He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/12/16

Prof:  Let’s play a game. We have both chosen some songs for today’s musical theme. Who picked what?

I talked a little about the Cubs game below, but we also had us an Ump Show(tm) last night. Joe West, an all time Hall of Fame Ump Show honoree and country music butcherer, decided to heft his big… ego around.

From what I can tell, Joe Maddon went out to the mound in the ninth to talk to Kyle Hendricks and wanted to also talk to the infielders, but apparently Joe West was having none of it and griped about pace of play. As of when I wrote this paragraph, it’s still a bit nebulous. It seems like Maddon wasn’t particularly egregious in stalling, but West decided he had enough. As usual, Twitter was abuzz with anti-Joe West tweets, including ones from former MLB players who, like most of us, hate Joe West. My favorite was this simple thought from one half of the Cajun Connection, former Cub Ryan Theriot.

Yes he is, Riot. Yes he is.


Pirates 2, Phillies 6Prof:  Jeremy Hellickson is out here improving his contract future for next year, while Gerrit Cole? Isn’t so much. Cole has been struggling most of the year due to elbow issues, and he still doesn’t look quite right. Philadelphia scoring five runs in the second inning didn’t help matters, either.

Rockies 9, Diamondbacks 12Yasmany Tomas hit a grand slam as Arizona rocked Colorado

Marlins 7, Braves 12 Prof:  Gator will give us the Feesh view of this game, but I’m here to give you the Braves view. Interesting fact – both teams had 17 hits in this game. My boy Freddie Freeman went 3-4, and Nick Markakis decided to put some oomph into his at-bat and produced a double and a home run.

Twins 2, Tigers 4Prof:  Miggy and Ian Kinsler had almost identical stats for the night. Both were 1-3, and both hit a home run. Both had an RBI as well, but Kinsler had two to Cabrera’s one. On the Twins’ side, the unstoppable Brian Dozier hit yet another home run.


Rangers 4, Astros 3 F/12Rougned Odor hit the go-ahead homer in the top of the 12th.

Cubs 4, Cardinals 1Prof:  (puts on Cubs fan hat) Jeremy Hazelbaker is the devil! He broke up Kyle Hendricks’ no hit bid in the ninth inning with a home run! Noooooooo! (takes off Cubs hat) Hendricks’ excellent outing puts him head and shoulders above the NL leaders for Cy Young in my (probably biased?) opinion.



Brewers 0, Reds 3Prof:  Wily Peralta had a rough, rough first inning. He improved, but sadly the damage was done. Brandon Phillips and Scott Schebler both went 2-3, with Schebler also knocking in two runs.

Rays 2, Blue Jays 3Benches cleared after Russell Martin and Steven Souza got into a little verbal bantering.  Nothing came of it however.


Dodgers 8, Yankees 2Prof:  The Dodgers might have won the game, but a huge highlight of the game was a bomb hit by Aaron Judge of the Yankees. Yasiel Puig pinch hit in the eighth inning and promptly hit a home run of his own. #PuigYourFriend, indeed!

Mets 1, Nationals 8Matt Latos hit a home run and the Mets are counting down the days until Tebow time.

Athletics 16, Royals 3Prof:  Holy cats. This was brutal. It appears that Oakland isn’t missing Billy Butler at all. (insert winky emoji here lol)  The A’s were already leading the game by a wide margin by the time the bats went wild in the sixth inning, where five runs were scored. Marcus Semien and Khris Davis both hit 3 run homers in the game.

Indians 4, White Sox 11Cleveland’s pitching did nothing to stop Chicago from scoring in every inning available.


Orioles 2, Red Sox 12Prof:  Yikes! Wade Miley happened. It’s hard to dig out of a five run grave straight from the jump. David Ortiz hit his 536th home run of his career, tying him with the great Mickey Mantle. Chris Young went 4-4, with a homer, a single, and two doubles.


Mariners 8, Angels 1Not a good day for Angel pitching as Nolasco gave up 4 in 6, Guerra gave up 2 in 1, and Oberholtzer gave up 2 in 2 innings.

Padres 4, Giants 0The Giants continue to not help their own cause getting shut out by Paul Clemens and the Padres.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/12/16

  1. I just dropped a late note on yesterday’s, but will repeat the thought. Stick a fork in the Astros, they are done. A lot of young and very athletic talent. But Jeff Luhnow has still not made a completely clear case to me as to whether he is a genius or an idiot. Case in point. Trading Feldman to the Jays for a salary dump at the All Star Break. And this after trading a bevy of prospect talent for Giles last winter. Keuchel and McCullers are now hurt, Fister is running out of gas in his first full season after TJS. The rest of the rotation is a patch job, and they sure could use Feldman back.

    I think Luhnow will grow in the job, but he still makes a lot of pretty egregious errors to balance his brilliant moves. And right now the Astros can overwhelm the weak teams, but the good teams are going to beat them 2/3 of the time.

    And why all those rightie batters can’t touch a mediocre southpaw is a continual mystery to me.


  2. OK, I’m calling it; once a team’s division lead is larger than the team’s magic number for clinching the division, the team’s fans can relax, secure in the knowledge that the team will eventually win the division. The Nats are 10 games up with a magic number of 9, so I’m going to finally exhale.

    Pitching auditions continued at Nats Park last night. Mat Latos tried to stake his case as a future starter, either for the Nats or someone else, and looked pretty good for 4 1/3 before experiencing a cramp/tightness in his hamstring. If it’s not too serious, and if Joe Ross can’t make it back, Latos might be a candidate to start a Game 4 in a post-season series, and I really hope it’s one where the Nats are not facing elimination.

    In other audition news, Reynaldo Lopez, inconsistent young starter who some project as a reliever, pitched the final three innings, working around a couple of walks in the 7th and yielding no runs or hits. By baseball scoring rules, such a performance might’ve resulted in his first career save, but because Latos exited without pitching five, Lopez got credited with the win instead, because someone’s got to get it. Whatever, such performances lead some in these parts to comparisons to 2008-vintage David Price, and the work he did for the Rays that year in the postseason. Lopez is a prospect, but not one who’s ever had quite the hype that surrounded Price then, but he’s an intriguing arm, nonetheless.


  3. It’s very frustrating when your pitcher has 11 SO’s and you are losing 2-1. Thankfully, Tigers’ small ball talents won the day — with a couple of boomers to help out.

    Hey, prof, tomorrow maybe we should #SaveNelly.

    I really don’t know what Maddon’s problem was there. The no-hitter was up and he put in Chapman anyway. I’m sure many of the people who get mad about participation trophies will nonetheless be angry with West because he wasn’t interested in waiting out a little Cubs encouragement.


  4. Here’s the Feesh view of the game, and of the season as well:

    To quote Thomas Hardy, who was never wrong about rotten karma: “Dim moon-eyed fishes near / Gaze at the gilded gear / And query: “What does this vaingloriousness down here?”

    Andrew Cashner kept looking at his finger in between getting hammered for seven in two innings “plus” (which really ought to be called “minus” when you’re this awful). The one bright spot in a typically misbegotten Feesh trade is that he’s a free agent at the end of the season, repeat, end of the season. If you hold your breath waiting for the Feesh to make him a QO you will be brain dead within seven minutes and a cadaver within ten.

    We have seen frightening inferences that Wang-ye Chen will be available as a spot remov…er, starter next week. Oh boy. If only he were as easy to forget as Cashner, but no, he’s got four more corpulent seasons, at $20 million per, left on his inexplicable contract. About the only way to get rid of him sooner would be to throw him into Mount Doom.

    So the Feesh fought back with all their two chambered hearts and tied the game at 7-all, including a pinch hit sac fly by the Iron Giant (who should be pulled from the roster and planted on his cloaca until February; there’s no point in risking a re-injury of his groin – what else does a ballplayer have left when he can’t play, anyway, and so should El Keed) whereupon Ellington and the ambulatory fossil Rodney promptly gave up two and three respectively (Rodney faced five batters without recording an out). Finis operis. We now find the Rainbow Warriors stabilized, as it were, at 71-73, two games south of the strange attractor, stuck in third place like mosquitoes in amber in the NL East, five games orf the pace and with an elimination number of 9 for Ye Wylde Carde with 18 games left to play. Jar Jar Baseball and his hapless crew will need a miracle combining Lazarus, the loaves and feeshes, the fall of manna and the parting of Biscayne Bay for this team to make the playorfs now.

    And they ain’t gettin’ it.

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