Weekend Express – Scores for 8/19/16

A’s 9, White Sox 0 – MADDUX ALERT! WE HAVE A MADDUX! Kendall Graveman goes the distance, with 98 total pitches and only two hits total. James Shields gets the loss, because of course he does.

Rangers 6, Rays 2

Brewers 6, Mariners

Nationals 7, Braves 6 ooh, a pattern!

Cubs 6, Rockies 7 F/11 That’s cool…

Twins 4, Royals 5 F/11  …wait…

Cardinals 4, Phillies 3 F/11 …what the…

jack tripper is confused

Mets 1, Giants 8

Diamondbacks 4, Padres 7

Red Sox 10, Tigers 2

Astros 15, Orioles 8 – The Orioles had four home runs in the first inning before they had gotten a single out. That’s ridiculous. But then their godawful pitching took the mound, and the Astros got their revenge. Jose Altuve, your future AL MVP, worked his magic again. 3-6, with a two run homer.

Marlins 6, Pirates 5

Yankees 7, Angels 0

Blue Jays 2, Indians 3

Dodgers 2, Reds 9

11 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/19/16

  1. Nats had a comfortable lead entering the bottom of the 8th last night, but decided to throw the ball all over the place and let the Braves tie it with a couple of unearned runs. Washington managed to scratch out a run in the 9th, though, and Mark Melancon nailed it down.

    Three things of note happened in the game:

    Koda Glover vultured his first major league win.
    Jayson Werth’s on base streak ended at 46 games, leaving him tied with Rusty Staub for the franchise record.
    Ben Revere made this catch:

    Ben’s only 5’9″, and the wall in ATL is 8 feet high; Revere claims he had a 40″ vertical in high school, and I’m inclined to believe him.

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  2. And one of them, on his first ever day on the centerfield job, was Christian Yelich last night, making a terrific play on Francisco Cervelli’s line drive to the wall in the eighth. Last night’s game was hellaciously fun to watch; there were great and awful plays, Ed Wood-great and George W. Bush-dumb managerial decisions, bases loaded in crucial situations situations, amazing defensive plays and incomprehensible TOOTBLANs. Somehow the Feesh emerged 6-5 hot dogs on top of the Pirate beans. Everything teetered on the edge of disaster for both parties until Andrew McCutcheon, of all people, bounced into the game-ending 5-3 double play in the bottom of the ninth after Fernando Rodney looked like he was about to poop in the pillowcase yet again. The Rainbow Warriors improved to 6-11 for August (“Small moves, babe, small moves”), at 63-59 remaining 2.5 out of the WC sweepstakes and fourth back in the stack, while the strange attractor continues to tug at their tushies with its gossamer reality waves, even if they resisted this time:


  3. I understand that this was yesterday’s column but everyone’s favorite player David Ortiz is now only the third person in Red Sox history with 1500 RBI only behind Williams and Yaz! The mind, it boggles!


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