Women’s Baseball World Cup



They’ve already played two days worth of games and the USA has won both of theirs, putting them on top of their group.

There’s been a few big blowouts in these games, but a couple close contests as well. You can find some highlight clips at the WBSC’s twitter page if you are interested in such things.

You can also watch just about all of the upcoming games for free via livestream on their youtube page, including the USA-Australia game that starts in about 7 hours from right….now.


And because I’m nothing if not fair, I’ll be rooting for some HBPiP’s with the same fervor as Historio is rooting for HBPiD’s.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Baseball World Cup

    1. Hi, how you doing, long time no sarcasm from you! Do you no longer like me?


      You can pass it on to scouts, he will make sure I get it. Haha

      Hopefully everything is well with you and I look forward to your quick and pithy comments.

      I am So fucking lonely that I will read WHY you hate big Papi and will deal with it!


      This one you can pass to the professor, we’re kinda tight. Haha


      1. SLAPPY!!!!

        Hey buddy. Remember when i said that we’re gonna make it? Well… I finally found a place to live after months of looking. I’ve been looking since May at places and literally just found a place last night. It’s been finalized.

        I was scared. I was about to give up hope. But it happened.

        I wanted to share it with you because you and I are like the bad news bears when it comes to this crap, you know? 😛

        I hope you’re doing okay, pal.

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  1. This is very cool! I did not realize there was a women’s baseball tradition in India. I’m gonna have to look into this. Thanks, Lefty!


  2. What are all those guys doing standing out front of their respective teams? Do we really need them up there mansplaining the awards and lineups?


    1. No silly, after their respective girlfriends out sport there male sporty sports guy friends, the guy’s are gonna make it all about them and go on bended knees to steal the spotlight.

      Did the Olympics teach you Nothing?


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