The Midnight Snack – Monday

Chicks Dig The Long Ball, Etc.:


Kris Bryant, that overrated punk, has 32.

Mark Trumbo, a man who hit both the Western Metal building and the scoreboard out in San Diego during the Home Run Derby and no one seemed to be fazed, has 38.

Chris Carter, who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers and thus no one knows who the hell he is, has 30.

Freddie Freeman has 25 homers for the year with a team that was so bad that for a while, Scooter Gennett had more homers than the entire team did.

Adrian Gonzalez hit three (3!!!) home runs today, bringing his season total to 15, which doesn’t seem like much but three in one game, y’all. That’s pretty cool.

Sundergard? Sinnamon Roll? Syndargerd?:  Poor Thor. No one knows how to spell his name.

4 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. Adrian Gonzalez always reminds me of Wade Boggs, not as good of a hitter, but if he’s of a mind he could get 40+ homers if he would sacrifice the batting average.

    I guess I have a bit of selective dyslexia because I ALWAYS read Snydergaard as the way they spelt it. I think I like his sense of humor.


    1. Fuck, my spell-check defaulted to the wrong spelling, and I have never typed his name only read it! We have entered the twilight zone people.

      Maybe he should edit his Wikipedia article, I am under the understanding that Wikipedia IS the go to source for most journalists.


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