August HBPiD Report — Still Nothing Doing

My birthday month has come and gone, y’all.

You can guess what I wanted.

Sure, it’s not on my Amazon Wish List, but — hello! — it’s the thing everyone wants and doesn’t even have to say. Do you want world peace? Jeah. Do you want your health? Duh. You knows I want an HBPiD the way Tim Tebow wants relevancy. I can’t say it, or I might jinx it.

But, I am denied. I’m literally growing old waiting for an HBPiD sighting. The bloom of my youth is fading. This season isn’t getting younger. I’m running out of chances. My biolaughical clock is ticking. Every day, I grow less dewy and hopeful waiting…waiting…

Which stage of HBPiD-denial grief is this???

Help me, Jobu. You’re our only hope.

9 thoughts on “August HBPiD Report — Still Nothing Doing

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