He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/17/16

Prof:  It’s Thursday. Time to rock out!


Dodgers 7, Phillies 2Prof:  Adrian Gonzalez hit two home runs in this win over Philadelphia. Must’ve been inspired by Chase Utley.

Twins 10, Braves 3Prof:  Last night was the major league debut of our lord and savior, Dansby Swanson. The Braves leapfrogged him from Rome straight to Atlanta, although to be perfectly honest I don’t know why. Atlanta isn’t going anywhere, so why eat up more of Swanson’s eligibility? But we must have our fun where we can, and Dansby is our fun. A shame the Braves can’t play up to the hype, giving up 10 runs and 14 hits to Minnesota.

White Sox 10, Indians 7Chicago picked up 5 in the 9th including a Grand Slam by Adom Eaton.


A’s 2, Rangers 6Prof:  Yu Darvish gets the win, but Jonathan Lucroy and Elvis Andrus save the day. Lucroy went 2-4 with a homer and Andrus 3-4.

Brewers 1, Cubs 6 Prof:  Jon Lester pitches 6.2 innings as Chicago completely embarasses Milwaukee. Fun fact – Jimmy Nelson gave up five runs in the first inning. He calmed down afterwards, giving up only a solo homer to David Ross in the third, but by then it was too late. Another fun fact – Kris Bryant was HBP in the first two innings.

Mariners 4, Angels 3Hope you didn’t get too used to winning LA.

Blue Jays 7, Yankees 4Prof:  The Artist Formerly Known as BJ Upton smacked his first Blue Jay home run, going 2-4 with 3 RBI. J.A. Happ gets his 17th win. Scouts: Josh Donaldson and Manager John Gibbons got into a little shouting match little shouting match little shouting match in the dugout.


Padres 0, Rays 2Brad Miller’s 2 run home run in the first was all the offense this game would see.

Cardinals 8, Astros 2Don’t worry Houston fans, you are on your way to start a new winning streak against Baltimore.

Nationals 10, Rockies 12Prof:  Holy crap, was this a terrible, wonderful game. Bryce Harper absolutely launched a rocket to space – 481 feet on his first home run in a month. However, on the mound, Stephen Strasburg was completely lit up like he was made out of lighter fluid. Nearly the entire Rockies lineup made it on base in the first inning, including the Rockies’ pitcher.


Red Sox 8, Orioles 1 – F/6 (rain) – The skies opened up for a mercy killing of the Orioles who have been just absolutely horrible in this series.  Dylan Bundy making the start in place of Chris Tillman got fucking rocked and Good David Price showed up to shut down the birds.  Baltimore is now clinging to the final wildcard.

Pirates 6, Giants 5Prof:  Andrew McCutchen smashes a two run homer and Pittsburgh scores all of their runs in the fifth inning to defeat Matt Cain and San Francisco. Did you know that since the All Star Break, the Giants have one of the worst records in baseball?

Royals 4, Tigers 1Detroit’s bullpen fell apart once again giving up 1 in the 8th and 3 in the 9th.  The team I just recently thought could have the most control in the final AL playoff standings now looks to be in serious trouble.

Marlins 2, Reds 3Ozuna hit another home run and seems to be coming out of the slump he was in, but the Reds managed to get to the Miami bullpen.

Mets 5, Diamondbacks 13 Prof:  Wow, remember when we thought the Mets were going to dominate the National League? They now own a .500 record – 60-60 on the year. For the Gritty Snakes, Yasmany Tomas was the star of the game, with two home runs and six RBI.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/17/16

  1. Yesterday at this time, I remember wishcasting that Strasburg might toss seven or eight innings, in the hopes of giving the Nats’ bullpen a rest; instead, he couldn’t even get seven outs, last only 1 2/3 innings. The Nats are now through six games of a twenty games in twenty days stretch, and their bullpen has pitched 16 1/3 innings over the last three; they’re badly in need of a rainout or a starter going eight at this point.

    As for Harper, in the four games since taking off a week with a stiff neck, he’s put up a triple slash line of .462/.611/.923, and one of those games was on 0-3 with a walk in Colorado Tuesday night. Small sample size, but perhaps we’re starting to finally see him emerge from his three month funk.

    Nats move on to Atlanta now, amid talk of a bevy of roster moves being likely soon. Perhaps an eighth reliever for the bullpen, perhaps an activation of Ryan Zimmerman and/or Jose Lobaton, but it’s all just a matter of staying healthy and sharp for the post-season at this point, it seems.


    • Damnit….clicked the wrong button….I don’t like that comment.

      Whatevs…you are just trying to emotionally prepare yourself for them missing the playoffs…you’ll still be checking the standings and hoping if they win a few in a row.

      They are 3.5 out and only have Baltimore, Boston, and Seattle to contend with for 2 spots.


      • I am going to gleefully support them playing spoiler, but that’s all we have. We might get to the playoffs yet, but we won’t beat anyone there.


  2. The Feesh are an execrable 5-10 for August, 62-58 overall, two out of the wildcard chase and fourth in the stack, aaaaannnnnnnddddddd guess who’s back?

    It’s just yawning and stretching and syncretising itself out of the ethos. El Keed goes tonight in the rubber game (and it’s important to wear one when your season is even unofficially fucked) but we can expect it to form up sometime over the weekend as the Rainbow Warriors take on (shudder) the Royals in Cowtown.

    Ozuna’s home run and three bucks fifty will get you a merde cappuccino (that’s what they call the medium size, isn’t it?) at Starbucks. Andrew Cashner threw five decent innings at last, but the boolpen, yet again, couldn’t hold the lead. I ackcherley support Jar Jar Baseball’s decision to walk Joey Votto with two out and the tying run on second in the seventh. That’s a no-brainer, which is exactly the sort of move Jar Jar was born to make. Wittgren was a hard-luck loser on Hamilton’s dribbler, the IBB, and then Brandon Phillips’ long bloop double just out of Ichiro’s reach.

    The problem is still that the Feesh can’t get guys in from scoring position to roll over their short term CDs. I believe they left ten in sniffing range of the plate last night, which is the sorry norm for them.

    Last night the former Joeprodolsharklife Stadium, birthplace of the Feesh, got renamed Hard Rock Stadium amidst the usual juvenile orgy of guitar smashing, and it’s an eighteen year deal. The Seminole tribe is slowly but surely reclaiming its stolen territory. The team will still suck, though. Also, I listened to Jill Stein and her lunatic running mate Baraka on the CNN Town Hall last night. She’s right. They do offer “an alternative” – to experience and competence (you have to admire her tactical brilliance in choosing Black Panther wannabe Baraka as a bridge to the undecided middle class constituency she wants to build), in her case, and to constructiveness and sanity in his. Even Bernie Sanders hasn’t offered her an affectionate pat on the rump. And it occurred to me that most of the MDs who’ve segued into politics over the last few years – think of Bill Frist diagnosing the puddle at the bottom of Terri Schiavo’s skull as bursting with hope for a full recovery, and Ben Carson comparing Hillary to Lucifer – have been such a bunch of clueless crackpots.


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