Weekend Express – Scores for 9/3/16

Hi, friends. What are you doing during this three day weekend? I am finishing packing. I finally found a place out east! You’d be surprised at how many people do not respond to emails when looking for temporary housing or a roommate. It’s insanity.

mom_cookingI know that for many people, this last weekend of summer is spent going on picnics or camping or doing one last Summer-y hurrah. I love picnics, but rarely get to go on them. The last picnic I had was with a dear friend. It was cold outside, we were wearing coats and the wind was blowing, and all we had were sandwiches, but it was very special because of the person who picnicked with me and the sweet meaning behind it. It is something I will always remember.

A real picnic, though, would require me making a lovely deviled egg potato salad and some fried chicken, or a fine caprese salad-style sandwich , or my favorite, a slaw burger with some hot sauce. Strawberry shortcake in mason jars, laid out on an old quilt under the trees, staring at some very beautiful scenery.

Do you like eating al fresco? What type of food do you like to take on your picnics? Do you have a go-to salad recipe or sandwich that you love to make for your meal? Let us know. If you’d like my recipe for an easy, delicious cole slaw perfect for the above slaw burger, let me know that as well.

Giants 3, Cubs 2

Astros 4, Rangers 12

Tigers 2, Royals 5

Braves 6, Phillies 4 F/10 – Who told the Braves they can start winning? We’re trying to tank here, guys…

Brewers 7, Pirates 4

Marlins 3, Indians 8

Nationals 1, Mets 3

Cardinals 1, Reds 9

Blue Jays 5, Rays 7

Yankees 0, Orioles 2

White Sox 3, Twins 11 – You get a home run, and you get a two run homer, and you get a two run homer, and Plouffe gets a three run homer!

Angels 10, Mariners 3

Red Sox 11, Athletics 2

D’backs 9, Rockies 4

Padres 1, Dodgers 5


12 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 9/3/16

  1. Mom and I went to a Drillers game for the first and last time this season. I did not stand for the anthem and didn’t get booed or anything. It was a massacre. I hope that means everyone decent for the Dodgers have already been called up. Oh, and there was some pitchers batting bullshit. Musta been Easy Out giveaway night. There were fireworks and my dog was not hot. :/


  2. Also, today is the first Notre Dame football game of the season. They are playing Texas. My brother was going to try and go. We’re having a watch party without him. Wherever you are, if you watch it too, he’ll be here with you. Go ND!

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  3. I’m not especially fond of eating al fresco. I prefer to have some clothes on.

    Yesterday I made dark chocolate lava cake (using extra dark chocolate to pack in those antioxidants and then, oddly enough, I had trouble breathing after I ate some). This morning I made a batch of strawberry jam with mint and lime (and I added a discreet shot of unfiltered apple cider vinegar to give it a boost), then spread it still warm on my multigrain strawberry pancakes with pure, costs-more-than-platinum maple syrup in one of those funky little bottles with the handle on it, and a shhhhplotz of whipped cream.

    This afternoon, I’ve had some rib steaks marinating in papaya juice ready to go on the grill. It finally stopped raining, so…. Anyway, I make my own garlic chimichurri sauce with lots of olive oil, a bit of lemon, fresh parsley and cilantro, a tablespoon of red wine vinegar and serious numbers of garlic cloves. Commit it to the blender and get those steaks done right.

    Also, here’s a hint: make a grilled hearts of romaine salad thusly: strip away the loose flimsy leaves from the outside of some hearts of romaine lettuce and throw the castofferage to your tortoises or iguanas. Cut the hearts in half lengthwise and spray the open faces with olive oil spray. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, grated Parmesan cheese, thyme and oregano. Grill the hearts face down until they brown slightly. Place them on platters and sprinkle with finely diced onion and tomato and your favorite salad dressing. Your brains will fall out.


  4. School started here last Monday, so even though it’s a holiday weekend signifying the traditional end of summer, as far as my kids are concerned, summer ended a week ago.

    No big plans here; been working all weekend teaching myself how to use a new (to me) technology at $ORK, and that passes for fun in my book. Might throw something on the grill later and crack a beer or two, and then I’ve gotta get my remote thumb working, because the Nats and the Irish both play tonight on the ABC/ESPN family of networks.

    Nats altered their rotation for tonight, calling up Reynaldo Lopez to start while pushing Scherzer back a day to give him some extra rest. If last night’s demonstration of ennui and ineffectiveness is any clue, there may be a glaring lack of urgency around the Nats for the next few weeks.

    As long as they’re rested and ready for the playoffs…


  5. I have been drafted to make the baked beans for tomorrow, so here goes:

    Cook up 6 slices of bacon and crumble after cooling. Chop a small onion and fry it in the grease. Drain 2 large cans of pork and beans and dump them into a casserole dish. Add the onions and bacon crumbles. Add 1/3 c of ketchup, 1/3 c of yellow mustard, 1/2 c of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of molasses and a few drops of liquid smoke. Mix it together and bake covered at 350* for an hour.

    I have made it with vegetarian beans and no bacon before, and it still went over well…but that was for Massholes, so take that for what it’s worth.. Really, if you have a bunch of Granolas at your picnic, good luck anyway.


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