He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/13/16

Prof:  Today’s musical selections are from Queen. No, not me, although yes, I am a queen. Haha. Freddie Mercury was the consummate front man – and I say this as a Who fan who lives and dies on Roger Daltrey’s primal scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – Freddie Mercury was the ultimate. So few could match the theatrical, the tenderness, the raunch, the bombastic way he did everything. Bring you to tears and make you throw your fist in the air. Now, that’s an entertainer.

Baseball is also a form of intense entertainment. While I don’t know if we really have anyone who would be considered the Freddie Mercury of baseball, who do you think puts on a ridiculous show? I love pitchers first and foremost, but as far as pure entertainment goes, I might say someone like Jose Bautista (for the bat flips, yo) or Manny Machado (because his fielding is wicked). I love watching Anthony Rizzo because he’s always having fun and it never really looks like he’s doing anything special until you realize he just did, like, a hundred stupidly special things. And of course my other favorite Freddie – Freeman – who routinely lays out in the splits to tag a dude out at first. That’s showmanship!

Who are your current baseball showmen? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if you have a favorite Queen song, post them in the comments, too, if I haven’t already blogged it. “Bohemian Rhapsody” holds a special place in my heart because it brings back very sweet and very silly memories, not just because of “Wayne’s World”.

Although to be honest, I think this is probably my favorite Queen song, and a favorite song in general.


Cubs 2, Cardinals 4Jamie Garcia got yanked after just 1.2 innings pitched and the Cardinals bullpen allowed just 1 hit the rest of the way.

Pirates 5, Phillies 3Prof:  Remember yesterday when I said that Gerrit Cole was still having some problems with his elbow? Well, the Pirates shut him down for the rest of the season due to – you guessed it – elbow problems. This game was up and down until the ninth inning, when the Bucs let loose and gained three runs. Jordy Mercer went 2-4 with two doubles and two RBI.

Brewers 4, Reds 6 – Milwaukee hit three home runs and it still wasn’t enough to overcome Reds putting up a big 4 run 3rd inning.

Marlins 7, Braves 5Prof:  Oh, hey, Freddie Freeman! I was just talking about you. My boy Fred only went 1-4 but that one was a home run, which brings his season total to 30. Freddie is having a banner season in an otherwise decrepit Braves year. Too pure for this world, ol’ Freddie is. Dansby Swanson survived his quasi-HBPiD to play again today.

Twins 8, Tigers 1 Prof:  Kyle Gibson pitched very well for Minnesota, eight innings of ball and only one run scored, which was in the first inning. Jorge Polanco went 3-4 with a two run homer to pad the Twins’ lead.

Rangers 3, Astros 2Texas absolutely owns the Astros this year and is not only beating them, but crushing their spirit.  After a wild pitch strikeout allowed Rougned Odor to reach base in the 9th, Elvis Andrus hit a triple and Jurickson Profar followed with a single gave the Rangers late two out rally.


Indians 1, White Sox 8Prof:  Cleveland, what happened?  Jose Quintana went eight innings and only one earned run. The White Sox bats went HAM in the sixth inning, where they scored seven runs. Four of those were off starter Trevor Bauer.

Mariners 8, Angels 0Prof:  Taijuan Walker had a no-hitter going through 5 2/3 innings until there was a lowly hit by Kole Calhoun. Walker ended up giving up three hits, but no runs, in this complete game awesomeness. 113 pitches, though. No Maddux today.

Padres 6, Giants 4San Francisco continues to melt down at a time where the division is open for the taking.  San Diego rallied for 5 runs in the 9th including a Ryan Schimpf 425 foot three-run home run leaving Giant faithful stunned.


Dodgers 0, Yankees 3Prof: I watched part of this game last night. Jacoby Ellsbury and Didi Gregorius went back to back with home runs, and then a few innings later the phenom known as Gary Sanchez knocked a dinger of his own. CC Sabathia pitched very well, but Adam Warren gets the win.

Mets 4, Nationals 3 F/10Prof:  This one was back and forth. The pitching was … interesting. Noah Syndergaard started for New York and went seven, and the Nats’ A.J. Cole went five. This whole win was based on bullpen usage, and Jeurys Familia got the win despite blowing the save! The Mets’ T.J. Rivera (a lot of initial names today, yeah?) hit his first home run off of Washington closer Mark Melancon. On a personal note, who else always screws up and says “Melon-con” instead of “Meh-lan-sen”?


Rockies 4, Diamondbacks 11Arizona answered a 3 run Colorado 1st inning with 4 of their own.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about how this game went for Colorado.

Rays 6, Blue Jays 2Toronto has suddenly lost 7 of their last 10 and are slumping at the worst possible time.  After one more with Tampa, the Jays hit to road for the dreaded west coast road trop, then it’s all division all the time.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 3Dylan Bundy escaped a rough jam in the second and the O’s did just enough to stay ahead of the Sox.  Baltimore got all 6 runs off home runs from J.J. Hardy, Nolan Reimold, and Jonathan Schoop.  Zach Britton converted his 42nd consecutive save to start the season.


Athletics 5, Royals 4Prof:  Kansas City, your defending World Champs, are five games out of the wild card with 18 games left. Woof. Doesn’t look like they’ll be defending their title any time soon.


6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/13/16

  1. I have one thing to add on the Astros. You can lay what you want on the relievers. But their top four hitters are 12/66 in the last five games. Take out Altuve, and the other three are 6/46.

    The games are only close enough for the relievers to lose because the hitters aren’t doing their jobs.

    (Throws in symbolic towel) And here’s my favorite from Queen:


  2. With the way the Tigers have played recently they’re no threat to play “We Are the Champions” at any time this fall. In fact they probably need to sit and listen to repeated playings of “Keep Yourself Alive” and “Don’t Try Suicide”.

    Not related to baseball but a Queen tie in, as a misguided youth I actually cared about the Detroit Lions. In 1980 they started the season 4 – 0 with Billy Sims running wild. A little success went to their heads and a defensive back named Jimmy “Spiderman” Allen came out with a Lions themed “Another One Bites the Dust”. In true Lions fashion they faded to a final record of 9 – 7 and didn’t even make the playoffs and a local morning show turned the song into “Another One Kicks Our Butts”.

    Always loved the energy of this one:


    • I remember the “Another one kicks our butts” brou ha ha. I think the perpetrators were accused of treason for not supporting the home team . I thought it was hilarious.


    • You really can’t choose a bad one, to be honest. It’s like asking which Buster Keaton movie is your favorite. You can’t really say because 99% of them are perfection. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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