He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/6/16

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend.  I hope there was plenty of good beer, good barbecue, and of course good baseball.  One person who did not have a great weekend was Matt Shoemaker who took a 105 mph line drive off his head.  Shoemaker was diagnosed with a skull fracture and a hematoma on Sunday and required surgery to stop additional bleeding in his skull.  It’s still too early to see what the long term effects will be but for now Shoemaker has been released from the hospital and with any luck he will make a full recovery.  It’s been a while since we discussed the pitcher helmets, and while they are still in development, it may be time for MLB to step up and start heavily encouraging players to begin using the devices.

“I didn’t feel it on my head. It felt like a normal hat,” Hughes said. “When I weigh the pros and cons, the only thing that’s bad is that it might not look normal and I’ll get teased, which I couldn’t care less about. It’s going to keep me safer, and it feels comfortable.”


Braves 7, Nationals 9Prof:  Dansby Swanson is really good, you guys. 2-4, and one of those two was an inside the park homer, plus his hair stayed perfect. Thanks, Dave Stewart! For the Curly W’s,  Anthony Rendon hit a grand slam.

Giants 3, Rockies 2The Giants came from behind with runs in both the 8th and 9th innings.  Colorado managed just 4 hits in the game and still nearly won.

Angels 2, A’s 3Oakland had a big 8th inning to set back the surging Angels.  Angels pitcher Ricky Nolasco had a perfect game in the 6th before exiting with the bases loaded in the 8th.

Phillies 4, Marlins 3Prof:  Guess who’s back, back again? Stanton’s back, tell a friend. Surprise! Yes, Giancarlo laced up the cleats again. Hit a single, too. And Ichiro hit a pinch hit homer! But alas, Feesh fall to Philadelphia despite both of these things.


Cubs 5, Brewers 12Prof:  I watched this game. Jason Hammel gave up five in the first inning and never looked back. Chicago tried their best, bless their hearts. Anthony Rizzo had two home runs. However, Milwaukee was just better. Wily Peralta, who got the well deserved win, also hit a very solid double off Hammel and eventually scored on a super sloppy Baez error.

Royals 10, Twins 3This game wasn’t as much of a blow out as you might initially think.  In fact it was tied entering the ninth before the Royals put up 7 fucking runs against a Twins bullpen that just completely imploded.

Rangers 10, Mariners 7 – Seattle kept attempting to mount comebacks all game long, but Texas just would not be held back in a game that featured 10 doubles and 4 home-runs.


Blue Jays 6, Yankees 7Prof: A wild one between AL East rivals last night. Brett Gardner saved the day with his best Superman impression. Betances tried, bless him, but he had been put out there on his third day in a row, and something’s gotta give at that point.


Cardinals 9, Pirates 7 Prof:  The Cardinals came back in the ninth inning with three homers to put the Bucs down. Yadi Molina went 4-5 with a homer of his own. Scouts: The Pirates were just 1 strike away from victory after mounting a comeback from a 1st inning Grand Slam.  The Pirates have now lost 8 in a row and fans are wondering when Hockey season starts.


Astros 4, Indians 3Dallas Keuchel was a late scratch but Brad Peacock and the bullpen banded together and put together a solid performance.  What was once Cleveland’s greatest strength, their starting pitching let them down once again.


Mets 5, Reds 3 If everyone starts talking about how good the Mets are, they’ll start losing again for sure.  New York got home-runs out of Curtis Granderson, Jose Reyes, Yoenis Cespedes and Page Not Found (Alejandro De Aza).

Orioles 11, Rays 2The streaky Oriole’s pitching seems to be on a roll at the moment and the offense decided to catch up some.  Manny Machado battled back down 0-2 to work a full count and a flat fastball over the middle of the plate which he deposited into the seats for his third grand slam of the season.


Tigers 0, White Sox 2Prof:  Jose Abreu has been a different man since he’s been reunited with his young son and wife, who were in Cuba. It’s almost as if being happy makes you play better. Wow, what a concept. Abreu went 2-4 with a blast of a home run.

Red Sox 5, Padres 1San Diego managed just 1 run over 9 hits and made Clay Buchholz look good again.

Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 5Prof:  Hey, remember when I said that Dansby Swanson is good at ball and said thanks Dave? It’s especially sweet when you realize that the Braves got him for Shelby Miller, who got the L in last night’s outing. And boy, did he ever get the L. He even allowed the Dodgers’ pitcher, Ross Stripling, to hit a single off of him in the second inning, which drove in a run.


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/6/16

  1. Tigers left 9 men on base and were 0-8 in RISP. So, that sucked. We miss Kinsler and Brad trying to “manage” by juggling 2nd and 3rd stringers because he can because extended rosters is driving me nuts. What you don’t want — when a post season run is on the line — is for your success to depend on Tyler Collins pinch hitting…for Andrew Romine.


  2. Gio Gonzalez, the Nats’ version of Longfellow’s Jemima, started last night, and he was not very, very good; instead, last night was one of his horrid nights, one we haven’t seen around these parts for a while, but one that reminds us that perhaps Joe Ross or someone else ought to be given serious consideration as a fourth starter in the post-season.

    Gio’s thing this year hasn’t been the predictable meltdown in the face of adversity; to the contrary, he’s made a habit of melting down in the face of good fortune, developing a curious habit of allowing the other team to score immediately in the half inning after being handed a lead. He got off to a rough start last night, and was down 4-1 after 2 1/2, but the Nats scored five in the third to give him a lead. Gio let the first two guys reach in the 4th, and he was gone. The bullpen let the inherited runners score, but kept the Braves down the rest of the way, and the Nats maintained their leads over the Mets and Dodgers*.

    I’m of a belief that, in general, home field advantage means the least in baseball, but I think it’ll be more meaningful in an NLDS between the Nats and the winner of the NL West, as the team without it faces two cross country roundtrips in a five game series, vice one for the team with it. Assuming that it goes five games, of course, which would mean the Nats would have to beat Kershaw or Bumgarner, but at least they’d get to do it at home.


  3. The Feesh are showing signs of desperation unto recklessness by activating the Iron Giant three weeks after a Grade 3 groin muscle tear. Justin Bour came back too, and some commentators are reporting that he singled but the box score shows him going 0-0 with a walk.

    It’s immaterial. Jar Jar baseball’s whifflebat wonders still went 2-7 RSP and can’t seem to buy a hit when they really need one. The boolpen held its own but only because the damage had already been done. The Feesh now find themselves at 68-71, six orf ye wylde carde pace with (shudder) Andrew Cashner taking the heap tonight to face down the Feelies. As for the returnin’ deceased war veterans, neither Bour nor the compromised Iron Giant are going to round into shape within anything like the time frame they’d need to help this team turn around. Right now, the Rainbow Warriors will be lucky to finish outside the pull of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves, and the postseason is a pipedream. Mediocrity, thy name, yet again, is Feesh.


  4. The Astros are five games into a 13-game stretch against only first place teams. So far, so good, at 3-2. Not great, mind you (a couple of stinkers against the Rangers) but above .500. AL West looks like a lock for Texas, but the Wild Card is playable.

    The promised land beyond the next eight games is 16 in a row to finish the season against the Mariners, A’s and Angels. But the next week is a real make or break. With Keuchel and McCullers out, it’s a patch job in the starting pitching. And it’s two Indians, three Cubs and three Rangers.

    We will see if I can hold my breath for a week.


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