He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/25/16

As if yesterday’s tragic news about the terrible loss of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez wasn’t sad enough, today we learned that golfing great Arnold Palmer died at the age of 87 while awaiting cardiac surgery.

With his dominance in golf and distinctive style, Palmer helped turn the sport from a country club pursuit to one that became accessible to the masses.
He won more than 90 golf tournaments, including the Masters four times, the U.S. Open in 1960, and the British Open in 1961 and 1962.
“He took the game from one level to a higher level, virtually by himself,” wrote Nicklaus in a statement.
“Arnold always had my back, and I had his. We were always there for each other. That never changed. He was the king of our sport and always will be.”

We will be forgoing today’s musical selection, instead choosing to honor our version of a moment of silence in remembrance of these two men.

Braves, Marlins – Canceled, for obvious reasons. As far as I (Prof) know, they will not make up this game. The Mets will play against the Marlins today (Monday), but with heavy hearts. As are all of ours.


Cardinals 1, Cubs 3 Prof:  Ben Zobrist went 3-4, hit a double and scored two runs. David Ross – Grandpa Rossy to the Cubbie Faithful – hit a home run in the fifth inning. Love you Rossy.

Rockies 3, Dodgers 4 F/10Prof: Dodgers clinch the NL West title, Corey Seager continues to be awesome, and Vin Scully goes out on top. This might have been a terribly sad and upsetting day, but this made me smile. Vin deserved his last game to be a win, and such an important one at that. So long, Vin. You deserve a good rest, and may you continue to smile.


Phillies 0, Mets 17Prof:  Asdrubal Cabrera hit a grand slam in this absolute demoralizing Mets victory. The damage was already done by the fifth inning, however New York lit up the hapless Phillies bullpen for five runs in the 7th and 6 in the 8th.


Angels 1, Astros 4Joe Musgrove allowed just one run over 7 innings and the Astros got home runs from Evan Gattis, Tyler White, and Tony Kemp to avoid the sweep.

Giants 3, Padres 4St. Louis is just a half game back as the Giants continue to play themselves out of the playoffs.

Reds 4, Brewers 2Prof:  This was the Brewers’ last home game for the season. Even in defeat, the Brew Crew faithful gave a rousing standing ovation to Ryan Braun in the eighth inning (his last at-bat). Most people believe that this was Braun’s last game as a Brewer in Milwaukee, and the fans decided to let him know their appreciation, much as they did to Jon Lucroy in the days before he was finally traded to Texas.

Mariners 4, Twins 3Prof:  The Twins have done it. They’ve lost 100 games this year and have a firm grasp on the number one draft pick. I honestly thought the Braves would have that honor, but hat tip to the Twins for really staying committed to being horrible. Let’s hope y’all get a really fine pitcher out of this pick, or can trade it for a couple of suitable farm hands. Also, a game happened.

Rangers 1, A’s 7All 7 runs for the A’s came in the 2nd, but it was the start of Jharel Cotton who gave up just 3 hits over 7 innings that was the most impressive performance of the game.

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 4Toronto scored two in the 9th, including a walk-off single by Edwin Encarnacion as the Blue Jays prepare for the final big battle of the season against the Orioles.

White Sox 3, Indians 0Prof:  Carlos Rodon whiffed 11 Cleveland batters in this Chicago victory. The boys from the Magical Land of Cleve didn’t do themselves any favors, either – three errors? Sheesh, guys.

Red Sox 3, Rays 2 F/10Prof:  The Rays were going to have a ceremony honoring David Ortiz before the game, but Papi asked if they would cancel the ceremony and hold a moment of silence for Jose Fernandez instead. During the moment of silence, Ortiz was visibly broken up. Thanks to Papi’s double in the tenth inning, Dustin Pedroia was able to move to third, then scored on an error, which was the go-ahead run.


Diamondbacks 1, Orioles 2Hyun Soo Kim hit a two-run home run as the O’s complete the sweep over Arizona.  Zach Britton picked up his 46th consecutive save, and the Orioles head to Toronto in a must win situation to get into the playoffs.

Royals 12, Tigers 9The Tigers stumbled against the Royals, in a game that included 6 home runs, 36 hits, and 21 runs.  The Tigers prepare to face Cleveland with the playoffs on the line and are in a must win and hope for a little help scenario.

Nationals 10, Pirates 7Prof:  I guess there was a fake tag applied to Bryce Harper and people kinda got pissed about it. OK, so it’s a little more than that. Jung Ho Kang tried to apply a fake tag to Harper, who then injured his left thumb trying to beat it. This is the same thumb he injured previously in 2014. Harper left the game to get X-Rays. But that’s not where the fun stopped, nope. Nats starter A.J. Cole then threw behind Kang at his next at-bat, was thrown out of the game by our old friend Jordan Baker (not of Great Gatsby fame, to my sadness), and then the benches cleared. Former Buc Mark Melancon gets the save against his old bros.



12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/25/16

  1. A tip of the hat to Arnie. My formative years were the time of his dominance in golf. In the end his young nemesis, Jack Nicklaus, was a far better golf player, but Arnold changed the way the game was played and perceived.

    I already expressed my feelings about the devastating news on Jose Fernandez elsewhere, so I will slide over that.

    The Astros’ hopes after two blown saves in two games are pretty much nonexistent, but a win out gives them a remote chance with 88 wins. In all honesty, they are about a #2 starter and an outfielder short of being a real playoff team at this point.

    And with respect to the Twins, Prof, correct me if I am wrong. I thought that MLB teams were not allowed to trade draft choices. I think they can draft a guy and immediately swap his rights, but I don’t think they can trade the slot.

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    • Sad news about Arnold, but there’s something, let’s say, natural about death at 87 and equally unnatural about death at 24. You mourn the loss of the aged ones but have to get past the shock to mourn the young ones.

      I must admit that I never saw the appeal of golf. Playing it occasionally was OK – out in the sunshine and fresh air and all – but watching it on TV? Meh. George Carlin memorably claimed that was as interesting as watching flies fuck. My long unhappily married Uncle Jerry (he of the classic deathbed line) was an avid golfer. Once, as a teenager, I asked him if all those Sundays on the golf course didn’t sometimes get monotonous. “The alternative,” he replied, “is staying home with your aunt.”

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      • I absolutely agree with you about the difference.

        Fernandez’s death is a tragic loss of a promising young life.

        Palmer’s death was comfortably in the natural order of things.

        I commented on El Keed on your thread.

        And yes, golf is fun because you are outdoors and you are competing with yourself to do your best. I used to play a fair amount. I find birding is a worthwhile and much cheaper substitute.

        Watching golf on TV? Forget it.


        • The “natural order of things” is getting a little heavy handed in 2016. Ali, Howe and now Palmer, 3 of the icons of their sports. 2016, stay away from Mays, Russell and Brown, you’ve had enough this year.

          Haven’t had a chance to say anything about Fernandez yet and the only thing I have to add is what a doctor told me years ago when my wife died in her mid 30’s. If heaven was just full of old, sick people, what’s the attraction of getting there? It will take a long time but I hope his family eventually finds peace.

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  2. As I just wrote at the other place regarding the Kang fake tag and how it stacks up against the normal dekes we see all the time at second base, which are done with the intention of making sure the runner doesn’t end up on a base he’d otherwise be able to get to…

    ‘Contrast that with Kang’s fake tag, which was done when Harper was, oh, five feet from the bag, causing him to sort of fall awkwardly into the bag, and it served no purpose, because there’s no way Harper was going to try to turn the triple into a Little League inside the park home run. Whether Kang pantomimes a tag, tells Harper to stay up, or puts out a three course dinner for Harper to enjoy, the end result of the play was going to be that Harper was on third base.

    Kang’s claiming that he was trying to hold Harper at third, but it’s pretty obvious Harper had no intention of trying to score there. Want further proof? Watch the video and pay attention to Nats’ third base coach Bob Henley, known around these parts as “Bob Sendley” for his propensity to windmill runners home. Henley’s pointing at the loose ball rolling in foul territory in short left, which was being picked up by the Pirates left fielder, not encouraging Harper to run home.’

    I’m glad Cole didn’t hit Kang there, because Cole’s pitch was too high as such things go. I would’ve been okay with Cole hitting Kang in the ribs, or the thigh, or the glutes, but that pitch was head high, and I’m glad it missed everything, and the umps were right to toss Cole from the game. I and others also noticed that Harper was on the field for the exchange of pleasantries afterwards, so I take from that that his injury is perhaps not too serious. He’s day to day right now, pending x-rays, so as long as he’s full go for the playoffs, I believe this animosity between the Nats and Bucs will die here, but then again, the Bucs are known for a willingness to pitch inside under Hurdle, so perhaps even an unintentional HBP next year will set off further incidents.

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