Carlos Gomez expressed interest playing Baseball in Japan next season

Texas Rangers outfielder, Carlos Gomez, 30, said in an interview this week that he is open to play Baseball in Japan next season, according to JP Sanspo sports news. The Central league team, Hanshin Tigers, are currently in the foreign market in search of a big league power bat… and have said to have made contact with Carlos Gomez, and his agent, that they are serious in signing him to a contract in the upcoming off-season, as replacement for the recently released Matt Hague. Gomez’ main focus right now is finishing out the season, and see how it goes from there.

This season, Carlos Gomez is currently batting .212/.283/.345/.627, with 9 homeruns and 41 RBI. He has hit .220/.333/.458/.791 with 4 homeruns and 12 RBI as a Ranger, while .210/.272/.322/.594 with the Astros.

All in all, the Hanshin Tigers have narrowed down their options to 10 players playing both in the US and South Korea (as 1B Eric Thames is one of em)… there is one big name being shown in that list other than Carlos Gomez, and that is former Los Angeles Dodgers left-fielder, Alex Guerrero, 29, who was released back in early June of this year by his team.

6 thoughts on “Carlos Gomez expressed interest playing Baseball in Japan next season

  1. Might be a good move for Carlos to get a real change of scenery. Hidden in this recent power surge with Texas is the fact that he is still striking out in 40% of his at-bats. He is better with the Rangers than he was with Houston (small sample, admittedly) but he is still not the GoGo of 2012-2014.

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    1. For me, I think he’ll do just fine. Nyjer Morgan was really popular in Japan when he played with Yokohama in 2013, and really enjoyed his time. I’m sure Gomez will too when/if he plays there.

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      1. Gomez gets a lot of criticism because his playing style is a little out of control and he appears to some to have attitude problems.

        The first is undeniable. But I think behind the out of control style is a genuinely likable guy. His teammates (ex- and present) have no problems with him.

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        1. Gomey was beloved in Milwaukee. He was good to fans around here, and his teammates got along swell with him. I think that his reputation is unwarranted. After all, he’s not AJ Pierzynski, right? 😛


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