happy weekend, everyone. Last night (Friday) was my first night as a single woman in nearly 20 years. What did I do? I drank fruit punch and watched a Golden Girls marathon. I really know how to live. Looking forward to moving if only because my buddy in New York has already asked me when I’m coming to see her. It’ll be nice. Soon enough, I guess.

I didn’t watch any of the games (because of the aforementioned Golden Girls marathon – I am Rose Nylund), but I followed the action on Twitter for the Braves game and also caught bits and pieces of the Cardinals and Orioles games, as well. But it doesn’t take the place of actually watching!

Anyway.  If you watched any of the games, give us the deets in the comments below.

Mets 5, Phillies 1

Cubs 7, Reds 3

Tigers 6, Braves 2

Rays 1, Rangers 3

Brewers 1, Rockies 4

Twins 3, White Sox 7

Astros 1, Angels 7

Athletics 1, Mariners 5

Dodgers 3, Giants 9

Blue Jays 3, Red Sox 5

Orioles 8, Yankees 1

Marlins 7, Nationals 4

Indians 7, Royals 2

Pirates 0, Cardinals 7 – Matt Holliday has been on the DL, and everyone is convinced he will no longer be a Cardinal after this year. The club took him off the DL for this game only, and Mike Matheny used him as a pinch hitter, in order to give the STL faithful a chance to see him at-bat once more. What did Holliday do at his final Cardinal at-bat? Hit a home run. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Padres 3, Diamondbacks 5

13 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 9/30/16

  1. I was going to take the weekend orf, more or less, but I didn’t realize that Prof’s travails extended beyond the mere crumminess of having to move cross country. So sorry, Prof. Twenty years hurts, no matter how it shakes out. So, in honor of your incipient indomitability, I’ll render my take on last night’s Feesh-Gnats spoiler and should you decide sometime this weenter to try to make a dent in that boreal pallor of yours, Rowena, the dogs, Friendo and I extend the use of our guest room to you.

    Aside from which, yesterday morning I was driving a friend of mine to the hospital for an MRI (he managed to fall orf a ladder while trying to affix an HD antennae to his roof and really made un desayuno del puerco of his shoulder), I saw a big female rainbow agamid, one of our many delightful invasive species – think of them as boutique bearded dragons – running down the sidewalk in front of Uncle Tom’s Barbecue:

    If that passeth not for an omen what doeth?

    The Feesh jumped out to an early 4-0 lead on the hitting heroics of Christian Yelich’s 21st home run and Justin Bour’s flurry of singles and double, but around the beginning of the fourth inning Andrew Cashner began to suck. The Gnats had tied it and chased one of the Feesh’s least well considered acquisitions by the time the inning was over. He was last seen limping towards his walk year. The Rainbow Warriors are about as likely to bring him back as Rancid Penis, or whatever his name is, is likely to send Donald Trump to finishing school. And speaking of rancid penises, the Feesh’s other Johnny Wadd sized boner of an acquisition, Wei-Yin Chen, the Gopher King, pitches today for the blessedly last time this season. Unlike Cashner, who already knows where the door is, we’re stuck with Chen for four more exorbitant years. The horror, the horror.

    However, the Feesh – as they have been largely unable to do for most of the season – plated two more runs, again largely thanks to Justin Bour (whose two month long migrating ankle injury was one of the biggest reasons the Feesh fell out of contention by the beginning of this month) and the apparent ineptitude of the Gnats boolpen. Someguy will need to elaborate on that – I stopped paying attention their pen when Rizzo brought Papsmear in and completed his demolition of Drew Storen’s self image last season.

    Incidental prediction: the Feesh invite Storen to camp in February and overpay for Holliday as well.

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    • Aww, Gator. I thank you for your offer. If I make it to Macondo, you’ll be the first person I call. I will need someone to take me to the tastiest Cuban food. 😛

      Yeah, it’s funny. My divorce was final the day after what would have been my 14th anniversary. My ex and I met when I was 17, and I turn 37 next week. I literally spent my whole adult life with him. So, even though it’s a good thing, it’s also a sad thing.

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  2. Kemp went boom! Yum. Oh, and Kinsler did too. Miggy went boom x 2. Little Sexy Fire leads the league in fielding percentage and he showed some of that skill last night on a leaping grab and some excellent throws. I just wish they hadn’t tried to stifle his flash in developing him though. Anyways, for some reason we won. I’m not gonna lie, I’d love for our immigrant heavy team to sweep the Braves their last games before they head to White Flight Field, but it’s really just delaying the start of our off-season. (And screw that chop bullshit already!)

    Apparently, there are people dumb enough in the Tigers’ clubhouse to fall for Verlander’s exploding snake in the Red Bull can routine still. We’re supposed to take that as a positive sign that our guys are loose or something significant…More fun was that Norris caught a pop up last night, dancing all around to get under it. Miggy kind of laughed at him like you don’t have to work that hard to get under it, bro.

    My aunt called yesterday and said my uncle and cousin were at the rain shortened game in Detroit Wednesday night. They stuck it out until the game was called and then drove home. They got in at 1:30am and were completely thrilled to have enjoyed the Miggyworks even though they were utterly soaked.

    Hey, BloSox will need a new DH next year. Mr. Holliday?

    Fulmer for ROY!

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  3. Oh, and another thing. Apparently, some yahoos ran out onto the field at the Dodgems/Gigantes game. Proving that stupid decisions lead to bad consequences, one got flattened by Buster Don’t Interrupt The Game Posey, and another got body slammed by Angel In The Outfield Pagan.
    Forrest Gump was right.

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