He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/21/16

You know, it’s starting to get really hard to pick music without dishing out repeats.  We have been doing this for, well quite a while now.  What I really need is a good unpaid intern that can go through every post and get a list together of all the bands/themes we’ve used.  And coffee.  I always wanted to direct someone to get me coffee.  Of course I don’t drink coffee, but still get me some coffee dammit!  Anyways, back to the topic, I always enjoy picking out the music for everyone (sometimes I get excited for and plan out themes several days in advance), and I’m sure Prof does as well, but my memory is pretty terrible, especially when it comes to this sort of thing, so if we start veering off into repeat territory, well, sorry I guess.  You are free to ask for refunds if you are that upset about it.  Don’t worry, I still have plenty of great ideas for musical themes, but looking down the road, well we will run out eventually and start to repeat.



Rangers 4, Rays 8Prof:  I’m putting an APB out on Texas. Where is the AL’s winningest team? Who has locked them away and substituted them with pod people? Who know who wasn’t playing like a zombie out there? Delino DeShields. Dude was flashing leather and bopping them at the plate, too. On the Tampa Bay side, they welcome back Logan Forsythe, who hit a three run homer.

Cardinals 9, Phillies 0St. Louis put a whoopin’ on the Phillies launching 4 home runs and picking up 4 in the 8th.

Nationals 6, Braves 7 F/10Prof:  This looked to be Washington’s game until the eighth, when Atlanta got a wild hair to make it interesting. The game was won on a Jace Peterson walk off homer, the first of his career. Keep that filed away for the off season, when Atlanta trades Jace to your favorite team, only to get him again sometime in May or June. Waiting for SomeGuy’s view from the opposite dugout.


Twins 1, Royals 2Kansas City is getting hot at just the right time and is now just 3.5 games out of the final wild card spot.

Cubs 4, Rockies 11Prof:  Addison Russell hit a home run that landed in a garbage can, which is fitting, because Chicago played like hot garbage today.  Young Addy was the bright spot, going 2-3 with two home runs. Jason Hammel was what Bertie Wooster would call “the absolute frozen limit”, giving up seven runs in the first inning. God save me from this nonsense.


Dodgers 4, Reds 0 Julio Urias struck out 6 over 6 shutout innings.

Marlins 3, Pirates 2Prof:  Feesh sweep the Bucs. Never thought I’d say that. Dee Gordon scores the go-ahead on a wild pitch.

A’s 2, White Sox 4Three runs in the first inning was all the White Sox needed to put this one to bed.


Red Sox 5, Tigers 10Prof:  Good Justin Verlander came to the ballpark today, and Justin Upton happened! Two home runs and 6 RBI to put Detroit over the top. Somewhere out in the heartland there is a happy Historio.


Brewers 7, Mariners 6Prof:  This was a surprisingly exciting game. Seattle came out swinging early, scoring their runs in the third and fourth innings, and Milwaukee was looking at another loss when suddenly someone must’ve sacrificed a fried chicken to Jobu. Keon Broxton hit another homer in the ninth (he also hit one in the fourth). A wild Chris Carter appeared! He was 0-2 when he came up in the top of the ninth, but redeemed himself with a home run that tied up the game. Finally, a Scooter Gennett single drove home Domingo Santana and the Brewers up out on top! The suddenly reliable Tyler Thornburg gets the win after two innings’ work.


Blue Jays 2, Indians 3Cleveland came storming back with a 2 run home run in the 8th.

Yankees 0, Angels 2Not much offense in this match-up as there was just two doubles in the game, neither of which resulted in runs.

D’backs 1, Padres 9 Prof:  These two teams are among the worst in baseball this year, but unlike some other teams that are terrible but whose fortunes are looking up, the Diamondbacks just keep getting more and more terrible. Have y’all read the KLaw insider article about the Gritty Snakes? I am in 100% agreement with it. Their future looks bleak if things don’t change soon. Which is a shame, because in all reality they should be on the upswing. They have Goldschmidt and Lamb, two fantastic young players, and a pitching staff that should not be as terrible as they are. Greinke has been one of the most solid pitchers in baseball over the last five or six years, and Archie Bradley and Patrick Corbin both have the promise of good stuff, but there’s something fundamentally wrong with their pitching philosophy over there in the desert. Oh, and the Padres had a shutout going until the seventh.


Mets 2, Giants 0Prof:  New York is back at .500 again. Of course, they get the win over the inexplicably stinky Giants, who can’t seem to get a win even if you gift wrapped it and left it on home plate at AT&T Park. Allow me to elaborate:  Jeff Samardzija had a no hitter going into the seventh inning, despite the Shark normally getting completely and utterly owned by the Mets over the course of his career (according to Adam Rubin of ESPN, Shark has a career 11.40 ERA against New York). Noah Syndergaard pitched eight innings of highly effective ball, having only two hits and two walks total.


Astros 5, Orioles 3Leave it up to the Orioles to jump start the Astros yet again.  The final game of a very ugly series began with a several hour rain delay and resulted in three calls that could have very easily have gone the other way.  It was that kind of weekend for the O’s who blew another golden opportunity to make up some ground in the division.

31 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/21/16

  1. The Nationals made five errors during yesterday’s game, the first time they’ve done so since 2011 (also at Turner Field, coincidentally).

    Teams that make five errors do not deserve to win baseball games played by people older than, oh, eight years old, and so the Nats got what they deserved.

    The fact that Jace Peterson hit the walkoff is a minor miracle, because he damn near killed himself in a collision with the outfield wall earlier in the game.

    The brightest spot for the Nats is that Bryce Harper murdered a baseball, so they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

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  2. Maybin returned from the DL. Little Sexy Fire starts his rehab assignment today and Zmann threw a simulated game yesterday. We may field a non-AAA team yet before the season is over.

    Beautiful Brad is an idiot, and it’s costing us games because he doesn’t know how to manage without superstars.

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  3. “I always enjoy picking out the music for everyone…and I’m sure Prof does as well, but my memory is pretty terrible”.

    But it says Prof wrote this article. Am I missing something, or are there two of you? ;p

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