He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/28/16

Hey gang, I’m a little under the weather today, so it’ll be an abbreviated post.  Expect a return to normal tomorrow.  I remember when I was a kid and had to stay home from school I used to watch the Price is Right with my soup.  What was your sick day ritual?

Twins 6, Blue Jays 9. Prof:  Josh Donaldson hit three home runs in this game. He went 3-4, with 4 RBI. Troy Tulowitzki went 2-4 and his a home run of his own.

Phillies 5, Mets 1

Pirates 3, Brewers 1

Indians 1, Rangers 2. Prof:  Dutchie gets the win?!? I mean… Derek Holland actually pitched very well, going six innings, allowing only four hits and one run. Texas squeaked by with RBIs from Ian Desmond and Jonathan Lucroy, while Carlos Gomez, playing left field, saved a run or two with an outstanding catch.

Braves 4, Giants 13. Prof:  Joe Panik homered twice and MadBum did just enough to defeat Atlanta and give San Francisco a much needed win. Ender Inciarte hit a double and a triple, and Freddie Freeman continues to play well for a team that continually lets him down. I think this year’s theme song for old Freddie is “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” by Freddy Fender.

Cubs 0, Dodgers 1. Prof:  This game’s only run was scored off of a fielder’s choice. Jon Lester pitched well into seven innings but the Dodgers took advantage of mental mistakes and Trevor Cahill. In other LA news, the Dodgers have put Puig on trade waivers. Get your popcorn ready.

Orioles 5, Yankees 0

Angels 5, Tigers 0

Padres 3, Marlins 1

Rockies 5, Nationals 3. Prof:  Nolan Arenado is something else, folks. He went 4-4, including a home run. A lot of people bring up the fact that he gets a lot of cushion in his stats due to his home field being Coors Field, but this was in Washington DC, not Denver. Don’t discount that he can flat out smash.

Mariners 1, White Sox 4

Rays 10, Astros 4. Prof: Tampa Bay gave Chris Archer much needed run support, scoring five in the eighth inning alone to defeat Doug Fister and his Houston teammates. 

Athletics 7, Cardinals 4

Reds 2, Diamondbacks 11

Royals 10, Red Sox 4. Prof:  A huge sixth inning – eight runs in all – gave KC the win. Have you heard of the Rally Mantis? Seems that Kansas City has been playing much better ball since a green creepy-crawly showed up in their dugout. The first one escaped, but fear not. They have another one, and his name is Rally Mantis Junior.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/28/16

  1. I got to witness Mr. Arenado’s destructive powers first hand yesterday, watching from the shady side of the cauldron that was Nats Park; he’s on another level, really, and deserves serious consideration for MVP, especially if you’re of a mind that MVP goes to the Most Outstanding Player.

    They say when you go to a baseball game, you should expect to see something you’ve never seen before, and I saw two such things yesterday, both involving Wilson Ramos. First, although he’s as slow on the basepaths as Trea Turner is fast, he managed to beat out an infield single. Second, with the Rockies up 4-2 in the top of the 8th and Descalso on 2nd, Ramos somehow got crossed up on a fastball from Koda Glover, and the ball drilled the home plate umpire square in the left shoulder before bounding to the backstop. The ump went down on one knee, Ramos stopped to check on him, and Descalso kept on running and scored from second without a play. Can’t really fault Ramos there, and Descalso made a heady play, but fans booed Descalso (at least, that who I think they were booing) nonetheless.

    As for the Nats, who’ve now lost six of eight, there seems to be a sense of ennui as they stagger toward the postseason. Maybe it’s the heat that kept all the fans in the concourse rather than their seats, maybe it’s the fact that they’re piecing together a rotation right now with Strasburg and Ross both out, but other than three solo shots yesterday (Turner, Ramos, and Harper) they just didn’t do much on offense, and they never really seemed like they felt like they had a chance to win.

    Better to slump now than in October, I guess. Today the Nats start a stretch where they play twenty-two straight games against the NL East, so they can either let the Mets and the Marlins back in to the race, or they can salt things away for good.


    • Not that I wish to pile on or anything but even when the Nats surged to be the cream of the NL East these past few years, I felt that it was mostly by default as everyone sucked eggs rather than the Nats tearing down everyone else.

      I’m probably being unfair but I can’t shake off the feeling that the Nats seem to consistently fail to live up to the lofty expectations they set for themselves.


      • I didn’t get a whiff of any lofty expectations coming into this season. There was no “World Series or Bust” like 2013, and no “Where’s my ring?” like 2015. They’ve had a pattern of Quiet Spring Training = Division Champion, Loud Spring Training = Flameout, and this year they knew coming in that they were in the same division as the reigning NL champs, and expectations were for a tight race between the Nats and Mets, with the Marlins possibly making noise, too.

        It is true that the NL East hasn’t exactly had a history of competitive pennant races the last few years, regardless of who’s won the division. The Nats won it by 4 games in 2012, and the Mets by 7 last year (although it didn’t feel that close), but those have been the only single-digit margins since 2010. The last two races to really go down to the last weekend were known more for collapses by the Mets in 2007 and 2008 rather than for two teams actually battling tooth and nail.

        Does the lack of a competitive race hurt the Nats come post-season time? shrug In 2012 and 2014, their having the best record in the NL meant they got to sit around for four or five days waiting to play against a wild card team that got to stay sharper by virtue of getting to play one meaningful game in the interim. Even starting slowly in both series, they were up 6-0 in game 5 in 2012, and they weren’t exactly blown out by the Giants in 2014, with both teams limited to scoring only nine runs each during that series. Regardless, that shouldn’t be an issue this year, as it appears that the Nats will play the NL West winner in the NLDS, barring a collapse by the Nats or total indifference by the Cubs, so both teams will carry the same amount of rust.


    • Almost forgot… My “home sick from school” routine when I was too young to stay home alone went as follows:

      Go to grandmother’s house, take up residence on sofa (or davenport, as she called it)
      Today Show, followed by Phil Donahue, various game shows and syndicated re-runs snuck in around grandmother’s “stories” (soap operas)
      Perhaps a drug-induced coma nap, depending on degree of sickness
      Definitely get prayed over at some point by grandmother, who had a lit cigarette dangling from her lips during the process; not sure it was beneficial to whatever respiratory issue I was dealing with at the time, but it made her feel useful, so…
      Decide whether or not to do homework based on chance I’d be going to school the next day

      As I got older, I got to be left to my own devices at home, including once being home alone with undiagnosed acute appendicitis, but I made it to the hospital that time with hours to spare. Spent ten days in the hospital afterwards, but survived.

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