The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Remember yesterday, when I talked about home runs?

First of all, thank you to Kevin S. for the Gary Sanchez shoutout; he’s a breath of fresh air for Yankees fans, isn’t he?

Secondly, Trumbo broke his streak of hits being home runs today. Rats. I was hoping he’d at least break 10.

Addison Russell is out there straight up murdering baseballs these days, and he’s in elite Cubs company. Did you know that Addy is the youngest Cub to homer in three consecutive games since Ron Santo (Holy Ronnie, pray for us), way back in 1961? Wow! Not only that, young Addy has FIVE homers in his last FIVE games – 19 homers and 82 RBI for the season so far!

But Addy, KB, and Rizzo aren’t the only guys on the Cubs who can mash the ball. Even Cubs pitchers are playing out of their minds.

Not too shabby for a guy who came up in the AL, right?

And then there’s Freddie Freeman, who does to Arizona what Chipper used to do to the Mets.

I have said this ever since Chipper retired – Freddie is our new Chipper. I mean, he’s not Chipper, no one is, but Freddie is the rally point for Braves fans. We can take pride in him, we can say, “Heck yeah, that’s our guy!” and generally be proud of him.

Freddie and his wife Chelsea are having their first baby soon; a little boy Freeman will be introduced to the world in a few months, tops. Now, the best way for Freddie to fully take the crown from Chipper would be for him to name his firstborn son Chase. No, seriously. Chipper named his boy Shea, because he owned that place. Freddie might as well be the Diamondbacks’ landlord these days. A boy named Chase would just be the trolly cherry on top.

One thought on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. Reads nutrition label on midnight snack: 100% daily dose of NL bias. Allergies: designated hitter. Sugars 2. HBPiD 0. Freddiefreemansorbate, Chipper (preservative), Cubs dye #3, rookie salt, Addylose, < 1% Trumbomblic acid. Servings 1.

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