The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Yesterday, the theme was mascots. Today, the universe decided to do me a solid after a very rotten day to give me… PITCHERS BATTING.

Here’s my hype music.

First, let’s start with Jason Hammel for the Chicago Cubs. Not only did Hammel Time pitch a super great performance, he was also pretty solid at the plate. 2-3 tonight, including a double. Not ZG or Kerry Wood type of batting, but hey. I’ll take it.

But! But! The universe isn’t done with me yet!

BRO! THE HAMMER OF THE GOD! That thing flew. Oh, my heart goes pitter pat.

Other than mascots and pitchers batting, what’s the thing I love the most? ALL THINGS MADDUX, SON. H/T to our friend SomeGuy (at least I think it was SomeGuy?) who gave me this awesome info:

Uncanny. But does he have the calming shoulder squeeze?

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