He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/28/2016


Hello, hello everyone!  I have returned from my little site vacation.  I was in charge of coordinating a two day training class for my company a project which ended up being one of those projects where absolutely NOTHING went according to plan and ended up being a massive migraine for me.  Thankfully the training is done and over and I can relax a little bit.  As this project as completely consumed all my available time, I am feeling completely lost in the world of MLB.  We are still playing games right?  That’s still happening?  Hard to tell with all that rain out there that apparently is not going away anytime soon.  I mean, it’s a freaking monsoon in the north to mid east coast.  I learned an interesting fact on the way into work this morning.  Apparently when it’s the final time a team plays another team for the season, it’s the umpires, not the team that has control over if/when a game is delayed/suspended/etc.  It’ll be very interesting to see how all this rain plays out over the final handful of games as we still have quite a few races under contention.


Seattle 12, Astros 4 – Seattle had 7 runs in the first 3 innings and it’s pretty damn hard to come back from that one.

Arizona 3, Nationals 1 PPD- This one only went 5 and a half innings before getting called on account of a downpour that was preventing players from being able to make a throw to first.  I tried to find good video of it, but MLB hates fun.


Red Sox 3, Yankees 5 – The Yankees just won’t say die.  Mark Teixera hit a walk-off grand slam as Craig Kimbrel just absolutely imploded in the 9th.  Boston didn’t get too down however, they still managed to clinch the division when Baltimore won their game, so they got to celebrate the loss in style.  (Is it really “backing” into the playoffs when you win the division early?)


Cubs 4, Pittsburgh 8 – John Jaso hit for the cycle and Jake Arrieta got roughed up in his final regular season start.


Orioles 3, Blue Jays 2 – Mark Trumbo hit a solo in the 8th and Hyun Soo-Kim after a 9 pitch at bat, hit a pinch-hit two run go ahead home run in the top of the 9th as the birds pick up a must win game.


Indians 3, Tigers 6 – Detroit keeps on fighting out wins.  This one was suspended after 5 due to Mother Nature hating baseball and fun.  Miguel Cabrera hit what turned out to be the winning three-run home run in the fifth.  Cleveland is looking pretty rough for a division winner what with all the injuries they are dealing with.


Mets 5, Marlins 2 – Jay Bruce with the second home run in as many nights as the Mets look like they are solidly in the playoffs barring a massive lolMets moment.  Oh, and did you hear?  Tim Tebow hit a home run off some 22 year old 11th round draft pick and it’s all anyone can talk about. For some additional fun, check out these images posted in the Deadspin comment section of the article on the monumental moment.



Phillies 2, Braves 12 – Holy shit Atlanta, what got into you today?  12 runs on 13 hits makes you look like you are some sort of offensive juggernaut.  Freddie Freeman now has a 30 game hitting streak.  Adam Morgan gave up 10 hits, 9 runs, a Wild Pitch and a Hit Batsman in just 5 innings.  There is no word to describe that performance that is safe for children.

Twins 2, Royals 5 – The Hyun Soo-Kim home run officially knocked Kansas City out of the playoffs, and that’s something I think we can all be grateful for.


Brewers 5, Rangers 8 – Texas may have clinched the division a while back, but they are still fighting for the top seed in the AL.  Carlos Gomez smacked a three-run home run as part of a 4 run 9th inning for the Rangers.

Rays 0, White Sox 1 –  This is where I would typically find a yawn emote, but I’m too

Reds 1, Cardinals 1 – If you can’t beat the Reds in a must win series to get into the playoffs, maybe you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.  I mean the Giants are HANDING it to you on a silver platter and you are too inept to take it.


Athletics 6, Angels 8 – The Angels had a 8 run inning which was probably the most excitement they’ve had in the 5 month since they were unofficially eliminated from the playoffs.

Dodgers 5, Padres 6 – The Dodgers are on cruise control at the moment with nothing to really win or lose.  Just trying to not get anyone hurt in the next few days.

Colorado 2, Giants 0 – Sometimes we don’t have enough good teams making the playoffs.  Sometimes we have too many making the playoffs.  The Giants really don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, and yet here they are.  The Giants have a .633 record in the first half, and a .382 in the second.


13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/28/2016

  1. Gio started last night for the Nats in his final tuneup (maybe) before the NLDS, and as the game story noted, his head wasn’t in it. He was apparently a close friend of Jose Fernandez, to the point where he’s flying to the funeral today, and so his mind was understandably elsewhere. Gio’s ability to control a game is tenuous under the best of circumstances, and he usually requires something on the order of 127% focus to compete; instead, he went 3 2/3rds last night, throwing 100(!) pitches, and somehow managing to only allow 3 runs.

    I have sincere doubts that they’ll play today due to the rain, and so the Dbacks might have to fly back here Sunday night for a game on Monday, if home field is still up in the air, and that’s a game that Gio would be in line to start for the Nats. The Dodgers lost last night, so they’re still two games back with four to play, but they own the tiebreaker. Kershaw is almost mortal on the road, versus inner circle HoF at home, so home field may matter quite a bit in the NLDS. On the other hand, the Nats have lost 7 of 11, and are the definition of “scuffling” right now, so it may not matter where the NLDS games are played.


  2. The Feesh finally went pectorals up as the Mets shook orf whatever sentimentality lingered in their hearts en route to the postseason, and will head home from Washington on Monday, probably by boat, it sounds like. I’m sure it’s just what they needed. But then, they were going home anyway even without the tragedy of the past weekend. I’ll offer my careful prosthesis on this lost planet season later this week or weekend; it will surprise none of you that I don’t feel like working on that now.

    I skipped the memorial service out front of the stadium yesterday since I’d already gone the day before to sign “the wall” and watched enough grown men cry to last me a while:

    Just a sea of people. That’s Loria next to the hearse on the lower left in the blue shirt and Mike Dunn is the alopeciac to his right with the sunglasses. I’ve never seen Loria cry before and disliking him is such a habit by now that it’s an odd feeling to watch him humanize. That’s Julie Loria’s hand on Dee Gordon’s back in a gesture of consolation. Dee has been taking this all very, very hard and yesterday, after the bit of relief he gained with that already mythic home run on Monday night, he broke apart again. A lot of people were wearing sunglasses despite the rain and overcast. Red eye syndrome.

    I did make an effort to go up the road to St. Brendan’s last night – in normal traffic it’s less than ten minutes away – to pay last respects once I read that the casket would be closed for the viewing. Forget it. The streets leading to the church and its attendant grade school complex were gridlocked and the lines waiting to get in to say goodbye were around the block. On the highway on the way up, the electronic traffic and delay information signs all read “Jose Fernandez # 16 Forever.” I read that as the funeral procession passed a La Carreta on Bird Road (a Macondo chain of pretty good Cuban restaurants – I once entertained Calcaterra there), the entire staff and quite a few of the customers came outside to salute the cortege with upraised cups of Cafe Cubano. People stopped to watch and weep all along the motorcade route. It was the city’s last goodbye to its hero and you had to be struck by how deeply this has hurt us. The viewing was supposed to end at 11 PM but the local media estimated that the line was already between 1500-2000 people long before the doors opened at 5PM. I doubt if they closed the doors that early.

    So I’ll say it this way: bye, Keed. Angels sing thee to thy rest. His burial is this morning, only for family, close friends and the team. It should be the final slap in the face that brings reality to this entire surrealistic epicycle.

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  3. A total of an hour and a half rain delays in Chicago, for a totally meaningless game between two eliminated teams? What’s up with that? No wonder the Rayzors could only muster 3 hits.


  4. For as good as Michael Fulmer has been this season, the Indians have beat the tar out of him hitting .341 with a .937 OPS as a team. Fortunately he pulled a rabbit out of his hat getting out of a bases loaded no out situation in the 2nd inning without giving up a run to keep the Tigers close until Miggy happened.


  5. Nice, heartfelt note, OG. I will note your Firesign Theatre reference without going into any witty repartee – some other time, perhaps.

    WRT Loria, it never hurts us to remember on occasion that people we regard as loathsome are still – on balance – people not all that different from us in most particulars. A useful meme for this election season, also.

    Now on to other matters:
    A #2 pitcher
    A #3/#4 pitcher
    a corner outfielder who can muster up >.750 OPS
    A first baseman with >.800 OPS
    A catcher who can hit across the Mendoza line and also – you know – catch

    Not too terrible a list for the Astros’ off-season, n’est pas?

    Short of that, I just don’t think they can catch the Rangers in 2017.

    And a little thought for you all from Jimi:

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