He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/27/16

Howdy! Prof again, going solo one more time. Tomorrow you’ll have Scout back, but I’ll be M.I.A. for a day. Darn responsibilities!

Today’s musical choices are my favorite happy Britpop type songs. I’m a HUGE fan of Olly Murs and have been since before he broke into the US market, so there’s a couple of his tunes here. There’s also the best boy band in the history of the world, Take That, and its former member Robbie Williams, perfect to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Cubs 6, Pirates 4 – Last night, the Cubs brought out the small caliber weapons and that’s really all they needed. Chris Coghlan went 2-4 and hit a base clearing triple. Albert Almora Jr. went 2-2 as well. John Lackey wins his last regular season start.

Twins 3, Royals 4 F/11 – I feel so bad for Minnesota. They tried so hard. Billy Burns smacks a sac fly that wins the game.

Rockies 3, Giants 12 – This was a game that was played. Oh, the Giants got 19 hits. Five runs in the eighth inning. (Sorry, guys, I am just… not excited about this game?)

These last two recaps were terrible. Let me make it up to you with one of MY FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME (Gary Barlow forever):

Phillies 6, Braves 7 – Hey hey! The Braves came back to gain victory over Philadelphia! It started out bad for Atlanta, down six by the third inning, but they came back strong. Braves catcher Tyler Flowers went 2-4 and hit a home run. Oh, and Atlanta traded Gordon Beckham to the Giants. Coppy can’t stop making deals!

Brewers 4, Rangers 6 – It’s surreal to see Jon Lucroy and Carlos Gomez playing against Milwaukee. It’s just…weird. CarGo tied the game with a three run homer. Not that Milwaukee played badly; not in the least. Jonathan Villar (remember this name, you guys) had been going gangbusters.

A’s 1, Angels 8 – What got into Ricky Nolasco? As soon as he left Minnesota he started pitching way better. Huh. Anyway, on the offensive side, Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of America of The Milky Way hit SEVEN in the fourth, including a huge grand slam by Jefry Marte.

Dodgers 1, Padres 7 – Chase Utley (2-3, HR) tried his best but to no avail. San Diego outmatched Los Angeles from the jump, scoring three in the first and never looking back.


Indians 0, Tigers 12 – Holy cats! And by cats, I mean Tigers! A day after Cleveland clinched the AL Central title, Detroit came roaring back with an ass whoopin’ of monumental proportions. Justin Verlander was sharp, and Miggy mashes another home run. For the Land of Cleve, some bad news – Corey Kluber, who left the game yesterday with an injury, will be out around 7-10 days because of a quad strain.

Mets 12, Marlins 1 – Thor wielded his mighty hammer and the Feesh come back down to earth.

Mariners 4, Astros 8 – King Felix gets roughed up a bit. George Springer came back to life for a hot minute, going 3-5. My little precious, Jose Altuve, had his usual fine evening. I still believe that The Little Second Baseman That Could is a great choice for AL MVP, but because his team hasn’t been playing up to his level, he might not get the sort of love from voters that he deserves.

Rays 6, White Sox 13 – Chris Sale gets another win. Chicago hit 3 in the first, the third, and the eighth innings.

D’backs 2, Nationals 4 – What a difference a day makes. Max Scherzer, who will get lots of well deserved Cy Young votes, struck out 10 Snakes to gain the win.

Red Sox 4, Yankees 6 – Lots of hits, a couple of errors, and the Yankees’ youngsters continue to impress. First baseman Tyler Austin went 3-3 with a homer, Didi Gregorius went 3-4 with a homer, and guess who else got a home run? That’s right. Gary Freaking Sanchez. And this this also happened, not directly related to the game, but I feel bad for the guy. I can see this happening to me. Obviously, not at a Sox/Yanks game. 😛

Orioles 1, Blue Jays 5 – The AL East is interesting. They keep it tight around there. The Yankees, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Orioles are all legitimately in the hunt for the postseason, so more than almost any other series, these last few seriously matter. Toronto’s Troy Tulowitzki hit his 37th homer of the season. Baltimore’s Chris Davis was ejected in the seventh inning after arguing strikes, and when Buck Showalter came out to defend his guy, he got run, too.

Reds 5, Cardinals 12 – One of Jose Fernandez’s childhood buddies was Aledmys Diaz. They grew up three houses away from each other in Cuba. St. Louis allowed him bereavement time to honor and remember his friend, which he did. Diaz went to a ceremony on Monday, and returned to the lineup last night. Diaz said before the game:

the best way to honor Fernandez was to “play hard and give 100 percent every time out there. That’s the way he wanted it.”

And then he proceeded to hit a grand slam in the fourth inning, the first ever grand slam of his career. Looks like the magic of El Keed is still happening all around us.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/27/16

  1. The final score of the Nats game was not at all indicative of how the game went. Scherzer didn’t have his best stuff early, and the Nats, playing without Harper, Murphy, and Ramos, were held hitless until the 6th. It was in that inning that they scored all of their runs, piecing together two hits, two walks, and a sac fly. Scherzer was lifted for a pinch hitter in the 6th, and it was only a three run home run by Anthony Rendon in that inning that put him in line for his 19th win. The bullpen shut out the Snakes the rest of the way to close matters, and Scherzer will get the start on Sunday, so he’s got a chance to win 20, should any Cy Young voters find that meaningful.

    Harper wanted to play last night, so it seems his thumb isn’t too bad. Murphy’s glute issue is becoming more worrisome, as he’s going to need some ABs this week, I would think, to try to get back to being sharp-ish before the playoffs; his last plate appearance came as a pinch-hitter in Miami a week ago, and he hasn’t started a game since the 17th. Ramos’ knee injury was confirmed yesterday as a torn ACL, so that’s potentially a big blow to the Nats’ hopes this post-season.

    The Nats are two up on the Dodgers for home field after last night, and things are going to get interesting here over the next couple of days, as we’re expecting anywhere from two to six inches of rain in the DC metroplex. The Nats’ remaining schedule is two with Arizona and three with Miami, all at home, and Thursday especially looks like it’ll be a total washout. These games are meaningful so long as there is uncertainty in the “race” between LA and Washington, so they’ll have to be played, obviously. Arizona’s scheduled to finish their season at home this weekend, and Thursday’s game is scheduled for 1PM for getaway purposes. With the weather forecast, there’s the prospect of either the Snakes fly home Thursday and back here to play again on Monday, or they hang around here for a really long time on Thursday hoping to get in an official game.


    • Too bad about Ramos. Twice in the same knee, once in the walk year. Well, at least we can hope there’s been elapsed time between this one and the last one sufficient to have developed some better surgical techniques. Tough break for a terrific ballplayer.

      Meanwhile, Macondo remands unto your care for the weekend about forty emotionally fried ballplayers. Imagine having to stay over an extra day or more to play rescheduled games in their frame of mind. Be gentle with them, will you?


      • It looked like he knew immediately when it happened that he’d done it again, and the hell of it is that it was a non-contact injury; he jumped for a high throw, and the landing caused his ACL to tear.

        For him, the timing’s awful not just because it’s a walk year, but because it’s going to be impossible for him to show himself as capable of playing during spring training next year. I suppose the Nats might take pity on him and sign him for something close to an MLB minimum one year deal for 2017, but he’s not going to get a qualifying offer from them this year, and he’s not going to get something to beat the 3 year/$30 million offer he got from the Nats recently and rejected.

        This is going to hurt him financially for a couple of years, at least.


        • Yeah, but on the other hand assuming his docs know what they’re doing he can eventually follow to first base an estimable tradition of catchers whose squatting days finally caught up with them. He’s a gamer and I wish him all the best.

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  2. In typical Tigers form I’m sure they’ll follow up last night’s offensive barrage with a low scoring 1 run loss today. On the bright side they did get Nick Castellanos back. Since he broke his hand on Aug 6, the Tigers got zip, zilch, nada HR’s from the 3rd base position. Hopefully the Wahoo’s have a couple more days of division-clinching hangover let in them.

    JV was dominant against the Land of Cleve’s post-clinch line up last night giving up just 4 hits and chalking up 12 K’s. For the season he’s leading the AL in K’s, 2nd in WHIP & BA against and 3rd in ERA and innings pitched.

    As an older white guy I’m not much of a 90’s boy band fan. I guess since the term really didn’t get used at the time people may not consider them a boy band, but I would submit the Jackson 5 as the greatest boy band of all time. Britpop was OK, but again being older I was more a fan of the Cure & the Smiths. I guess this would be my favorite Britpop tune.


  3. The final score of the Feesh-Mets game also wasn’t indicative of what was going on. The emotional surge that got the hometown piscids through last night had run its course. Our Rainbow Warriors haven’t had much sleep, food or clarity in over three days and a lot of them are still crying into their lockers. Tom Koehler was very friendly with El Keed and Buddha only knows where his mind was last night. The boolpen was lobbing fungoes; Mike Dunn pitched even though he was wrung and gave up three runs in a third of an inning.

    Last night’s forgettable game has brought to team to the brink of meaninglessness at the close of an unforgettable season we’d all like to forget. Their elimination number for Ye Wylde Carde dwindled to one. With today’s memorial service beginning around 2PM at the stadium and winding up tonight at a church in Little Havana (with El Keed “lying in state,” which is another word for phone camera clickbait – a situation I find beyond horrible), I’m already preparing to be nauseated when the photos begin showing up on sociopathic media. One doubts if the Feesh have it left in them to rally for one more shot at postponing their fate.

    El Keed will be laid to rest tomorrow in a private ceremony that was pushed back one day from the traditional sequence to correspond with the team’s orf day before heading to Washington to wind up the year with the Gnats. They’ll be going straight to the airport from the burial and I really, really hope there won’t be any cameras allowed. That plane ride is going to be one miserable affair. My heart goes out to all of my guys.

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    • I harbor the fond hope that either the Marlins or Jose’s family will hire the biggest 6 Cubanos in Miami to enforce a “No Freaking Pictures” rule.
      You Take Picture, I Break Your Face!


    • Only the most disgusting of vultures would violate a memorial like that. Im glad I follow people on social media who refuse to post that crap.


    • I’m very much aware. 🙂 Robbie Williams did a whole album of standards.

      When I went to the UK a few years ago I was able to purchase a bunch of CDs that otherwise I would have needed to import. My commitment to British pop music is strong. Lol


  4. Prof, I would love it if Altuve pulled off the MVP. But here are the top five candidates in my mind, followed by OPS+/MVP.

    Trout 177/10.5
    Altuve 157/7.9
    Donaldson 154/7.5
    Machado 132/6.8
    Betts 131/9.3

    Among the other four, I think you could make a great case for Altuve edging out Betts and Donaldson in a close race.

    But why it would go to anyone other than Trout is beyond me.

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    • Well, Stex, it’s not fair to compare people to Trout. I mean, he’s not human, so…

      Obviously Trout would probably win MVP every year, and has been the clear choice since he broke into the game, but he would win every year if we did that! Lol

      Taking Trout out of the equation, for me personally, my MVP candidates are Altuve, Machado, and Donaldson. I’m on of those horrible people who also use the eye test along with stats. Donaldson is good, but I like to also consider who is more important to their team and who makes a huge impact on the team and also on the preparation from other teams. For me, and just for me, it’s Altuve or Machado.

      Altuve gets the edge for me, personally.


    • Just for a point of reference, from 1954 to 1966, Willie Mays had a bWar of 8 or better 11 times. He won a grand total of 2 MVPs in that period.


    • Trout won’t get it because his team was so bad. Most voters refuse to vote for anyone who doesn’t make the playoffs, and some will make exceptions for players who’s team is at least close. LA hasn’t been in it since April, so no Trout for you.


      • The problem with a guy like a Trout is that he’s always so amazing that it becomes rote, and he has to be unrealistic amazing to top his usual awesome output. It’s not fair at all.


        • Most voters refuse to vote for anyone who doesn’t make the playoffs

          This is, of course, a stupid argument….and voters who do this are stupid.

          But there’s an equally-stupid flip side to that argument as well…”The team was so good, they would have won the division without him, so he can’t be that valuable.”

          I have no doubt it will be used by people who don’t vote for Bryant for NL MVP.


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