Weekend Express and Labor Day Party Time Post

I hope everyone is enjoying a Monday off! Or at least I hope you have a Monday off. Scout does, so I am extending the “Weekend Express” post to today as well to give him an extra day of not having to go in and post the links and stuff. It’s the least I can do since I haven’t posted a Snack in a week. Also, I’m posting a variety of music today, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to post any tunes you wanna share with us.

I got the last of the deviled egg potato salad at my favorite deli, so I’m excited about that. But I’m also nearly out of boxes for packing, so that sucks.

But of course, everything in life is good and bad, and we have to take it as it comes. For some of these teams, there was some good, and some bad as well. Let’s take a look at yesterday’s scores, shall we?

Brewers 10, Pirates 0. What the hell? Milwaukee decided that being up five by the ninth inning just wasn’t enough. No, they had to embarrass the heck out of their hosts by hitting five more in the ninth! Jonathan Villar smashed a grand slam to basically say “Eff you” to the Bucs.

Padres 4, Dodgers 7

D’backs 8, Rockies 5

Braves 2, Phillies 0. Matt Kemp might not have been the greatest pickup for the Dodgers, and I might have been confused when Atlanta snagged him, but you can’t deny that he’s been a man on fire since he landed in the Dirty South. I’d like to say that it’s because he’s palling around with the force of nature that is my boy Freddie Freeman (2-3, HR and triple) but it’s really because he’s decided to buckled down. Kemp went 2-4 with a home run today, by the way.


Astros 7, Rangers 6. I always, always, type “Astors” instead of Astros. Like John Jacob Astor and his progeny are suiting up for some vampire baseball ala Twilight. Anyway, the ‘Stros get theirs against the hottest team in the AL right now. Rougned Odor went 3-5 with a home run and 3 RBI in the loss.

Cardinals 5, Reds 2

Blue Jays 5, Rays 3

Yankees 5, Orioles 2

White Sox 13, Twins 11 F/12. This was a slugfest, no two ways about it. Chicago hit 16 and Minnesota 18 (!!!), but the Twins also had 3 errors. Oh, mercy. Did any of our Twins friends watch the game live? I get blacked out.

Giants 2, Cubs 3 F/13. Now, this one wasn’t as much of a hit and run derby, but this was hard fought for sure. Jason Heyward hits the walk off single to Fly The W.


Marlins 5, Indians 6. Another hit parade. Feesh hits 11, the boys from the Magical Land of Cleve hit 10. And they kept it close, too. Ever wonder why I say that, “Magical Land of Cleve”? Well…


Red Sox 0, Athletics 1

Nationals 1, Mets 5

Angels 4, Mariners 2

Tigers 6, Royals 5

Finally, this is my favorite mashup video of all time. If you ever really know what I’m all about, this video is it. It’s modern and vintage and very cool. I’m not very cool, but everything else is spot on. The music is Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and the visuals are the incredible Nicholas Brothers doing the BEST DANCE SEQUENCE EVER, from Cab Calloway’s “Jumpin’ Jive”.



11 thoughts on “Weekend Express and Labor Day Party Time Post

  1. Yeah, you pipple with relevant teams just go right on having yourselves a good ole time. With my usual purposeful fatalism, I’m busy preparing the embalming table for my 2016 Feesh pre-mortem. Last night, the Rainbow Warriors gave it all back in the bottom of the ninth to the Chief Wahoos and their racist mascot. Fernando Rodney, who has mixed gouts of successful closing with gouts of Mitch Williams memes since the Feesh emptied what little they had left in their barnyard for him and for the even worse Andrew Cashner, walked the bases loaded and gave up three runs to overcome the two-run lead they’d amassed the half-inning before. In the process they left nine men in scoring position and wasted a sterling unscored six inning stint by Tom Kohler.

    The Piscines now stand at 68-69 at the end of a 1-6 road trip. They’re disappearing from the wildcard hunt like the bulge of a bee carcass in a Venus flytrap. Only faster. They’re now 4 full games behind the Cardinals, three behind the Mutts in Ye Wylde Card sweepstakes and accommodating themselves nicely to that third place slot I predicted they would occupy way back at the beginning of the season.

    Anyway, as I wait for my honey corn muffins (made from scratch with fine ground masa harina, dodo eggs, fresh sweet kernel corn, coconut oil, melted butter, real honey from local bees who didn’t bungle into my Venus flytraps) to rise from the tin and be seamlessly mated with a steaming cup of freshly ground and brewed shade grown in volcanic soil Galapagos coffee from the hills of San Cristobal overlooking the tortoise preserve with a lightening of real heavy cream because you don’t adulterate Darwin’s finest with mere milk or petroleum-based creamer, I thought I’d sketch out my forthcoming pre-mortem series of posts on the current season’s Feesh demise, so you’ll have something to look forward to when the inanity of the work week sets in again tomorrow:

    1) Injuries
    2) Awful trades
    3) Cheapskate or inexplicably generous free agent signings
    4) Dull manager and those Mickey Mouse rules
    5) Disappearing owner
    6) Prospects for next season

    That said, let me turn it over to the happily relleno strange attractor, at rest, not unlike a Venus flytrap itself, in its digestive phase:

    And finally, here’s my labor song for today: a bravura performance by Marty Balin and the Jefferson Airplane of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weil’s “Solidarity”:


  2. Just saw another stat relevant to yesterday’s action — that was the 6th game the Cubs have won this year when entering the 9th inning behind on the scoreboard.

    Hard to be mad at that.

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    • Today’s game was a quality one. Hendricks out here looking like Maddux again, and I truly mean that. Miggy was awesome, La Stella came through. Idk what’s up with Craig Counsell playing the shifts that way; Gennett is 5’10” at the absolute most, generously, and he’s expected to play the whole right side of the infield? Where was Chris Carter? I mean, Milwaukee deserves to lose when it’s being stupid like that. But whatever, Cubs are now up 17 on the Redbirds so it’s all good.


      • The offense hangs a 7-spot while Bryzzo combine to go 0-9 and Dexter/Zobrist get the day off. Again, hard to be mad at that.

        I really love watching Hendricks work. They said during the broadcast that his career ERA is like 5th or 6th among all active starters with at least 70 starts, which I had to go look up for myself, because that didn’t seem like it could possibly be right.

        Sure enough, he’s 5th behind Kershaw, Fernandez, deGrom, and Harvey. (Bumgarner briefly moved ahead of him with his start over the weekend, and Hendricks’ start today moved him back ahead of Bumgarner.)

        He’s definitely looking Maddux-ish this year, but he’ll have to keep this sort of production up for another 5-6 years before the comparisons will even begin to be valid.

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        • Of course. One or two decent years does not make a Maddux :p It’s just that everyone who has a decent line for a month gets compared to Greg and it’s nice to see someone that I can actually see the comparison. Because I’m f’n picky.

          It’s great when guys like La Stella and Miggy can produce when Bryzzo are slumping. It’s like an actual team, so refreshing. 😂


        • Hendricks seems to have skipped over the Young Maddux phase though. Maddux spent his early years working in the low to mid 90’s pretty consistently, and I doubt Hendricks will ever find any more velocity than he’s got right now.

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        • I’m cool with that. It’s the little stuff that reminds me of Maddux, to be honest. Ever notice how still he keeps his upper body, how even his head and neck stays during his release? That’s Maddux-like, at least what I’ve been noticing. I need to see some sort of overhead shot to see his foot drag, see if it stays consistent. Greg’s did, there’s video I can dig up that shows a bullpen session of Maddux when he was in his last year – so, like, age 42 or something like that – and there’s barely any change in the foot drag. I would be curious to see if Hendricks stays consistent like that.


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