Frenchy est l’homme! Slugger’s Three Hits and a Stroll Lead Feesh to Famous Victory!

Of course he did!

The perfect day. I spent much of it celebrating National Dog Day with my three houndlings of the Apocalypse (maybe some day they’ll have a national rattlesnake day I can celebrate with Friendo, too). And then to cap it all orf with Frenchy’s epic performance…well….

Frenchy singled thrice, including one of his patented swinging bunts up the third base line to initiate the Rainbow Warriors’ stunning come-from-behind 7-6 victory over the hopelessly inept Padres in the bottom of the ninth:

Tom Koehler, who has been excellent lately, came apart in the fourth inning and exited with the Feesh at a 6-2 deficit where it stayed until the seventh when the Feesh eked out a single run. In the eighth the Warriors plated three more on a double by the relentless Martin Prado and a single by Christian Yelich. Frenchy  came to bat with one out in the bottom of the ninth and crushed his second dribbler in two nights partway up the line and easily beating it out by moving his legs back and forth and back and forth until he got to first base. The Weezard drew a walk and Chris Johnson smacked what would have been a catchable gravity’s rainbow almost to the wall over a Friars outfield so ridiculously drawn in that Manfred might consider importing the silly point from Cricket as an additional fielding position – scoring our Frenchy (of course)  with the winning run.

I had to catch the game on a video delay last night because it was the runup night to the epic 20th Birthday Celebration of the world-famous Luna Star Cafe in North Macondo and I wasn’t going to leave until I got my free slice of pre-birthday cake. at 67-61, the Feesh continue to dogpaddle 1.5 games behind the also victorious Cardinals. Even so, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a demolished hotel implode the way the Padres did last night, but it was as much fun as you can have without spilling your beer.

One thought on “Frenchy est l’homme! Slugger’s Three Hits and a Stroll Lead Feesh to Famous Victory!

  1. Did I…or did I not tell you that you would be enamored immediately? He’s a great guy who loves the fans and the game and I hope he eventually play’s for every team but the Cardinals because they are the reason we can’t have nice things. Enjoy it for the rest of the season, the Royals will have him next year after they repeat.

    I’m just hoping Boston will get him by 2022. He will probably only get sixteen hits that year but he will be leading the fucking league in fan love.


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