He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/18/16

Sorry for the late post, my dog apparently likes to eat her treats as if she has been stranded on a deserted island and hasn’t seen food in a month.  Occasionally this will cause her to get sick, which she did last night, which caused me to be late for work, and well chain reactions and so on and so forth.  You’ll be happy to know my puppy is doing all right, and even managed to wipe her mouth on the curtains.

Today I’d like to do things a little differently, and pose a question for you all.  Do you all enjoy our little opening paragraphs where we go off topic a bit and try to start a conversation outside of baseball?  Is it interesting/amusing/valued?  Or should we do everyone a favor and cut the chatter and get right down to the scores?  Give me your input!



Nationals 8, Braves 2 This was actually a pretty close game until the Nats opened up for 5 runs in the 8th.  Nice to see  a Nats starting pitcher last longer than 4 innings.

Brewers 6, Cubs 9Prof:  Another day, another butt kicking in Chicago. Kris Bryant is a boss. 5-5, two homers, 5 RBI. Just another day for the wunderkind.


Dodgers 4, Phillies 5Maikel Franco hit the go ahead two run home run in the 7th.  It looks like it’s going to go down to the wire as neither the Dodgers or Giants seem to be able to pull away with this one.

Twins 1, Royals 8 Prof:  Alex Gordon only went 1-4, but that one was more than enough. A grand slam in the fourth to put Kansas City over the top.

Mariners 4, Angels 6 – LA broke this one open in the 8th with a 3 run inning.  Cano, Zunino, and Cruz all hit home runs in the loss.


Astros 5, Orioles 13After getting smacked around the past two nights by the Red Sox, the Orioles do a little smacking around of their own.  Both J.J. Hardy and Chris Davis went deep twice.  The O’s also got home runs out of Mark Trumbo and Manny Machado.  Kevin Gausman received more run support in tonight’s game than he has all season long.  Combined.  (Okay, maybe not really but it really feels that way and probably isn’t that far off.)


Diamondbacks 8, Padres 926 hits and 0 pitching in this game.


Mets 7, Giants 10Bumgarner pitched well enough to win and helped himself out with his 3rd home run of the year.


Red Sox 3, Tigers 4Detroit doing the AL East a solid.  After giving up 2 in the 8th and falling behind, the Tigers rallied for 3 in the bottom of the frame to walk away with this one.  (The Tigers winning run came off a bases loaded walk, so you can see how hilarious my joke there was.)


White Sox 4, Indians 5 Prof: Tyler Naquin smacked a sac fly in the ninth. Hey everybody! It’s a walk off!



Marlins 4, Reds 5 Too little too late for the Marlins who fell behind 5-0 after the third and wasn’t able to clime back in it.  Ozuna homered for the third time in the last four games.


28 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/18/16

  1. Chatter away. Excellent table setter for what comes later. But please, for the love of baseball, don’t chatter politics. I’m surely not the only one who immerses in baseball to get away from all that crappola.


    • While I won’t tell any of my writers what they can or can’t talk about (unless of course it’s crossing a moral line), I can say that generally there are sensitive topics that people know naturally to tread lightly on. Politics and Religion are always hot button topics that for me personally, I tend to avoid diving too deeply into. Now, when the Pope comes to town, we have covered it before. If Hilary were to throw out the first pitch at a game and miss and nail a secret service agent in the back, we’d cover it. When the voice actor did the Trump thing I talked about it, because it was funny but that was in no way supportive of one candidate or another. But I don’t think you have to worry too much about deep political conversations around here. We tend to keep things lighter and more fluffy around here. Unless you want to talk about cake or pie. Then the gloves come off.


  2. Sorry for the late post, my dog apparently likes to eat her treats as if she has been stranded on a desert island and hasn’t seen food in a month

    My dog does this. All the time. Not just treats. Food in general.


    • Yea, I have one of those plastic divider things for her food, but unfortunately when I give her one of those teeth cleaning breath bone things, there’s nothing I can do unless I wanted to cut it up myself, in-which case she’d just swallow it whole, kind of defeating the entire purpose. I guess it’s from living on her own for so long as a rescue, but she’s been with me for 3 of her 4 total years now, and it’s just me and her. It’s not like I’m going to take the bone away from her. But off she goes, to hide in a corner and eat the treat I gave her as quickly as possible, while looking over her shoulder the entire time. Silly puppy.


  3. “Do you all enjoy our little opening paragraphs where we go off topic a bit and try to start a conversation outside of baseball?”

    Yes, very much so.

    Nats game was delayed by rain at the beginning, rain that started before BP, rather than a couple innings in, and so Reynaldo Lopez had a chance to be a bullpen saver, and he didn’t disappoint – seven strong innings, eleven strikeouts, six baserunners, two runs allowed (one earned).

    The top of the eighth for the Nats looked like an answer to one of those “name six ways you can score a run without benefit of a hit” trivia questions; from ESPN’s play by play on the game:

    Werth reached on infield single to catcher
    Murphy walked, Werth to second
    Harper walked, Werth to third, Murphy to second
    Rendon hit by pitch, Werth scored, Murphy to third, Harper to second
    Robinson singled to right, Murphy scored, Harper to third, Rendon to second
    Espinosa walked, Harper scored, Rendon to third, Robinson to second
    Rendon scored, Robinson to third, Espinosa to second on passed ball by Flowers
    Severino safe at first on error by second baseman Peterson
    Difo flied out to left
    Turner hit sacrifice fly to left, Robinson scored, Espinosa to third
    Heisey (batting for Werth) fouled out to third.

    Five runs on two hits, and only three batted balls left the infield. Yeesh.


  4. Dodgers 4, Phillies 5 – Maikel Franco hit the go ahead two run home run in the 7th.

    Mariners 4, Angels 6 – Maikel Franco hit a go ahead 2 run homer in the 7th and Ryan Howard also went yard.

    The best part of this is how Maikel Franco and Ryan Howard were able to play for both the Phillies AND the Angels at the same time.

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  5. Today I’d like to do things a little differently, and pose a question for you all. Do you all enjoy our little opening paragraphs where we go off topic a bit and try to start a conversation outside of baseball? Is it interesting/amusing/valued? Or should we do everyone a favor and cut the chatter and get right down to the scores? Give me your input!

    Chatter away. And ignore the people who are trying to limit your chatter off certain topics. If you want to talk about Panda mating rituals by all means do so.

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  6. Opening chatter before recaps is like an appetizer before the meal. Always a good way to start. We’ve got a 10 week old golden retriever, her current favorite snack is my fingers and toes. Will be glad when the teething stage is gone.

    Congrats to Miggy on his 1,000th RBI with the Tigers. Thank God Ziegler walk Romine to push the winning run across. The Tigers had pinch run for both Miggy & VMart in the 8th so there wasn’t going to be much offense left if the game remained tied.

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    • My mom was so excited that we had men on base with no outs. They walked Mini Mart and I was like crap, that’s our best hitter and they walked him. Now it’s the bottom of the order. I told my mom, it’s entirely possible that the next three guys get outs and never bring anyone in. Thank you baby Jesus for the walk — I would’ve liked an insurance walk, but okay. And then there was much swearing and gnashing of teeth while Frankie was on the mound. I texted my SIL: Thank you for Ian Kinsler….as I do so, so often.


  7. Is it interesting/amusing/valued?

    The best thing about this place is that you do wander out into the world of topics other than baseball. There are lots of sites that don’t/won’t go out there, and are usually as dry as croutons. The contributors on here are LOTS more fun than that, whether you agree with them or not, and the discussions are, to say the least, pretty damned interesting.
    In other words, don’t change a thing. We love you just the way you are.

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    • Badhair ❤❤❤ hiya bud! It’s so good to see you.

      We all try our best to be interesting and engage with everyone. I think I can speak for Scout, Ren, and everyone else when I say that this blog isn’t really anything without the conversations we can inspire.


      • And that’s exactly why it’s so entertaining. You/we go off into some things that have nothing tp do with baseball, but we’re all still baseball lovers in the end. The diversity of our rooting interests, and our willingness to go other places is what sets this place apart from the team-centric sites out there.
        I mean, where else could I get recipes, talk about social issues, listen to good music, and find out about FC’s Panda fetish all in the same place?

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        • Speaking of recipes… we should host a virtual potluck one day. It’d be fun!

          I never realized FC got down that way. Smdh.

          Yeah, I always enjoyed that we come from different rooting interests. I’ve learned a lot about the AL because of you guys.


        • Pshaw, that’s nothing, wait till the conversation turns to Female Fruit Bats. Jo knows what I’m talking about, you can ask her the next time she graces the comment section with her presence.


  8. The reason I ask, besides to fuel my massive ego, is because often times, we’ll post update after update with little to no comments, or comments that ignore the topic of the day, so it’s hard on our end to know if what we are doing is liked or if we should try something else, or if people just don’t have much to add to the conversation or are in a hurry or whatever. So it’s not really to get a virtual pat on the back, I just like to know we are providing value, or if we are wasting our time or if we should try other things. Feedback is always valuable, whether it’s positive or negative (as long as it’s kept civil).

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  9. The Feesh and Alpha Trumpster Paul Manafort both went crashing out of contention yesterday, more or less like extenuated Bernoulli twins. Since Scrooge McLoria is such an avid Reslugnican anyway, it kinda makes sense.

    After losing three of four to the Cincinnati Reds – I say, I say, I say to the Cincinnati Reds – the Rainbow Warriors now stand at 2.5 games orf the wild card pace and fourth in the stack (seventh if you count the division leaders) at 62-59, and are 5-11 for the month of August. The Feesh’s policy of skipping El Keed’s start every so often to conserve his arm kind of worked – he was pushing 100 mph on his pitched but throwing them right down the pipe as if he expected them to shatter into Higgs bosons when they hit Realmuto’s glove. Instead, they wound up between the infielders, between the outfielders and nestled in the seats. Ah well. The good news was that the Feesh only left three in scoring position. The bad news is that they didn’t get anyone else on base for most of the game.

    So it goes. Minor leaguer Xavier Scruggs, who has been having a Crash Davis year at Nawlins, was called up to add some pop to a depopulated batting order. One pitcher whose name we’ll know soon enough is headed back in the other direction.

    Meanwhile, the strange attractor has taken on definition and stretched forth its gossamer reality waves again after shaking orf its two months long snooze:


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