Frenchy Watch Day X-2: the Macondo Musketeer’s Just-Happy-to-be-Here Press Conference

I’m reserving this space for a full report of Frenchy’s introductory press conference for the Feesh, which should occur sometime later today. You will see him smile, shake hands perfunctorily with his new masters, try on an ill-fitting gonorrhea-discharge colored Feesh logo jersey over his civvies and answer inane questions from the local press corpse just the way Crash Davis learned him to do during his periodic minor league contracts.

We’re learning more about this block-basting trade as the day progresses. According to the Macondo Feeshwrapper, “To get Francoeur, the Marlins gave up international signing slot Nos. 37 and 97 to Texas, with (Rookie League catching prospectus  Matt) Foley going to Atlanta.” So, ripples of the trade are spreading out in international venues too. The Jakarta Stock Market opened higher on the news, and the Fantasy Leagues in Taiwan, Japan and Korea were scrambling to come to terms with this massive realignment in their power rankings.

Meanwhile, it’s difficult to convey the excitement in the air right here in Macondo. Huge crowds are gathering in the home plate plaza in front of Macondo Banana Massacre Field, where they’re setting up huge HD screens to telecast the event. Fans are abuzz with delight that Scrooge McLoria would open his wallet like this to accept the payorf from Atlantis to shoulder the not inconsiderable burden of Frenchy’s major league minimum contract. The anticipatory oscillations are palpable (if you have palps, anyway). Here’s the scene in virtual life, as it has developed:

Frenchy is rumored to have just arrived at Opa Locka Airport via chartered C-47 from Peach Tree Field. It will doubtless take the motorcade several hours to make its way to Little Macondo through the construction on the Palmetto. While we wait for the press conference, here’s the new Godzilla Resurgence trailer to keep you busy. I’ll shoulder it aside for video of the presser when I have my grubby little digitals on it as the sun sinks slowly in the west:

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