He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/20/16

Prof:  Let’s get this show on the road with today’s recap. Scout went mellow with the tunes yesterday. I am stressed out and I need to release some energy, so here’s not so mellow stuff.


White Sox 6, Phillies 7Prof:  James Shields loses, again. For Philadelphia, Odubel Herrera was the star of the show. Herrera went 3-4 with a homer and 3 RBI.

Braves 5, Mets 4Prof:  Asdrubal Cabrera went 3-3 for the Mets, contributing an RBI, and Adonis Garcia went 3-5 with a home run for the Braves. Everyone’s favorite generic sounding closer, Jim Johnson, gets the save.

Angels 4, Rangers 5The Rangers do seem to win a lot of 1 run ballgames don’t they?  That’s the sort of thing that’s important, but I’m not sure exactly how.

Reds 1, Cubs 6Prof:  Anthony Rizzo. What I can say about him? Even his most basic baseball feats are awesome. A single drove in two runs. What can’t Rizz do? His co-MVP, Kris Bryant, went 3-5 with two doubles and an RBI of his own.

Pirates 6, Brewers 3Prof:  Right off the bat, the Pirates came out to play, and they never looked back. Andrew McCutchen hit a two run double. Also, Ryan Braun and his wife are proud new parents of a wee baby boy.

Tigers 8, Twins 1Matt Boyd took a shutout into the 7th inning and the Tigers moved to 1.5 games back of the struggling Orioles for the final wild card spot.

Cardinals 10, Rockies 5Prof:  Here’s something that NL people love and AL people will dismiss. Adam Wainwright leads the league in pitcher RBI. He has 18, highest total since 1974. And it’s not a fluke, either. Waino hit a deep double and a single last night and brought in four runs.

Scouts: The fact that 18 RBI’s is the most by a pitcher in 42 years proves my point that pitchers batting is stupid. #DHForLifeBaby, #PitchersShouldPitch

Giants 2, Dodgers 0The Giants won the game but still lost the day as Johnny Cueto left in the 6th with a strained groin. #DontLookAtMe

Astros 2, A’s 1George Springer hit a go-ahead double in the top of the 10th.


Blue Jays 10, Mariners 2 – Holy Moly, the Mariners are blowing their best opportunity to get into the playoffs.  Toronto had a monster 8 run 4th inning which included multiple two-run home runs.

D’backs 2, Padres 5I don’t really want to recap this game.  Let’s just say one team was better than the other and leave it at that.

Red Sox 5, Orioles 2Prof:  Mookie Betts gets a hit and David Ortiz hits a homer. Must be another Red Sox victory at Camden Yards. Hard luck Kevin Gausman gets the loss for Baltimore.


Royals 1, Indians 2Prof: Brandon Guyer hits a walk-off double to win the game for the Magical Land of Cleve. The Indians have a league leading 11 walk off wins this season.


Nationals 0, Marlins 1Prof:  The Feesh had the one-two punch of El Keed and Giancarlo Stanton to knock out the Nats last night. Tanner Roark pitched very well, but ultimately the cold Washington bats are what made the difference.

Yankees 5, Rays 3Prof: What up, Gary Sanchez? The rookie Yankee catcher had a 3 run HR in last night’s game, putting New York over the top.   



12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/20/16

  1. Good morning, Prof and Scouts. Word around town Sunday was that the Astros needed to go 11-2 to have a chance at a Wild Card. On Wednesday they are 2-0. Hopes hanging by a thread, but still hanging.

    Here’s a quiz for anyone who happens by. Who was the historical Lola Montez?
    It’s a fascinating story. Let me know if you can tell it without Googling.


  2. “ultimately the cold Washington bats are what made the difference”

    I’ll grant you that the Gnats have been earning the pejorative spelling of their nickname lately, being generally underwhelming on offense the last few games, but it’s no shame to get shut out by Jose Fernandez, especially when he’s pitching at home. (Seriously, go check out his home/road splits.)

    The Feesh are the only team in the NL East to have a winning record against the Nats this year, standing at 8-7 right now with four games left. Their going 15-19 against the Phils and Braves, compared to the Nationals record of 29-9 against those same two teams, is the main reason that next weekend’s season ending series in DC isn’t going to be more meaningful. With the entire Mets’ rotation likely to be coming back from surgery next year, assuming the Nats don’t crater, I expect 2017 to be a dogfight between these two teams.

    The most recent four game cold spell has been troubling, but perhaps it’s a natural cooling, coming on the heels of a 9-2 stretch. The Mets and Dodgers both lost last night, so the magic numbers for clinching the East (4) and home field in the NLDS (9) both dropped. Here’s hoping they kick it back into gear and finish strong over the remaining eleven games.

    Oh yeah, Harper may or may not be hurt –


    • Harper looks hurt to me, Bro. His swings do look like he’s measuring them carefully so’s not to put too much jolt into his shoulder. I would trust Dusty Baker just a little bit more than Hair Hitler himself, but only because if Dusty lies it’s usually purposeful as opposed to compulsive.

      In the iron Giant’s last two days of awakening from his offensive slumber (remember the “Beat the Reaper” vignette from the Firesign Theater’s Waiting for the Electrician – “Hey, you theenk hees going to make it? – I dunno, he looks preety seeck to me – Hey, I theenk hees comin’ around”), I think we’re getting more of a hint about next season than anything indicative of his real disposition for the dregs of this one. That Gravity’s Rainbow over the Budweiser Bar was just a calling card. So yes, he’s coming around and he’ll be all set and ready to play next season. He’s had this entire season finally to recover from his hamate bone surgery of last season, rebuild the strength in his grip and become accustomed to the sensation of swinging with, in effect, a hole in one of his hands. People forget, or don’t realize, how much of an impact having part of the bone and muscle structure of your palm cut away can have on your grip. Those muscles don’t just grow back like mint in the rain.

      So sunrise at Campo Bellocq (“You chose the wrong trades. This time it will cost you.”) finds the Rainbow Warriors entangled in those gossamer reality waves again, one up on the strange attractor but at 76-75 they’re sitting four behind the Mutts, Giants and Cardinals and only a half game up on the Bucs with eleven games left. Their elimination number for ye Wylde Carde stands at seven, facing at least two more starts each by the soon to be freeman Cashner and Gopher King Wei-Yin Chen to survive. The odds, despite the little bit of sunshine El Keed let in, remain long and ugly.


      • Yeah, I think Harper’s hurt, too.

        He took a week off in early August to deal with some neck pain, and he looked pretty good for a couple weeks afterward, but he’s cratered since then.

        I’m sure after the season we’ll finally find out that he was dealing with something all season.


        • If his agent is smart ( which one would assume he is, because he’s a millionaire ) I would bury everything about injury talk until the end of the season. Let him take the year off on Washington’s dime while having surgery ( again on Washington’s dime) and be a little more realistic on that supposed 500 million dollar contract they are looking for.

          I love the guy but I’m not going tits up on a 8 years for 500 fucking million for him. YMMV.


        • There are some who believe that Boras is the source of the Harper injury rumors, the thinking being that Boras wants to protect Harper’s earning power for that forever contract. If Harper’s hurt this year, then it’s still possible that last year is his “normal”; if he’s not hurt, well then he’s just a good to very good player (who’s still only 23) and not an immortal.

          If you look deep into the numbers, the biggest difference for Harper this year vs. last is his BABIP; last year it was .369, and this year it’s .256. Walks and strikeouts are basically the same as last year, so he’s either been terribly unlucky this year, or he’s just not squaring up as many balls this year as he did last year, and fielders are able to get to his batted balls before they fall in for hits. Anecdotally for me, he’s not hitting the ball hard as frequently as he did last year, and I’ve read some stuff recently focused on exit velocity (it’s what all the cool kids talk about these days) that says he’s got far fewer balls leaving his bat at a high rate of speed when compared to last year. Is that because he’s hurt, or just mired in a funk is the big question.


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