Weekend Express – Scores for 8/27/16

I hope you’re having a great Sunday. What’s your favorite weekend breakfast or brunch food? I basically just cook for me, so I don’t do anything super special. Usually I just make a fried egg sandwich on toast with cheese. Ooooh, exciting. But when I can, I like to make elaborate egg casseroles with green chilies and cheese and crumbled sausage. Delicious.

Twins 7, Blue Jays 8

Cubs 2, Dodgers 3

Braves 3, Giants 1

Phillies 1, Mets 12.  This hurts…

Reds 13, D’backs 0. …but this one is even worse. At least the Mets are supposed to beat the Phillies. On no planet should the Reds ever beat Arizona.

A’s 3, Cardinals 2

Padres 1, Marlins 0

Orioles 5, Yankees 13

Rockies 9, Nationals 4 F/11

Rays 2, Astros 6

Angels 3, Tigers 2. Four Tigers got ejected:  Victor Martinez, J.D. Martinez, Wally Joyner, and Beautiful Brad .Historio, you gotta control your boys.

oprah you get a car.gif

You get ejected, and you, and you, and you get ejected!

Mariners 3, White Sox 9

Royals 3, Red Sox 8

Pirates 9, Brewers 6

Indians 0, Rangers 7

2 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/27/16

  1. Here’s an object lesson in why the Feesh aren’t going to the playorfs: last night they were beaten 1-0, their tenth shutout of the season, by Clayton (4.03) Richard and the Padres. Praise the Feesh for wasting the second excellent start by Jose Urena in a week. The Macondo Feeshwrapper reported that their bats were “quiet.” To paraphrase Cromwell in A Man for All Seasons, we enter a room with a corpse and what do we hear? Silence. Even the Beloved Frenchy went 0-3 with a sympathy stroll, and I’m sure he felt lucky to get it. Life? The batting order looked like they were playing on Jupiter after taking Quaaludes. I think you’d need a pocket Cray to figure out how many men the Feesh left on base last night – they had nine hits and a walk in a classic demonstration of futility. They now stand at 67-62, a perpetual 1.5 games orf the wild card pace – a small deficit if you’re going just by the math but to this lineup it must look like the Matterhorn to the Grand Fenwick rock climbing team at the Special Olympics.

    Now, as far as breakfast recipes. Not to make too much of it or anything but this morning I had a ham steak and eggs with port wine and red pepper cheese grits and the Gator’s own special redeye sauce.

    For the grits: boil two cups of water with one tablespoon of butter, dashes of salt and pepper, and add a cup of coarse ground corn meal (masa harina here in Macondo), and cook over low heat until the porridge is smooth and still moist. Turn orf the burner; add another tablespoon of butter and a quarter of a cup of port wine sharp chedder (there are several brands; I prefer Kaukauna brand, which embodies the dual graces of being real good and also sounding a lot like the name of the Jefferson Airplane’s great lead guitarist):

    Anyway, stir the cheese into the hot grits until completely melted and blended and the last purple swirls have disappeared. Spoon the grit mixture onto the serving plate.

    I make my redeye by first trimming the fat from the center and edges of the ham steak and twirking the marrow out of the center bone, dicing ham and marrow together and rendering slowly in the frying pan with a tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of bacon fat, some salt and pepper. I then fry the ham on top of this mixture slowly, over low-moderate heat in the covered pan to leech out its juices. When the ham is slightly browned on one side and the pan is percolating, I uncover it, flip the ham and brown on the other side, then remove the ham to the serving plates. I then add a dash of Tabasco sauce to the juices and fat in the pan and let it render down a little further until thickened, then add a few tablespoons of yesterday’s saved coffee, stir, crack a couple of eggs directly into the latent sauce, cover and simmer. After a few minutes the eggs will be “over easy” at which time I spatz them over the ham, spoon out a heftly hill of cheese grits onto the plate, depress the center of the grits with a tablespoon and then pour an ample dose of redeye over the whole thing.

    This morning, being Sunday with some big storms forecast, I further treated myself with a fresh steaming cup of newly ground Galapagos arabica, shade grown in volcanic soil on the hillsides of San Cristobal Island, caffeine purveyor to the discerning top five percent of the one percent, airlifted on demand straight from Puerto Baquerizo Morena airfield to the humidor in my kitchen cabinet.

    If you ever want to try the stuff and happen to have a spare piggybank when you bust yours open (I have a two foot tall Godzillabank myself), here’s a link. Prof, it’s good for what ails ya: http://www.treefrogcoffees.com/galapagos.htm


  2. I’m sure you got our score wrong. It was Ump 4- Tigers 2. It was a hostile game and I’m guessing Mike Everitt had a police escort to his car afterwards. Victor is normally pretty chill, but everyone had words with HPU, it seems. The guys should have known better but tossing a coach in the dugout??? Ego gets the win. Stupid all around. The sad thing is we had a couple of dynamite defensive plays (Upton robbing Pujols of a homer and Lettuce throwing out Trout at 1st for a DP) that got lost in the drama….and of course it had to happen when it’s nationally televised. The game the night before was much more congenial and fun — and not just because we won.


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