He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/8/16

Prof:  Hey, friends. This week is the one year anniversary of our little blog. We’ve had our growing pains over the year, no doubt, but we’ve also had a lot of fun times, too. I can’t speak for the rest of the writing crew here, but I hope that what we post makes you smile, or laugh, or think. Keep commenting, keep bantering, and keep being awesome, because without you Fan Interference couldn’t exist. And now, allow me to indulge in some of my favorite rock songs for today’s musical selections.

Scouts: I just wanted to add on to what Prof said above.  I wanted to thank each and every one of you for all that you do.  To the writers, thank you for taking the time out of your personal lives to share your insights with all of us.  We do this as a passion and a hobby.  No one is getting a dime and that really means something to me.  The way that people have stepped up over the past year has really set me back in awe.  To those that don’t have the time or desire to post and comment, well thank you very much.  It’s your comments and participation that drives us.  It means the world to me when you reply to any of my articles, even if it’s to tell me I’m stupid and way off base.  To those that read and don’t comment.  Well, we still love you too!  We hope we are providing a worthwhile experience for you, and would like to encourage you to join in the fun and sign up and comment.  We really are quite friendly around here.  This site was started because of a growing trend that finally hit our previous home, where the comments and YOUR VOICE was getting left behind.  Please participate, please be part of what makes this place unique and special.

In the last year we have had: 165, 444 views, 38,114 visitors, 613 likes, and 23,801 comments.  I think we can best all those numbers in the next year and I look forward to what I hope to be many more years here at F-I.  Thank every one of you for making this place possible.


Rangers 3, Mariners 6The Rangers have lost 4 of their last 5 and Derek Holland allowed 4 runs in 4 1/3 innings.  Thankfully for them they have a massive lead in the division, so they can afford a little layoff. Adrian Beltre is one of the best things about baseball these days.


Phillies 4, Nationals 1Prof:  Our friend FC mentioned that Ryan Howard seems to have found the fountain of youth, and at first I dismissed it as being a broken clock being right twice a day. But guys… Ryan Howard hit a three run homer last night. Whaaaaaat? By all rights, even with their B-squad the Nats should win this matchup. This is why we play over 160 games a year, y’all, because on any given day Ryan Howard will turn up and the Nationals will  be lost without a map.

Brewers 12, Cardinals 5Prof:  And here we are with yet ANOTHER inexplicable win. The Cardinals are fighting for Wild Card supremacy here, but when you lose by a touchdown to the Brewers? Wow. OK. Milwaukee went back to back with home runs in the second inning, but went HAM in the sixth. Fun fact:  every Brewer starter got a hit. Among the notables were Hernan Perez, who went 4-5 with two doubles and 3 RBI; and Orlando Arcia (not to be confused with his brother Oswaldo), who went 3-5 with a homer and 2 RBI.

(On a personal note, I absolutely love this song and no one has ever seemed to have heard it. Also, the official video leaves out the weird electronic blurbs, which is my favorite part.)

Rockies1, Padres 14Just ouch.  7 runs in the third and Colorado only scored a pity home-run in the 9th.

Astros 7, Indians 10Prof:  Carlos Santana – known as Carlos SLAMtana to the denizens of the Magical Land of Cleve – hit his 30th homer of the year in this win over Houston. When I was looking at the stats for this game I was floored by these ERAs from Houston’s side of the box score. David Paulino, who started the game and got the loss, ended up with an ERA of 12.00, but that’s not the worst one. Brady Rodgers left the game with an ERA of 54.00. Stex, my friend, I feel very sad for you.

Scouts: Jim Joyce presents a good case for expanding replay.


Rays 4, Yankees 5The Yankees have won 5 in a row and 7 of their last 10.  They are still 2 back in the Wild Card but could be a well wild card by season’s end.


Reds 1, Pirates 4Prof:  Ivan Nova is out here killing it for Pittsburgh. I bet Yankees fans wish they had him back. He pitched a complete game under 100 pitches – no Maddux, sadly – but that’s nothing to be mad at, especially with the Pirates having issues with their bullpen. Three runs in the first was all Pittsburgh needed, but they added an insurance run in the sixth just because.


16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/8/16

  1. The Nats ran their A team out there last night, save for their starting pitcher, A.J. Cole. Cole had one bad inning, where Peter Bourjos hit one off the fair pole, about 3/4 of the way up, and then Ryan Howard deposited a three run homer into the first row of seats in left center.

    On offense, the Nats made a lot of loud outs, squaring up ball after ball but hitting them right at Phillies fielders. They got their only run in the 8th when Daniel Murphy hit a sac fly with one out and the bases loaded, and Harper followed up with a strikeout to end their only real threat.

    The boys definitely looked to be less than fresh after Wednesday’s marathon that ended in the wee hours, so perhaps they’ll be back in fighting shape tonight; the Dodgers loom only 2 1/2 games back, so the Nats need to keep their foot on the gas to keep space between them.


    • It’s still your division to lose. I mean, the Mets keep finding ways to …well…. be the Mets. You just can’t keep losing games to teams that you should be eating for lunch. 😛

      Still no definitive word on Stras. I feel bad for him. I have long said that I think he’s made of spun glass and cotton candy. And I still want to know why the Nats medical team didn’t do an MRI on him – one of their most precious commodities – before throwing him back into the fray. It seems irresponsible to me.


      • I’ve never believed that the better team should win any given game against a poorer team, although I do believe that a better team should win a given series against a poorer team.

        To that end, despite last night’s loss, the Nats are 11-5 against the Phils this year, although weirdly just 3-4 at home against them so far.

        And yes, Strasburg is fragile. I’m pretty sure he’s done for the year, and as I said on a different thread, best case for the Nats is that he’s good for three years and exercises his opt out after 2019.


  2. The Joyce play was a minor travesty, as was ejecting Hinch at all. But, terrible as it was, it is doubtful it would have changed the outcome.

    With McCullers out with the dreaded “elbow problems”, Keuchel now leaves (probably for the season) with shoulder inflammation. The nasty rumor is rotator cuff. Fister is visibly running out of gas in his first full season back from TJ. And McHugh and Fiers are almost the textbook definition of number four pitchers. Alternatively solid and terrible. And the AAA kids show a lot of promise, but they just aren’t quite ready yet.

    It could be a grim run to the finish.


  3. Radar Alert-The Brewers have quietly assembled the pieces of a decent team. Don’t know they’ll contend in 2017, but late season success can be a reliable predictor of what happens the next season.

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    • They have some interesting players, to be sure, and they have an interesting farm team as well that they are beginning to use a little. I have a soft spot in my heart for Scooter Gennett and to be honest I don’t even know why. But he’s a great kid.


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