Jacob deGrom out for season

New York Mets star pitcher Jacob deGrom will have elbow surgery and is out for the rest of the season.

The procedure will be to repair ulnar nerve damage to his right arm. This helps alleviate numbness and discomfort in the arm.

With deGrom out, and Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey both recovering from their own surgeries, the pressure for the rest of the Mets is put upon the shoulders of Noah Syndergaard, Bartolo Colon, and the already injured Steven Matz, who has a bone spur and will have surgery after the season is over.

5 thoughts on “Jacob deGrom out for season

  1. And the Mutts were getting pounded by the Barves tonight, no less. I see them flaming out and losing Ye Wylde Carde II to the Cardinals, although the Redbirds seem perpetually on the verge of flaming out themselves.

    Tonight the Feesh pulled within three games of the Mutts on the strength of El Keed’s virtuoso performance against the Gnats (8 IP, 3 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 12K). His breaking pitches were Fedexed to him direct from Hell just before the game. And as we all know, the biggest trick the devil ever pulled…..

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    1. I don’t have a lot of time lately and I haven’t read every post, but where is Indaburg? Is everyone else too busy dealing with real life to post anymore? Even scouts hasn’t been posting much about what the Orioles are doing this year.

      Any chance of maybe you filling me in what has been happening around these parts lately? If it wasn’t for Ren, professor and you, there would be no posts. I am not really bitching but if I am correct, it seems like everyone who came over from shysterball no longer participate. I think shysterball is still fubar if you’re on a phone or tablet or laptop or PC.

      Maybe texting CC is easier than posting on NBC SPORTSBALL, but I digress…..

      Anyway, where is everyone? I probably answered my question in my second sentence but I just wanted to know everyone in our family is okay and I am sorry that I haven’t been more involved.

      Wait a minute….. It’s MY FAULT! Dang it, we needed more of my stream of consciousness typing with my ankles to justify more posts and traffic. Anyway I hope that you read this and reply ( or don’t, it’s okay, just pray for my soul five times a day and we’ll call it win/win.) I keed. St. Louis is doing your Team a huge favor by performing extremely poorly lately and their manager is in over his head.

      I read the Iron Giant hit a freaking bomb! Whilst I THINK your laundry and their fans deserve SO SO so much better, you have the unfortunate position of being forced to root for a Team run by Scrooge MacDuck. Good luck this post season. You and the other fan deserve it.😎


      1. I’m posting. Prof and I share the daily posting duties. She writes half of it, and I write the other half, which is why posts are always in her name. I try to post other posts, but news has been a little slow lately. Inda decided to retire from the blog to follow other pursuits but still comments on occasion. Ren still posts, but with school, it’s a little less frequent than before. Everyone else still posts and comments from time to time. The only one I haven’t seen in a while is NBJays.

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        1. I never meant that you’re irrelevant. I love your comments, but I thought that the vulture thing was professor and I purposely skip them as being a former pitcher who can still almost hit 78 with a lot of movement, on top of being a lefty. It just makes me think of how I blew another chance to accomplish something that would have enriched my friggan wallet instead of my life.

          The older I get, the more I wish I gave up the Rock star dream way sooner! I could have probably made Major or Lt. Colonel If I would have done twelve more years.

          Maybe I would have had a great life playing minor league baseball and having sexy times with a pitcher-whisperer who would eventually focus my musical talent into wearing pantyhose while I had a no hitter going for my cup of coffee.

          Maybe if I didn’t waste 25 years of my life trying to be a Rock star, I would have been a great Chef.

          Maybe if I had listened to my first wife and just been a studio musician, I would have been able to retire on royalties.

          The older I get, the less money I make, the harder it gets. I won’t be able to retire. I will forever hate the fucking choices that I have made but some of my reptile mind kinda thinks that I would NOT do a do-over!

          Am I stupid or what?

          No need to answer, I already know.


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