He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/1/16

Scouts: It’s a great time of debate in this country.  We have a lunatic several people running for political office.  We have police brutality discussions.  We have players refusing to pledge their allegiance to the flag.  And we have Noah Syndergaard who simply hates fun.  He wants you to get off his lawn and stop doing the wave.

One thing I think Noah is forgetting is that the wave is an event that is of particular enjoyment of children.  You know the kids who look up to baseball players that can throw a ball 100 miles an hour and make 250 million dollars.  Noah also forgets that doing the wave is fun.  That’s what we are all here for right?  To have fun?  That’s what why we fork over our hard earned money to sit in the stands and watch grown men play a child’s game.  To hoot and holler.  To clap our hands when instructed.  To dance and kiss on a giant TV.  To forget about the world and just have some fun.  Maybe Noah Syndergaard doesn’t like fun.  Maybe Noah should consider that if he wants people to stop doing things like the Wave, he should be reminded that he is an entertainer.  Do things that keep me entertained and I’ll be so busy having fun that I don’t have to come up with my own method of enjoyment.  Like the Wave.  And telling off million dollar entertainers.


Prof:  It’s slim pickings today. Looks like everyone is either travelling or just had the day off, so we have four – yes – four games total to recap. So I’m going to post a lot of great modern rock tunes to get this long weekend (for those of us in the US) started.

Marlins 6, Mets 4Prof:  Jacob deGrom did not have his A-game, pitching only five innings, giving up three runs. New York looks to drop even more in the NL East standings due to the loss of the very productive Neil Walker. Christian Yelich hit a decisive home run to put the Feesh over the top.

White Sox 5, Twins 8Byron Buxton returns from a AAA callup to hit one in the second deck in his first at bat.

Giants 4, Cubs 5Prof:  Kris Bryant continues to prove that children are the future, contributing an RBI single to this hard fought win. Dexter Fowler went 2-4 as well. The Cubs are 15 1/2 games over St. Louis, its closest rival in the NL Central. For Chicago not to make the playoffs, they would need to have one of the worst collapses of all time, basically.

Padres 6, Braves 9Prof:  Atlanta swept at home. (Sound of needle scratching record) WHAT?!?! Yes! The Braves swept at home for the first time all year! Nice to finally do something good at the Ted only weeks before abandoning it for White Flight Park. Freddie Freeman hit his 28th home run of the season. Poor Freddie. He’s having a heck of a year, and it’s being wasted on one of the worst seasons the Braves have had in almost forty years.

“We don’t want the worst record in baseball,” Freddie said after the win. Um… Fred? You do know that the front office DOES want the Braves to have the worst record, so that they can get the number one pick? Of course, this would be the most Barve thing to do; fail miserably almost all year only to miss the number one pick by two games or something like that. Barves gotta Barve.

One thought on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/1/16

  1. Frenchy stars in Feesh victory! The Rainbow Warriors got September orf to a better start than they finished their 10-18 August with. They beat the mutts 6-4 on the strength of Frenchy’s RBI double and two runs scored! The Feesh gained a whole half game on the Cardinals and a game on the Mutts, who they trail by a game, at 68-66 and still sit in third place three games out of the wildcard chase.

    In other news, Christian Yelich went three for four with a three run home run and four RBI in support of Frenchy’s stellar performance. The bad news: Andrew Cashner has returned from the DL and will throw batting practice for the Indians tonight at the Mistake by the Lake on Howard the Duck Day in Cleveland.

    And the strange attractor? It waits:


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