He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/29/16

Prof:  Hey peeps! Boy oh boy, did we have some interesting games last night. Let’s jump in the Wayback Machine; come into the lab, and see what’s on the slab.

Phillies 2, Braves 5Prof:  DANS-BAE. Heart eyed emoji. I don’t understand how someone can play such magnificent baseball and have been so undervalued by his former team (D’backs, I am looking at you). And also, as always, his glorious hair. My lord, I think he might have the best hair in baseball right now. And yes, I’m counting the luscious locks of Jacob deGrom in that. Anyway, Dansby Swanson hit a home run and got the Braves party started. Knowing that this dude is the shortstop of the future makes the loss of Simba a little better to bear.

Twins 7, Royals 6Prof:  Hey, Byron Buxton! Our old friend Gleeman’s favorite Twin of the Future came alive last night, hitting a go-ahead RBI triple to put Minneapolis on top. He ended up 2-3.


Cubs 1, Pirates 1 F/6Prof:  So there was a rainout, and thanks to the Cubs clinching the NL Central and the Pirates being out of the Wild Card standings, MLB decided it wasn’t important enough to continue. So, we have the first tie in Major League Baseball since 2005.

Athletics 2, Mariners 3Seattle eked out a close one to keep their playoff hopes alive if just barely.  They are 2 games out with three more home games against Oakland.

Rockies 2, Giants 7Look who decided to wake up and maintain their slim 1 game wild card lead.  Johnny Cueto returned from his groin injury and worked 7 strong innings.

Rays 5, White Sox 3Prof: Chris Archer gets the win and Jose Quintana gets the loss. Mikey Mahtook hit a home run. Kevin Kiermaier went 3-5 and continues to battle Kris Bryant for Best Blue Eyes In Baseball supremacy.

Indians, Tigers – PPD – Prof:  Here we have another interesting situation. Super rainy weather delayed the game for over four hours, and the field was so saturated that any little drop of precipitation would have made play impossible. Therefore, the game was postponed. The Indians have clinched the AL Central, but the Tigers are in the hunt for a Wild Card berth. If the Tigers are still in it by Sunday, the boys from the Magical Land of Cleve and the kids from Detroit Rock City might have to squeeze this one in somehow. 

Scouts:  They have announced this game will be played on Monday.

Red Sox 1, Yankees 5Prof:  CC Sabathia had a great outing, going seven innings and allowing only one earned run. New York has been eliminated from playoff contention, while Boston has clinched the AL East title. This game marked the last time that David Ortiz played in the Bronx.

Dodgers 9, Padres 4Prof:  Red Panda power! Justin Turner went 3-4 and drove in an RBI in this win over San Diego. Joc Pederson hit an RBI double to add some cushion to the scoreboard. Los Angeles did all of this even while having two errors.

Diamondbacks 3, Nationals 5Wilmer Difo hit his first major league home run and Washington pitching held the Diomandbacks to 1 run over the first 8 innings.


Orioles 4, Blue Jays 0Who is this pitcher and what did you do with Ubaldo Jimenez?  Jimenez went 6.2 innings while giving up just one hit.  Since returning from being so cover your eyes fucking aweful he had to be removed from the rotation, Jimenez has pitched to a 2.82 ERA in the second half.  His ERA in the first half?  7.38.  Adjustments were made.  Hyun Soo Kim continues to rake going 2-3 with a walk and is now batting .308 on the year.  This was a huge win for the Orioles who really needed to take 2 of three in this series.  The Wild Card is now tied going into the final weekend of the season.

Reds 3, Cardinals 4Prof:  We have umpire hijinks! This time, it’s not Country Joe West being an ass, or Angel Hernandez being completely blind, but an entire crew of umpires straight up abandoning post! Let me explain. There’s two outs in the ninth inning. Yadier Molina hit a double that might not have been a double. It drove in the winning run. Literally as soon as Matt Carpenter’s foot touched home plate, the umpires began walking off the field. Reds’ skip Bryan Price began chasing after the crew, demanding a review, but to no avail. Later on, Price would claim that the crew chief, Bill Miller, said that the Reds had ten seconds to appeal a game ending play, and that he didn’t make his appeal in time. Price doesn’t blame the umpires, but that the review system itself is flawed. However, I have to say that if you have a manager running after the umpires trying to get his cause heard, that ten second rule is nonsense. The umps just wanted to go home, and used this rotten excuse to end the game. To add insult to injury, Joey Votto left the game with a cut to his chin after an awkward slide to second base. Sorry, Reds. Y’all can’t win for losing.

Scouts: See, this is what I’ve been saying about instant replay since day 1.  The system is not designed to get calls right, it’s designed to shift blame off the umpires to the managers, and that’s EXACTLY what occurred last night.  Everyone is blaming Price for not challenging fast enough, when in reality, after the 7th inning, the umpires have the responsibility to challenge plays.  It’s not even supposed to involve the manager at that point.  And just like it is in the NFL, in the NBA, in the NCAA, and in the NHL, every fucking time there is a score it should be an immediate and automatic review, ESPECIALLY one that decides a game.  But that would only work with a 5th umpire on premises in a booth, watching the replay on a monitor.  And that would only work if you actually cared about getting the calls right, and now about not bruising the fragile little umpire egos.  This is a mistake that could easily have playoff implications and this is a massive issue for MLB.  Players and Fans have completely lost faith in the system and it needs a massive overhaul.  This is the nightmare scenario.



18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/29/16

  1. The portents of rain of biblical proportions in our nation’s capital proved to be wrong yesterday, as the truly heavy stuff shifted east or stayed west, and the Nats and Dbacks were able to play a full nine innings in the gloom and complete their series.

    Joe Ross started for the Nats, and they had hopes that he’d be able to go five or six innings on a 90 pitch limit; those plans were dashed when leadoff hitter Jean Segura walked on the 12th pitch of the game, and Ross threw a total of 34 pitches to the four batters he faced in the 1st, yielding nothing but that walk to Segura.

    Ross was done after four, and after a two batter interlude of Sean Burnett, Reynaldo Lopez pitched a very effective 3 2/3rds innings before yielding for Mark Melancon in the ninth. I would pencil in a Ross/Lopez tandem effort for game four, if necessary, of the coming NLDS.

    Bryce Harper still hasn’t played since injuring his thumb, but his absence has been blamed on wet grounds the last two days, as Dusty’s being cautious and didn’t want to risk a slip and fall and landing on his thumb to aggravate the injury. Daniel Murphy has been seen jogging in the outfield pre-game, and word is that both will be ready to answer the bell next Friday when the NLDS opens. The location of that game is still TBD, but the Nats’ magic number to clinch home field is two after yesterday. The Nats have the Marlins this weekend, while the Dodgers are in San Francisco to play a Giants team that still has something to play for, so things seem to be in the Nats’ favor here, but we’ll see.


  2. Many parks have a yellow line at the top of the fence, but not having one at Busch makes it hard to tell where the wall ends and the signs begin. Why doesn’t MLB make each park be consistent in having yellow lines marking the top of the wall. Short of having Col. Nathan Jessup on that wall the best way to prevent this from happening again would be to…

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  3. Orioles 4, Blue Jays 0 – Who is this pitcher and what did you do with Ubaldo Jimenez? Jimenez went 6.2 innings while giving up just one hit. Since returning from being so cover your eyes fucking aweful he had to be removed from the rotation, Jimenez has pitched to a 2.82 ERA in the second half. His ERA in the first half? 7.38.

    His name is Newbaldo.

    New and Improved (and yes I stole that from somewhere else)

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    • Ive been saying this since the Braves got him, that he sounds like a Civil War general. 🙂

      He needs to be the new face (scalp?) of Head and Shoulders! Lol


  4. El Keed was laid to rest yesterday. For Macondo sports fans, the Dolfeens’ disastrous bollocking by the Bengals last night was like the an unctuation mark to close a very sad narrative. Of course, there was also the unsettling spectacle of Scott Boras crying his eyes out while trying to tell the story of El Keed’s ecstatic phone call that he had just bought a house – in America! – for his parents and grandmother. It’s been five days of dystopia here. This is worth watching but be warned, it’ll tear your heart out:

    For perhaps the only time in my entire sordid career of blogging baseball, I am going to quote what Jeffrey Loria said in his goodbye talk at the funeral mass: that it’s not so much the end of a life as the beginning of a legend. As someone who’s studied mythology since high school, I think he nailed the dynamic.

    Movements are afoot to erect a statue of our lost icon on the west plaza of Macondo Banana Massacre Field and I have to think that Loria, with his labyrinthine connections in the art world, already has his sculptor and casting team in mind. Another rumor: that there’s already a plan for a biopic. Not suprised? I’m not surprised you’re not surprised. I don’t expect much from it – perhaps a slightly better version of Andy Garcia’s unremarkable vanity project about Cuban jazz great Arturo Sandoval, the pointlessly titled For Love or Country. Two thumbs down. Then again, perhaps a worse one. I can imagine the Fernandez family using sale of the story rights to set up a trust fund for El Keed’s unborn daughter who will apparently be named Penelope, which is what the pitcher and his girlfriend were planning to name her. Saddest of all, she’ll never know her father, only the legend.

    Side note: Florida’s symbol of parasitic malingering, our own vapid prettyboy Marco Rubio, took the floor in congress yesterday to affiliate himself with El Keed and “demand” an investigation into the jetty struck by the pitcher’s boat on Sunday morning. Better hurry up, Marco – we all know how easily jettys can slip away under cover of darkness when they think they’re about to be investigated.

    Unless something extraordinary transpires, I’m taking a breather while the Feesh play out the string with some meaningless games against the Gnats. It’s been a rough week.


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