Weekend Express – Scores for 8/26/16

Happy Saturday. I have a headache and my neighbor has been doing something loud and obnoxious outside since 7 something this morning. How has your day been? 😛

Twins 8, Blue Jays 15. Ouch.

Phillies 4, Mets 9

Indians 12, Rangers 1. Texas done got their bells rung. Welcome back, Land of Cleve.

Pirates 5, Brewers 3. I tried to watch this game last night but it was just bad all the way around, and I turned it off before any runs were scored. Errors all over the place. The only exciting inning was the sixth, where everyone scored all of their runs. Jordy Mercer hit a grand slam.

Cubs 6, Dodgers 4 F/10. KRIS BRYANT. Really, that’s all I need to say, just KRIS BRYANT.

Braves 0, Giants 7

Orioles 4, Yankees 14. Ouch, again. Basically Gary Sanchez is life for New York.

Rockies 5, Nationals 8

Royals 6, Red Sox 3

Angels 2, Tigers 4

Padres 6, Marlins 7

Mariners 3, White Sox 1. Chris Sale pitched great, five hits and three earned runs over nine full innings, and still lost the game. No run support. Gets ya every time.

Rays 4, Astros 5

A’s 1, Cardinals 3

Reds 3, D’backs 4 F/11

9 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/26/16

  1. Gio Gonzalez got his 100th career win last night, Daniel Murphy got his 500th career RBI, Trea Turner wreaked havoc, forcing the Rockies into three throwing errors, and Bryce Harper continued his resurgence with a double and a triple, but all of those things and the Nats’ win were overshadowed by this:

    Y’all have a good weekend.


    • C’mon, you didn’t find that absurdist humor at its finest? Please tell me that it’s not just me! I mean Curt Schilling has really let himself go and you know that he did this to let Trump know that he’s auditioning.

      I think Secretary of Interweb memes thingy. REALLY? It’s just me?


  2. In the Rays’ game, Mikie Mahtook hit a go-ahead HR ( a loooong goa-ahead HR) in the top of the 9th. Then, Alex Colome gave up back-to backs to Correa and Gattis for the loss in the bottom of the inning.
    And Bartolo was a HR and a triple short of the cycle in the Mets’ win. Hooray, Beast.

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    • You’re truly an optimist with the Bartolo thing. I am neither a optimist nor a pessimist, I just look at my drink and think some fucking asshole stole half my fucking shit!

      Wait a minute, after checking my comment I now realize that I meant that I’m a misanthropic fuckknuckle. It’s just the Trump supporters that I have no faith in, the other 60%……let’s just say I hear that Montreal can be just as nice in the Winter as Maine.

      Those Canadians though, what will they think of my fucking profanity?

      Eh…they’ll deal with it, I heard that they are REALLY nice.


  3. Ours is gonna be wet, but we can win with Frenchy (see the succeeding post) so who cares? Batrachians! Your time is come. It’s all yours until Tuesday, so sayeth the meteorologists.


  4. Mario: Up to bat is Jett Bandy. Do you know how he got the name “Jett”?
    Gibby: I don’t know.
    Mario: It’s a combination of his two grandfather’s names. “John” and “Chett.” So, he’s “Jett.”
    Gibby: So, Harold and Bob then….
    Mario: Ummm, “John” and “Chett.” It makes “Jett.”

    WTF are you talking about Gibby???? Sigh. I miss Rod. I mean, Gibby has grown some on me, but exchanges like that are like what??? And then he talked a bunch about grit and Mario was just trying to keep it moving. Also, judging from his comments about stealing signs, Gibby is not good at stealing signs.

    But, YEA! We won. Today Little Sexy Fire comes back and we’re fronting almost a totally MLB-level team.


    • Gibby’s tangent was talking about his grandfather’s & dad’s names and it would have resulted in him being Hob. Then he said, like Roy Hobbs. I think it was Mario that had a hard time keeping up.

      Another clutch HR for Justin Upton. Dude’s been en fuego the last week with 4 HR 11 RBIs and OPS over 1.500. Hopefully it lasts a while.

      Following up on my dark horse AL Cy Young nomination yesterday, JV was dominant again last night. He’s now leading the AL in innings pitched, 2nd in K’s (by 3), 2nd in BA against, 3rd in WHIP (by .02) and tied for 5th in wins. Not bad for a guy that seemed to be heading toward washed up just over a year ago.


      • You have contradicted Historio!😬 You are BAD and you should feel BAD and I hope you spill tomato soup on your white shoes! Nah…just kidding…Women right? It’s sooo cute when they try to figure out sports without old Slappy explaining nuance.

        Historio….NUANCE….you may want to look it up online. You can thank me on the reply button. As a former high school guidance councillor with an extremely high rate of suicides, can you help a brother out for fast tracking me into your unis music department?

        I hear that tenured professors get like a quarter million a year. Thanks in advance but tell them I can’t work Monday ( probably hungover ) Wednesday ( Wednesday’s are kinda my St. Patrick day ) and Thursday ( see Monday ) and Friday is out because I usually have better things to do.

        That one day a week though….That’s where the magic is gonna fucking happen. Thanks in advance.


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