Blue Jays, Media Can’t Seem To All Get Along

Here is a bit of fun little gossip to help wind up the 2016 regular season.  It seems that apparently the members of the Toronto Blue Jays and the local media are feuding with one another, and it’s gotten public as these things tend to do.

News broke when it was reported that someone in the Toronto clubhouse put up two photos of Toronto sports writers with giant X scratched on their face and a message stating something to the effect of “Do not grand them interviews.”

Additionally players have taken to cranking up music when it comes to interview time in an attempt to mess with reporters.  In another, separate incident a reporter attempted to follow Robert Osuna into a private part of the clubhouse as Osuna was attempting to avoid interview.  The reporter caught up with Osuna and proceeded to berate the player.

The media is attempting to paint a picture of a clubhouse full of out of control children who are unprofessional and in complete meltdown mode after suffering a series of recent struggles on the field.  While that may be partially true, the media also should be taken for task for their behavior in this matter.  For one, no reporter has any business chasing after a player and entering a private section of the clubhouse, a place where that reporter knows full well he is not welcome.  Second, reporters in all of their entitlement forget that the players are under no obligation to grant them any interview of any kind, or even to bother to address them at all.  Reporters forget that while their reports can help aid the public eye of the player, the player granting them access is also the single thing that allows them to be effective at their jobs.  Additionally, if I had a reporter looking for any angle to shit talk my performance, or to dig up dirt on me to further their own agendas and career at my expense, I’d probably get a little miffed at them aswell.

Of course on the flip side, Toronto has been well known to have a very thin skin, and have especially recently been getting into disputes with a number of different people for all sorts of slights, including but not limited to pitching on the inner half of the plate (while the batter crowds the box), sliding into another player too hard, not sliding into another player too hard, flipping a bat (It’s okay when we do it, but not for you to do it), and on and on.  To cap all of that off, Toronto has gone from well ahead in the division to now on the cusp of dropping out of the playoffs.  Frustrations are at an all time high, and having the media instigating sure isn’t helping things any.

In the end, it appears that as in most disputes, both parties have their share of the blame to go around.  The media needs to get off their entitled attitudes and remember they are not the most important people in the room.  The “you are preventing me from doing my job.” argument does not fly here.  Your job is to report on the game, not harass a player into saying something they shouldn’t.  For the Blue Jays, well they need to grow up a little.  Hanging up a wanted style poster and pitching a fit in quotes  isn’t doing anyone any favors and in the end makes you look like spoiled little children.  Shake it off and handle yourself like a man.  And maybe, just maybe worry less about the reporters and more about your dwindling playoff chances.

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