He Said, She Said – Recap for 9/7/16

Scouts: Today is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  The iconic show created by Gene Roddenberry, ran for three seasons before eventually creating multiple spin-off shows,  movies, video games, comics, books and even a cartoon. And of course countless merchandise.  I have always been more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan.  To me, Trek was always about finding diplomatic and intelligent solutions to problems, rather than going in guns-a-blazin’.  Hell it’s even in the name.  It’s more about Traversing the galaxy, the Trek, as opposed to well, fighting a war.  The force is cool and all, but I’ll take my transporters, halo-deck, universal translators, and super-bad-ass computer.  Not all the shows have been gigantic success stories however.  Part of the fun of Trek is the ability to rank and compare each show to one another.  To fight over who is the best captain.  Who is the best “Number 1?”  Which show was the best?  They are all special in their own unique way.  So today, let’s all discuss some of our favorites in the Trek universe.  And if you don’t like Trek, well you can suck it.  And if you want to get more into the fun, Gizmondo/i09 is doing a Trek week in celebration.

Show: TNG > DS9 > Star Trek TOS > Enterprise > Voyager (Yes, that’s right.  Voyager was boring and sucked.  Enterprise at least had one half good season.)

Captain: Piccard > Shatner’s Kirk > Sisco > Janeway > Chris Pine’s Kirk > Archer

Number 1: Spock, Riker, T’Pol, Nerys, Chakotay

Supporting Character: Q, Guinan, Miles O’Brien, Morn, Lwaxana Troi, Reginald “Broccoli” Barclay. (Wesley Crusher does not really count.)

Movies: Wrath of Kan, Voyage Home, Search for Spok, First Contact. (Fuck the New Movies except that last one that was better than terrible.)

Episodes: The City on the Edge of Forever, The Inner Light, Mirror, Mirror, By Inferno’s Light, Trouble with Tribbles, Chain of Command, Yesterday’s Enterprise.

What other bests do you have?

Prof:  Star Trek is so important to me. I mean, I have a Vulcan tattoo on my wrist (the IDIC, for those who don’t know).  Everyone thinks about Kirk and Picard and characters like that, but my all time favorite Trek character is a secondary character that people don’t always think about, and that character is Reginald Barclay. Yes. Reg Barclay is really one of my favorite fictional characters ever in any genre. I find so much of myself in Barclay.


Prof’s spirit animal.

He’s smart, maybe a little too smart for his own good. He’s an extreme introvert, and incredibly awkward. He loses himself in his hobbies because he doesn’t know how to fit in, finds it difficult to navigate the ‘real world’. Dude loves cats, has rarely dated, might actually have social anxiety disorder. In other words, Reg Barclay is me, only he’s a male Starfleet officer and I am definitely not. But I love Reg because I see how he struggles and keeps going. He keeps going, keeps reaching, and while he doesn’t always make it, he gets further along all the time.

It’s important to have a character to relate to in fiction. No one always can be perfect, or beautiful, or a social butterfly. God knows I’m not. But Reg is accepted, and has friends, and has a career that he loves; ultimately, he is content and happy with his life. And that’s what I want, too. I’ll forever be thankful to Gene Roddenberry for creating the Star Trek universe, because it led me to characters like Spock (my forever role model) and to Reg Barclay. Love you, Reg.

Braves 4, Nationals 5 F/11Prof:  Stephen Strasburg came back from the DL! But I guess should have stayed there? Stras was only three innings into this game when he threw a pitch and was noticeably in pain. He left the mound with the hopes of Nats fans shattered into a thousand pieces, and hopefully his elbow isn’t the same. Wilson Ramos gets the walk off after Brandon Cunniff loaded the bases in the 11th inning. Barves gonna Barve, I guess. But in good news, Dansby Swanson homered again, this time the ball went out of the park. And his hair was still perfect.


Rangers 3, Mariners 8Adam Lind hit a grand slam in the first and the Mariners followed up with 1 run innings in the second, third, and fourth.


Phillies 0, Marlins 6Prof:  Ichiro had two hits in yesterday’s game. He only needs two more to tie Lou Brock.

Cubs 1, Brewers 2 Prof:  Thanks to currently living in Cheeselandia, I am able to watch all Brewers games. Of course, this won’t be an option soon, so goodbye easy access to many NL Central games. Sadface. Anyway, the Cubs were rough out there last night, trotting out what felt like a dozen pitchers in this loss to Milwaukee. Anthony Rizzo hit a home run and provided the Cubs’ only run. Rizzo tried again in the ninth, but his near homer was robbed by Keon Broxton. Every run scored by Milwaukee was provided by Jonathan Villar.


Royals 5, Twins 6Prof:  Brian Dozier is doing double duty for Minnesota these days, and is one of the game’s strongest players at the moment. Dozier snagged a ball which led to a spectacular double play, and also picked up his 14th (I think it’s his 14th?) stolen base of the year. Byron Buxton hit a home run in the eighth to seal the deal.


Giants 5, Rockies 6SF just can’t seem to get out of their own way these days.  Colorado scored 3 in the bottom of the ninth, capped by a Cristhian Adames pinch-hit walk-off double.


Red Sox 7, Padres 2Prof:  Remember when we were wondering what was going on with David Price? Well, not so much any more. Price is now 15-8, including getting the win today. Tommy Shaw went 2-3 with a home run and 3 RBI.

Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 3Black Sheep Yasiel Puig hit a solo home run and picked up another RBI on a sac fly.

Mets 6, Reds 3Prof:  Noah Syndergaard gets yet another win and the Mets keep themselves in the Wild Card discussion. Jose Reyes smacked the very first pitch of the game for a home run and New York never looked back.

Orioles 6, Rays 7Prof:  Tampa Bay gets the win despite an error. Kevin Kiermaier smacked a huge home run and also went 3-4. This game was played at the Trop, and while they claim 10,000 people were at the game, when I saw replays on MLB Network I swear it looked like there were maybe 1,000 people, tops. It had to have echoed in there.


Tigers 4, White Sox 7The Tigers bullpen theme song should be “Oops  I did it again” for every time they blow a game.  Detroit has now lost two in a row and have Baltimore coming to town for a series that will have significant impact on both teams’ ability to enter the playoffs.  Shit is about to get REAL.

Angels 1, Athletics 4Jharel Cotton allowed just 1 run and 2 hits over 6 1/3 innings in his major league debut.

Cardinals 3, Pirates 4Prof:  The Bucs came back in the eighth to stop their eight game losing streak. Jung Ho Kang went 3-4 with a home run and 2 RBI. Pittsburgh’s winning pitcher was Trevor Williams. This was his major league debut, and his dad was in the stands. Baseball brings families together.


Blue Jays 0, Yankees 2Prof:  Starlin Castro hit his 20th home run of the season and helped New York defeat Toronto. Tulo went 2-4 in the loss.

Astros 5, Indians 6Prof:  Cookie Carrasco and Joba Chamberlain are BFFs now, and it’s all because of gnats. No, not the Washington Nationals, and not actually gnats, but midges. The Jake…er…Progressive Field was invaded by bugs. A bug attacked poor Carrasco and went into his left eye as he was pitching. But he overcame the midges and was helped out by his teammates Mike Napoli and Francisco Lindor. The Truffle hit a single, and then Nap blasted a monster home run to win the game for The Magical Land of Cleve.


42 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recap for 9/7/16

  1. Today’s just a day for Nats fans everywhere, including this one, to sit and wait for MRI results on Strasburg, who said he “felt a pinch” at the back of his elbow.

    I’ve resigned myself to his not being available for the rest of 2016; it’s 2017 and beyond that I’m worried about right now.

    This doesn’t help the Nats’ post-season hopes, but they’ll just have to muddle through with Scherzer, Roark, and hope for rain.


    • They are saying flexor mass strain. But what is bothersome is that apparently the Nats didn’t do another MRI before putting Stras back on the mound. Yikes.


      • Yeah, I understand your point. They did an MRI in May, before he signed the contract extension, and they said they saw no signs of any problems as he worked his way back from this DL stint. Moreover, he was hitting 97 during the game Wednesday, and commanding his changeup, so all outward signs were positive.

        They’re saying this strain is an acute injury, meaning it happened on one pitch, rather than one that built up over time, so maybe an MRI prior to his start doesn’t show anything, anyway. I’m guessing he’s done for 2016, but should be full go again, or at least his version of full go, for 2017.

        For all his talent, he’s never going to be “the man” here in DC or anywhere else, due to his fragility. As I understand his contract extension, he can opt out after 2019, so I think the best case for the Nats long term is that he pitches well here for the next three years, Boras convinces him to opt out, and he goes elsewhere for the decline phase of his career.


  2. The Feesh win, with Bour and Ozuna both being consequential. Best of all, Andrew Cashner – the one who met Delilah on the way to join the team in late July – finally got his first win as a Feesh. He is now 1-4 with a 4.93 ERA since arriving from the Sunset Side. This was far and away his best performance so far, having thrown one other game (I have repressed it) worth noting before the boolpen ND’d him. The Iron Giant appeared as a pinch hitter in the top of the ninth and struck out chasing – okay, let’s not all hear it at once – a low outside curveball. Just like old times! Makes a Feesh fan just want to go skreee-onk!

    The Rainbow Warriors are now 69-71, still pretty tightly wedged into third place in the NL East, and with the Cardinals’ loss to the Brooze last night the hometown lobefins have gained a game in Ye Olde Wylde Carde standings. They have 22 games left, their elimination number for the division is 10 and for the wylde carde 15.

    So I repeat: are we mathematicians or numerologists? Me, I’m a numerologist. Mathematicians fake their orgasms.


  3. Actually with time I find that ST4 is better than TWOK. If you think about it TWOK is one of those most un-Trek of the Star Treks, it’s basically one man’s vendetta against another with violence and chaos spinning out of control as the movie goes on. It’s fantastic as drama and tragedy and shone because it has one of THE best Villains in it, but it’s not really the Star Trek we fell in love with. ST4 is much closer to Star Trek in concept and execution. And didn’t you say Star Trek was more about diplomatic and intelligent solutions (ST4) rather than solve things simply by blasting things apart? (TWOK)

    I thought Enterprise Season 3 was very good and the latter half of Season 4 promising with the ramp up towards the Romulan War, alas, it was not to be. Among the list of best episodes I would add: Enterprise’s “Twilight” episode (no there are NOT any sparkly stupid vampires in that episode). Heck there’s even a cruel reference to TWOK in it.

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    • Ah, but without Khan and his single minded misguided hate for Captain Kirk, we would have missed what is probably one of the best scenes in all of Trek history, of Spock laying down his life for the crew. The needs of the few, etc. That is Trek, too, and it flies in the face of what Khan set out to do. He did not conquer, he did not divide.


      • I’ll be honest, knowing Harve Bennett’s history as a producer he would have found a way to snuff Spock, Khan or no Khan. I do agree it has the best dramatic stuff in Trek history (and of course others tried to do the same and failed at it), but it’s definitely its own thing within the Trek box.


    • Hey you got to blow things apart on occasion, but typically violence is only used as a last resort.
      I’ve watched Enterprise all the way though, but to be honest I don’t remember too much about it. I remember really liking one episode, but then they did that weird time travel thing and the show went off the rails around that point. Also, WTF was up with that final episode that brought Troy and Riker back in SUPER HD looking rough.

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      • They pretty much acknowledged that the “Temporal Cold War” arc wasn’t really working and tied it up in early in Season 4 and confined to the dust bin. Though I thought the Xindi Arc in Season 3 by itself (Ignoring the big picture crap of time traveling meddlers manipulating the Xindi) was very well done. As I mentioned before, the episode “Twilight” is science fiction and story telling at its best. The second half of Season 4 with the Romulan War heating up was very promising. Once they got canceled they did that weird finale which I was very disappointing. I think they assumed Season 5 was in the bag and then had to scramble to give the series some kind of closure.

        The ridiculousness of Riker and Troi in there wasn’t the fact that they WERE there. They definitely could have done something interesting with an older and wiser Riker with Troi as his wife guiding him through whatever crisis he was seeking to resolve by taking a look back at the missions of the old NX series. With Nemesis in the rear view mirror they could have dressed it up as USS Titan and some pivotal first contact crisis Riker encountered in his deep space mission. No, The ridiculousness was bringing these actors into a TNG setting as basically a prelude to a different TNG episode without acknowledging the fact that these actors had aged 15+ years since those events.

        Voyager, whatever you may think of it, when it brought Levar Burton in they acknowledged the time passage and heck set it in to an alternate future which allowed for an easy explanation of LaForge’s appearance and the character being Captain at this point.

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        • I never made it past the second season of Voyager. I was very bored very fast. Most of the crew had the personality of a wet paper bag and I grew tired of them all whining about wanting to go home. We GET IT. The entire premise of the show grew old very fast. Janeway made a better Prison chef than a space captain. Enterprise at least kept me entertained at times, although not enough for me to go back and re-watch over and over again like DS9 and TNG. DS9 gets a lot of hate but I think a part of that is because it’s the one Trek that absolutely REQUIRES you to watch it in order and within a reasonable amount of time. There is a continual story that must be followed or you’ll lose out on most of what made the show so great. The show was also great because it was different then the rest. It was about all these aliens that we’ve met all trying to live together, instead of some crew flying around meeting one strange world after another.

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        • I like Voyager. It’s flawed af, but I still enjoy it. Honestly I like the elaborate Tom Paris in the holodeck fantasies. Janeway as Queen of whatever it was, and Tom was Captain Proton, I think? Love those. I know, they are cheesy and dumb, but god, they are fun. I hated a lot of the trappings though. Seven of Nine was wasted. And when the EMH is the best, most fleshed out character… well…

          I caught DS9 in the second season. I knew I had missed a LOT, and never had a chance to catch up. I’m hoping that I can watch it in order eventually because when I was in high school, my friend Amy said that it was her favorite show, and we agreed on a lot of sci-fi.


        • I think Netflix has EVERYTHING trek so if you have Netflix there’s your answer. both the EMH and 7/9 had the most potential in that series. And they knew it too, they had to make up some cheesy super-advanced tech (the mobile emitter) to get the EMH out of the sick bay / Holodeck into the real world. Your favorite Barclay eventually became a regular in that series once they invented the “Giant Space Dish” to communicate with Voyager.

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  4. Also, I kinda feel that V’ger character should get a mention.

    In high school speech, a group of us had to do eulogies in class, so we opted to honor the Starship Enterprise. Unrelatedly, the teacher’s husband came up to school one time to yell at us for making her cry.


      • If you read any of the star trek books there was the Shatner one which posits that V’ger was repaired and assembled by the Borg so it could go back to its creator.

        A more interesting take is the trilogy of “Destiny” books which involves pretty much all the characters across several treks with a different origin for the Borg (spoiler alert: it’s humanity’s fault, again) including the explanation for the existence of the Borg queen.

        The advantage of the book format is that you can tell a lot more interesting stories without the limitations imposed by the medium’s of television and cinema. Also while the Wesley Crusher character ultimately failed in TV he found new life in the books and eventually matured and grew up to become Star Trek’s version of a bad ass Time Lord.

        Favorite scene involving this:

        Hostile Alien Android threatens Crusher, Peaceful Alien Android points out how ridiculous and futile it is to do so:
        PAA: He is a Traveller.
        HAA: So?
        PAA: Ask him what he would do if you try to shoot him.
        HAA (turns to Crusher): What would you do if I tried to shoot you?
        Crusher: Stop Time. Step Aside. Laugh at you.


        • I have heard that the Destiny Trek novels are great, like the Thrawn novels in star Wars. Now, those I’ve actually read.


  5. The worst Star Trek movie was the Voyage Home, you know the one where they go back in time to 1980s San Francisco, hide Spock’s ears with a head band and bring back a couple of whales to future earth to talk to a probe from the whale planet or something thus saving 23rd century earth, We learn in the process the potentially tragic consequences of allowing species to go extinct.

    And I just finished watching it, fully sober. Am I sad or what?

    Was the Borg Hugh of legal age, cause he was cute.

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    • Happy!!!!! ❤ I’m happy to see you!

      Voyage Home is fun because of the Scotty talking to the computer bit. Lolol I always laugh.

      No,the worst Trek movie is the one with Sybok.


      • I don’t understand how Scotty would be so fast on the keyboard. Data sure but a hard drinking Scot used to doing everything by voice, no way.

        the 1986 tiny CRT Macintosh instantly whipping together and diagraming the molecular structure of transparent aluminum was pretty cool though.


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