He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/14/16

Prof:  Let’s talk about front offices for a minute.

The Blue Jays hired former Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington to helm their vice president of baseball operations role. Cherington took over from Theo Epstein when he moved on to the Cubs, using Epstein’s blueprint and adding to it to guide Boston to a World Series title in 2013. During his tenure, he developed a group of future Red Sox stars including Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr.

On the flip side, we have the Minnesota Twins, who are having no luck at all in their front office search. Cherington turned them down flat, as did Alex Anthopoulos. Assistants with the Cubs and Royals organizations are on their short list, but many qualified candidates are turning away from taking over the Minnesota ball club. Is this because Paul Molitor will be the manager of the club no matter what? Or is it because of unseen reasons that no one is really talking about? It’ll be interesting to see who they will end up getting to fill the position.

Rockies 6, D’backs 11Jean Segura went 5 -6 with two home runs as Colorado at this point is just dying a very slow and painful death.

Mariners 2, Angels 1Seattle got solo home runs out of Cruz and Kyle Seager


Rangers 4, Astros 8Prof:  Stex, you got a win! It’s not saying much, you got it against Dutchie…er…Derek Holland. George Springer hit a home run in the win. And at what cost – Jose Altuve left the game with an injury.


Cubs 7, Cardinals 0Prof: SHUT OUT! Only three hits total for the Redbirds from Jon Lester. Anthony Rizzo went 2-5 with two home runs and 3 RBI. The Cubs’ magic number is now one. Aw, yeah…

Pirates 2, Phillies 6Philly took a 4-0 lead after the third and held it strong for the win.

Brewers 7, Reds 0Prof:  Scooter Gennett is from Ohio, and he always brings his A game when he plays the Reds. Last night was no exception. The Milwaukee second baseman hit a two run homer to get the party started. Domingo Santana also hit a homer and drove in 3 runs total.

Marlins 7, Braves 5Prof: Well, well. Some shiz went down in the ATL last night. It started out great for the Braves, who snagged four runs from Jose Fernandez, including a Nick Markakis home run! However, all hell broke loose in the seventh inning, when Jose Ramirez engaged in an attempted retaliation plunking of El Keed. Now, there was a lot of tit for tat going on. It all started when Julio Teheran buzzed El Keed with an errant curveball in the fifth. Julio then plunked Martin Prado, then Fernandez hit Markakis with a fastball. El Keed insists he didn’t mean to hit Markakis on the hip. However, regardless of what Keed or Julio meant or didn’t mean to do, the fact remains that Jose Ramirez sure seemed to have retaliation on his mind. Ramirez was ejected from the game immediately. Freddie Freeman also left the game early, but for much happier reasons – his beautiful wife Chelsea went into labor during the game. This would be Freddie and Chelsea’s first child. Braves Twitter is on #BabyFree watch.


Rays 8, Blue Jays 1Prof:  The bats came alive for Tampa Bay last night, defeating division rivals Toronto by a healthy margin. Corey Dickerson hit a homer and drove in four runs, while Kevin Kiermaier also hit a home run with 2 RBI.


Dodgers 2, Yankees 0Prof:  Another day, another Dodgers starter cruising towards a nearly perfect game before being thwarted somehow. This time, the pitcher was Clayton Kershaw. Kersh was on fire…then Mother Nature decided to play the Dave Roberts spoiler role and unleashed a bit of a rainstorm. Alas, Kersh could only pitch for five innings because of the delay. But never fear, bottom of the ninth saw Justin “Red Panda” Turner smacking an RBI double which was all Los Angeles needed.

Mets 0, Nationals 1Tanner Roark dominated for 7 strong innings and Wilson Ramos’ solo home run was the difference in thie one.

Indians 6, White Sox 1 – Coco Crisp hit a three-run home run and Cleveland pitching combined for 6 hits and 1 run over 9 innings.


Orioles 1, Red Sox 0Prof:  Tight game today. Rick Porcello was smacked on the calf by a J.J. Hardy line drive. Porcello limped around a bit, but ultimately was able to continue. Mark Trumbo hit his MLB leading 42nd home run of the year and that’s all Baltimore needed to defeat the red hot Red Sox.

Scouts: Kevin Gausman and AL Cy Young contender Rick Porcello matched each other pitch for pitch, both went 8 innings giving up 4 hits each with 6 strikeouts in a match-up for the purists.  Zach Britton picked up consecutive save number 43.


Twins 6, Tigers 9 Prof:  Mark Trumbo might be the MLB leader for home runs, but don’t look back. Here comes Brian Dozier, only one home run behind! Dozier hit another one last night in this loss to Detroit. Ian Kinsler went 4-5 with a triple and a double.



A’s 8, Royals 0 – The shutout effectively ends the season for the Royals who are now 5 games back of 5 teams for the last Wild Card spot.

Padres 3, Giants 1 – San Francisco continues to struggle losing their third in a row against the hapless Padres.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/14/16

  1. Jeff banister felt sorry for the Astros, so he subbed Holland for Darvish. Fortunately, the Astros were able to respond – even though he’s a lefty. The price for the victory was injuries for ALtuve and Bregman. Pretty damn high in the tough race to the finish.

    So Houston finishes the Texas series 4-15, and is 72-55 against everyone else. At least it is clear what Job #1 is for next year. Local pundits suggest that 12-4 the rest of the way might still get them a Wild Card spot. With four of their top players injured.

    Quantum Mechanics tells us that nothing is impossible (look in the box, Schrodinger, maybe that cat is alive). But I have the feeling it’s going to take a whole lot of Hawking Radiation to get out of this particular black hole.


  2. And an open letter to the fan who was throwing objects at Carlos Gomez in the outfield:

    Dear Loser,

    I don’t know how lifetime bans work, or if they work. But I hope you get to find out.
    Go out with your spare time and see if you can find yourself a life.

    Warmest Regards,


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