The Midnight Snack – False Narrative Edition

WHAT UP PEEPS? Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I’m going to talk false narratives. Mostly because of some dude out east who thinks that Kris Bryant is the most overrated player in baseball.

Which is hilarious, because on the same exact day Fangraphs published an article about how KB might actually be the best player in the NL right now.

Who is correct? Which one is right? I don’t know if KB is the best player in the National League, not when Anthony Rizzo and Paul Goldschmidt are out there, but I know for sure he’s not the most overrated, and not for the cockamamie reasons this guy used to create his narrative.

So Bryant doesn’t have the greatest numbers against elite pitchers. Does that surprise anyone? Is it possibly because great pitchers know how to get guys out? That’s what makes a pitcher great; knowing how to get guys to perform poorly against them. Conversely, would you then say that a pitcher can’t be great if a scrub lights them up? Here’s some great examples from our recent past that prove my point.

My friend Chelsea gave me this stat:  Barry Bonds went like .170 against Rick Mahler.

I don’t know how accurate that batting average is, but knowing Chelsea it’s probably within ten points. Even at that, that puts Bonds, a hitter known for incredible plate discipline and a great batter’s eye, at under .200 against a dude whose career ERA is hovering at 4.00.

Obviously, this means that Mahler is a genius and Bonds is a bum.

Another example is my personal savior, Greg Maddux. No one can deny that the man is an all time great. He struck out people left and right, made great hitters look like fools. But Mickey Morandini used to eat him for dinner on the regular.

Does that mean that Morandini was some sort of great hitter? Or that Maddux was actually just a giant clown? Of course not.

What I’m saying is that Bryant – who is still only 24 years old and working on his second full year in the majors – is going to have a learning curve still. Hell, even Mike Trout wasn’t MIKE TROUT right away. He was great, yes, but now he’s legend. Give Bryant another year to continue to grow, to be able to read these elite pitchers like your Syndergaards and your MadBums and your Kershaws.  With time comes skill, and he’s already miles ahead of where he has any right to be.

5 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – False Narrative Edition

  1. This is the kind of horsecrap “journalism” that irritates the shit outta me. FFS, the guy’s only in his second year in the bigs. Willie Mays hit a resounding .274 his first year in the league, with a 120 OPS+ and 20 HRs. Give the kid a chance to develop his skills before you try to label him a dud. GAAHH!


        1. Hi professor. The mad dog may be THE best pitcher from the last 75 years. I personally rate him higher than both Clemons and Randy Johnson. It’s nothing to do with steroids, I couldn’t give less fucks, I think you should be able to pump whatever you want into your body to make yourself better and worth more money, after that I think libertarian views can be discarded. It’s ONLY going to work if there is less than 9 people on your Island. Anyway, I digress. Maddox is the GOAT for modern day pitchers.

          Keep in mind that I got to see Pedro dozens of times in person. Long story short, he didn’t have the longevity. Maddox was a pitcher in the truest sense of the word. It’s apt that you’re wearing his moniker as you’re one of a kind too. Keep up the great work.🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵. I just soloed a wicked riff on my imaginary guitar for you in my head.

          It’s profs world, it’s profs world..excellent….🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶

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      1. I miss your politeness sometimes. I really think that you should type out ” for fucks sake ” and maybe ” horseshit ” once in awhile. It’s cathartic. I no longer have to type out my many versions of ” fuck ” , my spell-check automatically defaults to at least 20 versions of it. Sometimes it is a pain in the ass , but it truly is a thing of beauty.

        Imagine being so profane, that your computer automatically assumes that the FIRST WORD that comes after ,I, the ,a, an, but, where, etc. Is some variation of fuck. I really shouldn’t be proud but deep down I am. Haha

        I trust all is well with you my friend and I hope that you are well. You are a real gentleman and I am proud to be an internet friend. Cheers

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