The Midnight Snack – Leftovers Edition

Sorry, y’all. Fell asleep last night with my laptop in…well, my lap. After setting up the bones of the recap, I just passed out. When I woke up again, it was well after midnight and I didn’t see the point in posting what would then be a mid-morning 2 AM snack.

But speaking of snacks… what’s just as good cold as it is hot? Fried chicken, for one. But another is cold pizza. I love cold pizza. I hope Ichiro loves cold pizza, too.

I don’t know if this is the greatest tribute ever, the greatest troll ever, or the greatest return of food related gifts ever. And I certainly hope Joey ordered a bunch of different flavors, because if they were all a bunch of supreme pizzas I’d been upset. The announcer says they were all California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, which to my mind screams WHITE PIZZA WITH SPINACH, which means good eats.

How are you gonna wash down those fifty-one pizzas? Why, with coffee courtesy of the Brewers, of course.

And if you’re still hungry, you can always snack on some popcorn. If you ask nicely, the Phanatic might give you some.


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