Weekend Express – Scores for 8/20/16

Rangers 2, Rays 8. Rangers aren’t playing like the best team in baseball right now. Perhaps the addition of Carlos Gomez will help.

Cardinals 2, Phillies 4

Nationals 11, Braves 9

Twins 0, Royals 10

Cubs 9, Rockies 2. Overrated and average Kris Bryant hit a 471 foot home run at Coors Field, and also batted in 4. So could your grandmother, I reckon.

Brewers 2, Mariners 8

Dodgers 1, Reds 11

D’backs 2, Padres 1

Yankees 5, Angels 1

Mets 9, Giants 5. Now, I actually watched part of this game and it was not even as close as it looks. The Mets embarrassed San Francisco all over the place. Yoenis Cespedes is back, in case you’ve forgotten.

Astros 12, Orioles 2

Marlins 3, Pirates 1

Red Sox 3, Tigers 2

A’s 2, White Sox 6

Blue Jays 6, Indians 5. As our only Canadian team, I’m taking the opportunity to pay tribute to Canada’s unofficial poet laureate, Gord Downie, on the evening after his final public performance. Downie, the leader of the seminal Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip, has terminal cancer, and last night was a national celebration of his life. The CBC carried the concert live, for free, across the country, to allow a nation to say goodbye, and party with him one last time.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Tragically Hip, you’re not alone. I happen to really like Canadian bands so that’s why I know about them, but they never really made it in the states except for places that might as well be Canada, like parts of the upper Midwest. Think a Canadian REM, basically, but mixed with maybe the storytelling powers of a Springsteen. There’s really no way to describe their music. I don’t really like most of their songs, but this one? This one I really love, and think it’s fitting to play today.



10 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/20/16

  1. I’m a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, especially the stuff he did before Born in the USA.

    In his song, “For You”, there’s a line that goes, “Remember how I poured salt on your tongue and hung just out of reach,” and I find that line especially applicable to the Nats last two games against the Braves.

    As with Friday night, we had the Nats open up a big lead, going up 9-3 courtesy of scoring 8 runs in the fourth, and then the Nats had to hang on in the late innings, as their “B” bullpen couldn’t handle the 8th and 9th by themselves, meaning Shawn Kelley had to clean up for Matt Belisle in the 8th, and then Mark Melancon had to put out a fire that Koda Glover lit in the 9th, and so the Nats snuck away with an 11-9 win.

    Ryan Zimmerman returned to the Nats lineup last night, and the newly hirsute one did so in style with a home run on the first pitch he saw, and a 3-4 night overall. Between his potential, and Harper going 10-25 since he returned from his neck issues, it’s possible the Nats might’ve added two quality bats for the stretch run without giving up anything to do so.

    Nats go for the sweep today before heading to Baltimore for two to end their road trip; I’m not sure that the games in Baltimore qualify as a true road trip, because I don’t know if the Nats stay in Baltimore or just commute both days.


  2. So after getting shaken and baken by the lowly Reds, the Feesh go into Rust City and hand the wild card rival Bucs their nates twice in a row. Even Old Man Rodney has pitched, if not entirely well, well enough to avoid fouling his trousers. Last night he pitched a 1-2-3 ninth with two Ks to solidify David Phelps’ El Keed-like two hit, scoreless six inning stint.

    Best of all, Xavier Scruggs hit his first major league home run, shaking orf (at least for the moment) his Crash Davis minor league lifer persona and securing the margin of veectory. The Rainbow Warriors now sit at 64-59, just out of range of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves, and 1.5 games behind the Cardinals for the wildcard glass ring, now third in the stack having passed the Bucs for the honor.

    Today, sidelined closer A J Ramos is scheduled to disembark from the DL with his not yet quite completely healed fractured right middle finger (you use your left middle finger for driving here in Macondo, so his mobility wasn’t much affected). He says he feels no pain and all his pitches are working. Bless you, my child. This should be interessin’ to watch.


  3. Prof: the Tragically Hip are ackcherley pretty well known in the lower forty eight. I’m on a number of music blogs and friendly with a couple of the members of Cowboy Junkies (I’m in the middle of writing a book called The Songs of their Climate about Michael Timmins’ lyrics and the band’s musical treatment of them) so I keep tabs on north of the border issues in music. The Tragically Hip come up for regular discussions on all of those music boards. They qualify a bit too much as an arthouse band ever to be glam-celebrities but they’re well known and much appreciated by most folks with a more-sophisticated-than-perpetually-adolescent appreciation of music.

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