Weekend Express – 9/17/16

Sad news that came out yesterday. The wife of Padres’ Yangervis Solarte has died from cancer complications. He went to Twitter this morning to post his thanks for people’s support. I don’t speak very good Spanish, so I had to run it through Google translate, but here are the tweets.


Nationals 3, Braves 7

Padres 0, Rockies 8

Dodgers 6, D’backs 2

Blue Jays 1, Angels 6

Cardinals 3, Giants 2

Astros 2, Mariners 1

Brewers 11, Cubs 3

Yankees 5, Red Sox 6

Tigers 0, Indians 1 F/10

Rays 5, Orioles 2

White Sox 2, Royals 3

Pirates 10, Reds 4 (game 1)

Pirates 7, Reds 3 (game 2)

Marlins 0, Phillies 8

Twins 2, Mets 3 F/12

A’s 11, Rangers 2


2 thoughts on “Weekend Express – 9/17/16

  1. Man, that’s tough. A young mother taken from her family like that. We all need to consider the good things in our lives for a few minutes. And give a thought to the Solartes.


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