Eric Thames became the first foreign player in KBO league history to hit 40+ HR in 2 consecutive years

NC Dinos’ first baseman Eric Thames, with a homerun (2-run blast) tonight in the top of the 5th inning against the Kia Tigers at Gwangju Champions field, Eric Thames finally reached the 40 HR mark this season, making him, also, the first player to reach that number so far this season.

(Via SPOTV, Eric Thames 40th homerun of the season.)

Back in year 2015, Eric Thames hit 47 homeruns to end the season, with 40 homeruns now today… he just made another history, becoming the first ever foreign player (4th overall) in KBO history to hit at least 40 or more homeruns in two consecutive years playing in the league.

Throughout the years, regarding about domestic players, only 3 South Korean players have accomplished this 2 consecutive years hitting 40 or more HR feat in the league… Minnesota Twins DH Park Byung-ho (2014 and 2015 with Nexen), Shim Jeong-soo (2002 and 2003 with Hyundai), and “Lion King” Lee Seung-yuop (2002 and 2003 with Samsung).

17 thoughts on “Eric Thames became the first foreign player in KBO league history to hit 40+ HR in 2 consecutive years

  1. Hi Ren.

    So in the fifty plus years of organized Korean baseball, we are talking pro’s here, and a western five A guy is ONLY the fourth player who did it? Are there homers valued on a bell curve? Asking for Big Papi, I have a good feeling that he might hit fifty homers a year for two years. It would probably cost whomever signs him Fifty million for a two year contract, but he would put asses in the seats!

    He’s saying he is done and going to retire and returning Shitty retirement gifts is just so fucking hard. It’s not like you can just re-gift them. AT BEST, you can donate them to charity, however the fucking tax burden you have to jump through hoops to in the fucking states is murder! It’s enough to make ones corporate home in Ireland. As long as you have a janitor and an accountant fourty hours a week, you can buy the four million square feet factory and just hire two people. Job creators right?

    Anyway, thanks for the info, I am not gonna blow up your inbox or nothing, but I just wanted to let you in a little secret. My cousins sisters dog walkers ex cellmates lesbian nephews ex-stepfather who was once arrested for allegedly fondling a three year old alligator while operating a fanboat but I digress. What I meant to sell you is said fucking alligator sodomiser who’s sister-mom he had a three-way with his niece and he bought a 79 Pinto because he earns 15,000 pesos a week for ONLY 13,000 hours a week! Email me if you want details, until I am sure it is you, just keep putting your bank account # for confirmation!

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  2. C’mon Ren, you are 12 hours ahead, you can see the fucking future! Use that mojo up and let me know if I will get arrested tomorrow for open carrying a machine gun in downtown Portland, like I am white, so they will probably let me live, but I may have to to show my ID! How am I to keep fucking Wal-Mart fucking safe from radical Islamic terrorists, if they won’t let an old light skinned Sicilian machine gun carrying idiot shoot shit up for grins?


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