Weekend Express – Scores for 9/23/16

olivertwist1Hi, folks. I’m not dead! 🙂 Still a bit under the weather but not to the point that it’s nothing but typos and falling asleep for no reason at all. I’d like to thank extra super strength Nyquil for getting me through the last two days, and a big no thank you to Sudafed for not helping me on day one of this plague.

Also, I had my first real meal for the first time in four days this evening. I was able to dine at my favorite restaurant here in Cheeselandia, for probably the last time since I’ll be moving in about a week now. I have known the owners for over a decade now, and I used to babysit their daughter. Who is now a grown woman. Sigh. Anyway, this charming little place serves incredible Italian food, mostly of the Northern Italian variety. The special appetizer was my absolute favorite, and I’m so happy that on the night I will probably eat there for the last time, they offered the crostini with lemon mascarpone and cold smoked salmon.

Anyway, here’s the scores for Friday’s games.

Cardinals 0, Cubs 5

Phillies 5, Phillies 10

Braves 3, Marlins 2

Reds 4, Brewers 5

Mariners 10, Twins 1

Rangers 3, Athletics 0 – The Rangers are your AL West Champs!

Yankees 0, Blue Jays 9

D’backs 2, Orioles 3 F/12

Nationals 5, Pirates 6 F/11

White Sox 4, Indians 10

Royals 3, Tigers 8

Red Sox 2, Rays 1

Angels 10, Astros 6

Giants 2, Padres 7

Rockies 2, Dodgers 5

22 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 9/23/16

    • Of course, MLBTV has the Cubs blacked out in South Carolina.

      Man, people in Chicago will eat/drink anything. Anything. That deep dish beer was disgusting.


        • I like your style. You included the four meat groups that you need to have a healthy diet. I will of course let you get away with omitting poultry because you’re so gracious to give us pig beef!

          If I can ask for a follow up? Where does one purchase this pig beef?

          Asking for me.


    • A couple things:

      1) Schwarber apparently isn’t a catcher anymore…funny that he’s catching flying food.

      2) Colbert is faster than a Molina even with the hot dog box on his back.

      3) Whipped cream would improve an Old Style.

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      • Whipped cream, and other delights. 😛

        The other day I watched as Yadi attempted, and failed, to run out a tag. It was the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve been reading the Unresolved Mystery reddit threads.


        • If you’re really into sadness, explore the fucking Trump for President threads on Reddit! I loved Bernie, I felt the Bern, but reality hit and now I vote HC with a clear fucking conscience. However, if all these Bernie Sanders supporters intended to burn the fucking world to ashes then electing trumpet just may do it!

          If they think that a narcissistic con man is going to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING then they don’t deserve the free fucking college that is their single fucking issue for gracing us with their first vote in the first place!

          This election will be about the three ( maybe ) Supreme court justice picks. Do you want ultra religious beliefs to be the fucking law of the land? I just don’t get why they don’t organize more to see that never happens?

          If the Koch brothers keep funding local government, they just go on to national prominence barking whatever their masters tell them. You get the Kascick, the trump, the cruz, just the fucking worst of the worst out fucking worsting each other in a human centipede of corruption that would make Nixon proud.

          Look how Debbie fucking Shultz fucked Bernie? The one lie that trump has ever told that may be true. Who we get to vote for IS rigged.

          All elections should be decided on a 1, 2, 3 vote. That way we would have NEVER got Lepage, even the first time! That prick is why I no longer have the affordable care act. My wife is now going without her blood pressure medicine because he wouldn’t take the fucking free subsidies. Maine is the oldest state in the nation, and yet he loves to blame the government for the fact that he himself wanted to see Social security defunct because A G money smoove is gonna impregnate his grandchildren.

          The biggest insurance company that didn’t leave town gets to now set the fucking rates and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had an office building built for them on Maine dime so we could be more ” business friendly” I can’t even enroll until January. He cut the fucking limits from 90 days to 30 days from when you couldn’t make your premium until you ran out of coverage.

          This is what we are up against? How do these troglodytes get elected?
          1,2,3 is what we need, 1,2,3, is what WE deserve and it will fuck gerrymandering.


  1. Nats had a chance to clinch a tie for the NL East title last night, but Melancon blew the save, in part due to Trea “I’m Still Learning Out Here” Turner taking a poor route on a line drive. Had Turner made the catch, the game would’ve ended with the Nats winning 5-4, but it flew over his outstretched glove, and the Nats eventually fell to the Bucs in a battle of the only two teams I’ve ever called mine.

    Meanwhile, the Dodgers won again, and they’re now only 1 1/2 back of the Nats for home field in the NLDS. The Nats have a game in hand (hockey term) but the Dodgers hold the tie breaker, so looks like I’ll be scoreboard watching for the rest of the season.


    • I think I may have mentioned that #BravesFam (of which I am a member) calls him Treat Urner, right? Because he’s a treat to watch. Also because we like to be clever. And also because we’re sure he’s going to be a boil on our collective ass in a few years. LOL


      • Well he’s definitely a treat to watch, both for baseball fans and for SomeDaughterInVA Version 1 and many of her peers, some of the latter of whom have gone from referring to themselves as “Future Mrs. Bryce Harper” to “Future Mrs. Trea Turner”.


  2. The Orioles finally woke the fuck up last night, but just barely. After getting swept in a 4 game series at home against the Red Sox, the O’s were down 2-0 entering the 8th. That’s when Pedro Alarez hit a solo home run with 2 outs. No big deal I thought to myself. Then Matt Wieters hit another solo in the 9th to tie the game up. Meanwhile, Chris Davis has continued the month of suck and struck out with the bases loaded to end the 9th. Thinking we were doomed, the bullpen held the D’Backs scoreless until Mark Trubmo managed to his his league leading 44th home run for a walk off home run in the 12th. The place went NUTS. TRUMBO JUMBO!!!



  3. It’s Saturday morning at the Gator household, and that means the kitchen and dining room, and my study, are filled with the rich earthy aroma of percolating shade-grown0-in-volcanic-soil San Cristobal Arabica from the Galapagos Islands. There’s also the pungence of browning butter as Old Gator’s special recipe Panettone French toast sizzles in the pan:

    1 thick slice of Balduccio Panettone (your choice of chocolate chip or mixed candied fruit)
    2 eggs, well beaten, with a squeeze of warm honey and a splash of heavy cream.

    Soak the Panettone in the egg mixture, flipping after a few minutes (use a wide rounded spatula as the Panettone gets very soft).

    Sprinkle the top side of the soaked Panettone liberally with cinnamon and nutmeg. Flip it directly into a hot pan of browned butter and then sprinkle the reverse side with cinnamon and nutmeg as well.

    Brown both sides. Slide onto the serving plate; heap a few tablespoonfuls of your favorite jam (I like my homemade strawberry mint and lime preserves), a dollop of sour cream and a splash of maple syrup. Rah, overkill!

    Anyway, the Feesh just about finished themselves orf last night by going cloacas-up to the Barves yet again. On a night when Andrew Cashner ackcherley pitched well, which got him yanked by Jar Jar Baseball after five one-run, three hit innings, the boolpen gave away the show – as did Miguel Rojas, brought in to play second base after pinch hitting in the eighth, only to let a perfectly catchable peg from J T Realmuto bounce into short right and allow the soon-to-be winning run to advance to third and score on a single in the top of the ninth.

    But let’s don’t lay all the blame on the staph. The Rainbow Warriors went their regulation 1-for-7 with RISP and managed only three hits. Wow, the big Barry Better Living Through Chemistry Bonds hitting coach experiment has sure been a revelation this season. When I’ve written the epitaph for this season by the end of the week, their collective febrility when it came to pushing runs across the plate will be one of the beeeeeg factors in why their packages from Cabela’s online are already showing up on their porches.

    Tonight, the Gopher King faces orf against the Barves again. If he sprains his neck again and the Feesh find their elimination number down to one in the morning, there’s a good chance the front orifice will order El Keed shut down until February and he won’t take another start on Sunday. Ah well.

    The Mutts and Pirates both awakened last night too, the Mutts moving five and the Bucs one and a half games ahead of the Feesh for Ye Wilde Carde at 76-78 with 8 games to play. A game beyond the strange attractor a few days ago, they’ve now fouled their home rainbow whites three straight nights. They remind me a little of that famous cartoon wherein the primitive amphibious lobefin fish is halfway submerged headfirst in the water, saying to a couple of his not quite as advanced bretheren, “there ain’t shit up there.” Their elimination number is now down to three. Although not quite mathematically eliminated, this is the point in Ye Wylde Carde race whereupon, if it were a Venus flytrap, the little black lump between the blades would have practically dissolved.


  4. So, what you’ve been missing not watching Tigers games is Miggy’s wheels. Yes, it’s a thing:


    I’ve had eleven bajillion heart attacks since he decided to get aggressive on the basepath for the playoff push. It’s fired up the team, but I’ve aged so, so much seeing him beat the throw like 3-4 times in the last 3 games. I’ve spontaneously audibly prayed every game. Not kidding. Miggy takes off for home, me: Please, Jesus (slips out).

    It’s gotten to the point that Rod Allen actually talked about Miggy’s baserunning instincts during the game last night. Yes, that’s an actual talking point. Mario agreed. If you parse that carefully, you get that they are talking about his instincts and not his legs — because they also think he’s gotten lucky. It’s funny as hell when your own announcers speculate that they don’t think you can take a base or you ought not to have run through the stop sign from Wavin’ Dave Clark.

    Miggy must have checked his contract and seen that he gets a nice bonus if we squeak into the post-season this year. We won’t get far, but it’s fun watching Miggy Wheels in the meantime. He takes a while to get from 1st gear to 3rd, but then it’s on! Hey, we’re winning now, so…hate away. I’ll say it: he’s more valuable as a runner than Billy Hamilton right now. LOL

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