He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/16/16

So, reviews are in, and although it made a ton of money initially, it looks like Suicide Squad really, really sucks.  Some of the reoccurring things I’m hearing is that it’s very clear what was included in the re-shoots.  That it felt like they shot an entire movie, and then an executive stepped in and was like Um, you totally forgot to include this character.  Or Character B has zero fight scenes, let’s just throw one of those in.  The story is a complete mess that eventually resolves NOTHING.  Apparently Jared Leto who is very not happy, stated that they cut almost an entire movie of his scenes out of the final film.  There were scenes that looked like they were shot with the actors that weren’t even in the same room.  So what do  you think?  Are you still interested in the movie?  Does this effectively kill DC comic movies for a while?  Are you going to stop going opening day to DC movies?  Or stop going all together?  Personally, I’m waiting for it to hit Netflix.  I do want to see just how bad it is for myself, but I can’t give them any money directly.




Athletics 4, Rangers 5 F/10 – Oakland officially has the most embarrassing loss of the season.  After scoring 1 to tie it in the in the 9th and force extra innings, and then 2 to take a 4-2 lead in the 10th, the Athletics managed the following sequence: Strikeout, Walk, Walk, Walk, Single, Pitching Change, Intentional Walk, Hit by Pitch, Game Over.


Here’s an interesting doubleheader…

Brewers 0, Cubs 4 – Game 1 – The Brewers were shut out for 17 consecutive innings.  The Cubs managed not to play any wife beater anthems during either of Chapman’s two saves.

Brewers 1, Cubs 4 – Game 2 – Prof:  Here it is, folks, the catch of the season for me. My vote for MVP Anthony Rizzo did it again. This time, it was the wall, not the tarp. Ryan Braun left the game with some sort of knee injury.


Nationals 2, Rockies 6Second game in a row the Nat’s starting pitcher lasted less than 5 innings.  This time it was Gio Gonzalez who only lasted 3.


Dodgers 15, Phillies 5Prof:  Chase Utley makes a triumphant return to the City of Brotherly Love. And boy, do they love Chase Utley there. No matter what people say about Phillies fans, when they love a player, they will always love him, as witnessed by the TWO STANDING OVATIONS given to Utley last night. He hit two home runs, one a grand slam, and the Phillie Phaithful still gave him standing ovations. Gotta love it.


Twins 4, Braves 2Prof: In another battle of the War of Who Sucks More, Minnesota comes out on top. Joe Mauer hits a home run to seal the deal. In Atlanta news that makes me very happy, Erick Aybar has been traded to…

Royals 6, Tigers 1Prof: …Detroit, who lost today’s game against Kansas City. Eric Hosmer pads the lead with a home run. Justin Verlander gets the loss.

Mets 7, Diamondbacks 5By Thor’s Hammer!  Syndergaard managed to not only pitch well enough for a win, but also jacked a two run homer!  Who said pitchers shouldn’t be hitting?


Mariners 6, Angels 7LA snapped an 11 game losing streak with two runs in the 8th.

Pirates 4, Giants 3San Francisco is now a half game out of first place after leading the division most of the season and has not played consistently well since I don’t know, the All-Star break?


Red Sox 5, Orioles 3Prof:  Mookie Betts happened last night. The young Boston sensation brought home every Red Sox run. Boston had a no hitter going until Steve Pearce and Matt Weiters decided they had about enough of that.


Blue Jays 12, Yankees 6Toronto got homers from the usual crowd, Tulowitzki, Encarnacion, and two by Russel Martin to power a 4 run 6th and a 8 run 8th, totaling 12 unanswered runs.  Good lord.

White Sox 1, Indians 3Corey Kluber pitched really well giving up just a solo home run to Justin Morneau.

Marlins 3, Reds 6 Miami was unable to recover from a disastrous 5 run first inning that included 5 consecutive hits capped off by a grand slam by Tucker Barnhart.


Padres 1, Rays 15 Prof:  Wow. The kind of game that makes San Diego fans long for a mercy rule. Somewhere, Inda is smiling. Two four run innings. Evan Longoria goes 3-5 with a home run.

Cardinals 8, Astros 5 Jose Altuve became the fastest Astro to reach 1,000 hits.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/16/16

  1. Gio’s lasting only three innings wasn’t due to poor performance or general Gio’ing; there was a two hour rain delay between the third and fourth innings, and neither starting pitcher returned to the mound afterward, although Gio did bat for himself in the top of the 4th, in a two out, no one on situation, with the game tied at 2.

    Yusmiero Petit absorbed most of the load for the bullpen last night, handling three innings after Gio and getting the loss because he gave up the go-ahead run. Oliver Perez let the game get out of hand in the 7th, and Blake Treinen mopped up, so the bullpen’s still viable today. although having Strasburg toss seven or eight innings wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for them.

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    • It’s not just you, FC. Feels like MLB decided to have them play to the death to decide who is THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL 2016. :p


  2. Thank God the Astros have Altuve to cheer, as their purported year of WS championship (Never believe any prediction) swirls down the drain.


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