He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/19/16

Most of the time I get my inspiration for the musical choices by whatever catches my attention on m iPhone on the way into work or what I catch on the radio.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is a whole lot of pre-planning on my part.  I let fate spin the wheel.  Since I started picking out music for the daily post, I’ve come to realize just how old my music collection is and just how difficult it really is to find new music these days.  In this age with every song ever conceived at your fingertips, there is very little that I listen to that isn’t at least 15 years old.  Part of that is because it seems the days of quality lyrics have passed us by in favor of a good beat.  I mean who needs to hear words when you are grinding some stranger at the club right?  That seems to be the whole point of music these days.  Background music for the casual sex that has become so commonplace with this generation.  So where exactly does one go to discover new music?  I can already promise I am not interested in anything that’s topping the charts.  Most music services ask you do input your favorite artist, which is nice, except I have a rather large collection and my tastes vary depending on my mood.  I bet a service that can scan my current collection, and then recommend current music that may suit my tastes would make a lot of money.  Or maybe I should just crowd source this thing and rely on you all?  What artist over the last 15 years have I been missing out on?  While you are thinking of that, enjoy the smooth mellow sounds of Mr. Jack Johnson.

Braves 7, Mets 3Prof:  Thor is only a demigod. The Braves proved that last night by knocking him out with his own hammer. By the time that Aaron Blair gave up a hit, Noah Syndergaard had given up five. My goodness. Maybe it was Loki instead of Thor out there, I don’t know. Charlie’s Dad (aka Freddie Freeman) went 4-5 with a home run, and the best return Coppy ever got for a trade (aka Dansby Swanson) went 3-5 with 3 RBI. I know I say this all the time but dammit, I really mean it. Coppy could break my heart a hundred times but he’ll still always get the benefit of the doubt because Dansby.


Angels 2, Rangers 3Ian Desmond whom no one wanted this off-season picks up the walk-off single and continues a very good season at a bargain rate.


Reds 2, Cubs 5 Prof:  Yesterday I misspoke (miswrote?) and totally forgot about a game. So no, the Brewers did not sweep the Cubs, they only won 3 of 4 and took the series. My apologies, Lefty. Anyway, last night’s game. It looked like the Reds were going to come into Chicago and embarrass the home team, but the Cubs got their crap together in the seventh. Boy did they ever. Three home runs from Addison Russell, Willson Contreras, and Jason Heyward.

Cardinals 5, Rockies 3Prof:  For the Redbirds last night, it looks like your co-MVPs were Jedd Gyorko and Randall Grichuk, both of whom went 2-4 with two runs. Grinchuk went one further and hit a homer which brought both him and Gyorko in. Who else went 2-4 with two runs? D.J. LeMahieu, the best player in the NL that no one talks about. I really like LeMahieu and have for a hot minute, although I am not sure what his road splits are.


Diamondbacks 2, Padres 3San Diego’s three run 4th was better than Arizona’s 2 run 7th.

Astros 4, A’s 2Houston scored 3 times in the final two innings to scoup this one away from Oakland, who’s fans are too busy beating each other up in the Raider’s parking lots to concern themselves with baseball.

Blue Jays 3, Mariners 2 – Marco Estrada had a no hitter going into the 7th inning.  The Mariners eventually challenged with a two out, two-run home-run in the 9th, but it was a little too little, too late.

Giants 1, Dodgers 2Prof: This was supposed to have been a battle between MadBum and Kersh, but instead became a bench clearer. Literally. Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig got into it in the seventh. Per ESPN:

Bumgarner fielded a slow tapper by Puig along the first base line and threw him out to end the inning. The left-hander punched his glove emphatically and said something that didn’t appear to be cordial.

Puig glared back and responded, and soon both teams massed near first base before the dust-up ended without any punches.


White Sox 3, Royals 8Prof:  Kendrys Morales went 1-3 but made that one count, with a huge home run that had a splashdown at the Kauffman Stadium fountain. 


Red Sox 5, Orioles 2Prof:  Dylan Bundy got roughed up. Mookie Betts hit a home run, because he was at Camden Yards and that’s what he does there. Rick Porcello had an 89 pitch complete game.


Nationals 3, Marlins 4Prof:  It’s funny how sometimes you will have a nickname for a guy that only you call him, but you’ve called him that for so long that people in your life call him that, too. For example, I have called Mat Latos “The Freshmaker” since he was with Cincinnati, and I just can’t stop. Anyway, I say this because much like a Mentos candy, he exploded last night. He gave it the old college try, though. Giancarlo Stanton didn’t want the Mardi Gras float in the outfield to feel lonely so he mashed a humongous home run.

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