Feesh Sign Martin Prado to Three Year Extension

Finally, some good news here in Macondo. Local media are reporting that the Feesh have agreed to sign third baseman, de facto team captain (and current league leader in RISP average on a team that otherwise can’t seem to drive in runs to save its collective cloaca)  Martin Prado to a three-year, $40 million extension, locking him up through his age 35 season. The team homepage is reporting the extension but the front orifice hasn’t confirmed it yet.

One wonders when, exactly, the negotiations and signing took place, and by…eh…extension, how much the tragic days preceding the announcement might have had to do with Prado’s decision to skip free agency following one of the best campaigns of his career. Regardless, it’s a tonic signing for a franchise that has just had one of its  most critical supports kicked out from under it, and establishes some continuity in its clubhouse leadership.

Another interesting angle on this: with the rise to public prominence of the Iron Giant as a team leader following his pivotal role in pulling his teammates together during the terrible days following the death of El Keed, is a two-headed captaincy of the clubhouse evolving, and how will these guys share their leadership roles? Something to watch in the days and years ahead.

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